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If you are planning on flying with your baby in the near future, you'll need a baby air safety vest. Babies who are under the age of two are not required to be strapped into a car seat. In fact, you don't even have to purchase a seat for your baby if she is under the age of two. What safety precautions can you take, however?

Baby Air Safety Vest Requirements

While there typically aren't any requirements regarding securing babies who are under the age of two, many parents like to a safety vest or harness. One of the most popular is the Baby B'air flight safety vest. This vest is made of sturdy, polyester blend material. Although it hasn't been FAA approved for liftoffs and landings, FAA has given it a stamp of approval for the cruise portion of your flight.

Putting on the Safety Vest

The baby air safety vest is easy to use. Baby B'air vests are placed over the baby's head. Straps can be adjusted underneath baby's arms. Another strap comes up between baby's legs. At the back of the vest is a safety loop. Parents can thread their seatbelt through the loop, thus securing baby to their own belt during the flight. This should be done immediately after takeoff.

Baby Carrier or Sling

While some parents like to use baby carriers or slings to secure their babies during flights, some airlines do not allow them, particularly during liftoffs and landings. For more detailed guidelines, you can check out the FAA website. Also, be sure you check your individual airline's safety guidelines before you plan on using a safety vest, harness, sling, baby carrier, or car seat.

Positive Reasons for Using the Safety Vest

If you do not plan on purchasing a seat for your child, then there are several reasons why you might want to use a baby air safety vest, such as the Baby B'air vest.

  1. The vest will keep baby more secure.
  2. You can still hold and cuddle your baby.
  3. You can also feed your baby while he is attached to the vest.
  4. He has a limited range of movement while wearing the vest.
  5. The vest is comfortable.
  6. It is also easy to pack.

Happy flying!

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