Color Learning Games for Toddlers Online

Michele Meleen
Screenshot of Introduction to Color on
Screenshot of Introduction to Color

Learning colors is an important age-appropriate goal for toddlers. The Internet is loaded with educational games aimed at children of all ages and skill levels. Look for games that involve simple computer skills like one click of the mouse and repetition to help your toddler learn his colors.

Easy Color Games for Toddlers

Toddlers range in age from one to three years old. Keep in mind your child's developmental level along with computer skills before selecting a game. For younger toddlers, the easier games will help develop cognitive and computer skills in preparation for more difficult games. Children at this skill level will need parental supervision and assistance with most games.

Rainbow Horse Introduction to Color is full of videos, games, and apps specifically made for babies and toddlers. Introduction to Color is a fun and simple way to learn basic colors with Rainbow Horse - a horse made up of different colors. Children are asked to press the space bar on your keyboard which selects a color. Every time your child presses the space bar the selected color will splatter on a canvas. Once each colored jar is empty, the next press of the space bar moves on to the next color in line.

Recommended for ages 12-18 months, this game is perfect for those starting out on the computer and with colors.

  • No computer skills required
  • Each color is stated as your child selects it
  • Full-screen mode keeps kids in the game
  • The game automatically restarts once all colors have been used

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights combines learning colors with road safety in an easy, fun game for toddlers. Children will learn the colors red, green, and yellow along with their meanings when seen on traffic lights. For younger children, pushing keys on the keyboard will elicit a response from the game regarding one of the three colors. More experienced children can click on each part of the streetlight to hear the color and whether it means stop, go, or slow down. Children who are more knowledgeable about traffic safety can listen to the question posed and select the correct color to answer the question.

If you are looking for a game to grow with your child's skills, Traffic Lights is a great option.

  • Use keyboard or one-click mouse skills
  • Teaches traffic safety and basic colors
  • Utilizes children's voices
  • Showcases cartoon children who all look different to highlight diversity
  • Game automatically continues
  • Opens in own screen

While the game will help children learn colors, it focuses on only three basic colors.

Medium Skill Level Color Games

Chasing Rainbows

Screenshot of Chasing Rainbows Game
Screenshot of Chasing Rainbows game

The Cat in the Hat and his friends try to catch a rainbow for the king in Chasing Rainbows. The game begins with a short cartoon to introduce the task and includes a fun song to help toddlers remember the colors of a rainbow. The first activity requires the child to choose the color The Cat in the Hat asks for out of a grouping of four. In the second activity, the child must choose the correct color to paint on each part of the rainbow. A short video clip plays after the activities.

Chasing Rainbows is an easy multi-media game for toddlers.

  • Only requires one-click mouse skills
  • Includes a cartoon, song, and activities
  • Directions repeat automatically

The game is fun and teaches colors in multiple ways. The major issue with the game is that it focuses on the colors of the rainbow as opposed to primary and secondary colors only. This can be confusing for toddlers in finding the difference between blue and indigo or violet and purple. The game does not have a full-screen option, so your child may accidentally click on other games.

Little People Shapes & Colors

Screenshot of Shapes & Colors game
Screenshot of Shapes & Colors game

Featuring Fisher Price's Little People, the Shapes & Colors game is simple and slow-paced. To start the game, your child will be asked to paint a specific shape with a specific color by clicking on the correct color and then the correct shape. The same activity repeats but features different shapes and colors to follow.

The ease of use for the game is apparent in its features.

  • One-click mouse skills
  • Game opens in its own window
  • Utilizes a child-like voice

Little People Shapes & Colors uses simple graphics and a slow pace to teach colors alongside shapes. Although slow pacing is desirable for young children, the directions for this game can sometimes be a bit too slow. In addition, some of the color tones are different than what your child might be used to seeing which can be confusing. For example, the red looks like a burnt orange color.

Difficult Games for Older Toddlers

Games with multi-step directions and advanced hand-eye coordination may be difficult for younger toddlers. However, older toddlers with more computer experience may find these games challenging, but not impossible.


Screenshot of Mousekespotter
Screenshot of Mousekespotter

Mickey Mouse helps children learn colors, shapes, and patterns in Mousekespotter. Parents can choose the easy or medium game option to suit your child's skill level. Mickey gives two clues and asks your child to select the correct picture from three choices. For example, he might ask for the red and striped basket. Children click on the correct picture and the game automatically moves to the next picture until all five have been completed.

A few favorite classic characters and simple directions make this game ideal for three-year-olds.

  • Directions and clues automatically repeat if your child does not click on the screen
  • Both clues are shown in picture form on the screen at all times
  • If your child chooses incorrectly that option is hidden, which narrows their choice field
  • One-click mouse skills

The small screen may make this game difficult for children learning mouse control. It does not open in full-screen so there are other games your child could click on accidentally. However, if you scroll down on the page you can center the game on the screen in a way that makes the other games out of view.

Ok Go Color

Screenshot of Ok Go Color
Screenshot of Ok Go Color

Popular band, Ok Go, teams up with Sesame Street to present this easy, interactive color game. In Ok Go Color children select a member of the band who is dressed all in blue, red, or yellow. The man then dances to a canvas and the child selects a section of the canvas where the man paints using the same color he is wearing. Your child continues this process and when two different colors are painted in adjoining sections, another band member comes out dressed in white and turns whatever color those two colors create when mixed.

Ok Go Color has many great features for toddlers.

  • Incorporates art, music, and dance
  • Showcases primary colors and how they mix to create other colors
  • One-click mouse skills
  • Slow-paced graphics

The game is easy to use and highly entertaining. The only major drawback is that there isn't a full-screen option, so there are other games your child could accidentally click on.

Tips for Finding Age Appropriate Games

Free online learning games often incorporate beloved television and book characters. Finding games with content matching your child's interests can help motivate them to enjoy the learning process. Start by visiting websites for your child's favorite television channels to find age-appropriate and engaging learning games. The National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families encourages games involving repetition because it "strengthens connections in the brain that help children learn."

Online color learning games can help your child grasp the knowledge of colors while also having fun. Finding online games for your toddler is an easy way to supplement other methods of learning.

Color Learning Games for Toddlers Online