Baby's First Christmas

Susie McGee
first christmas

What is more wonderful than celebrating your baby's first Christmas holiday? Baby will be fascinated with the sparkling lights, brightly wrapped presents, holiday decorations, and the excitement in the air. You'll want to take lots of pictures, and you may have planned lots of activities to participate in, but be sure and enjoy some quiet time with your little elf, too.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

Whether your baby is a few weeks or a few months old, there are a few classic gifts you'll want her to receive, either from you or from someone else.

  1. Ornament-A baby's first Christmas ornament is a must have! These come in so many different choices. Be sure the ornament has the year on it, and maybe baby's name, too.
  2. Stocking-It's time to change the number of stockings on the tree. You might want to opt for a special first stocking for this first Christmas.
  3. Outfit-Your baby will need at least one special outfit to wear during the holiday season.
  4. Bib-Don't forget to purchase a sweet, Christmas bib!
  5. Books-Books make great gift ideas. You might also want to purchase a small Bible with your child's name engraved on the cover.
  6. Keepsake items-These could be porceline figurines, castings of baby's tiny hands and/or feet, etc.

Don't Overdo It!

While you are excited to be spending baby's first Christmas, it is important that you keep in mind how stressful and overwhelming holidays can be on little ones.

  1. Try to keep your baby on his same schedule.
  2. Don't intoduce him to too many strangers at once.
  3. Stay nearby if your baby gets upset when other people hold him.
  4. Don't introduce a lot of new foods at once. You want to be able to rule out any food allergies.
  5. If you have a newborn, you'll need to stay away from places where there are a lot of people. Plan on bigger celebrations the next year.
  6. Too many toys can be overwhelming. After baby has opened them, with your help, put some away for a rainy day.
  7. Watch for hidden choking and suffocation hazards as you decorate the tree or unwrap the gifts.

Take Pictures!

Not every picture has to be planned. You'll have lots of opportunities for hidden camera moments using your still camera and video camera. Use presents as backgrounds, or take a few with Santa.

Safety Precautions

If your baby has become mobile, you're in for an active Christmas! She'll be tempted by so many new things in her home, including the tree, presents, candles, and decorations. Keep these tips in mind.

  1. Keep baby away from extension plugs and electrical outlets.
  2. Don't let her take ornaments from the tree, especially those that are too small or breakable. You may need to move your decorations out of reach.
  3. Keep all breakable presents out of baby's reach. In fact, you may not want to place any presents under the tree until Christmas Day.
  4. Keep long ribbons away from baby. You don't want to risk your baby becoming strangled.
  5. Don't leave any candles within baby's reach.
  6. Make sure baby can't reach other children's toys, which may have small parts.
  7. Be sure you dispose of any plastic wrapping that could cause a strangulation or choking hazard.

Baby's first Christmas will be fun, just use common sense, and take time to enjoy it!

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Baby's First Christmas