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A baby album is a must for new parents. There probably isn't a more photographed part of a person's life than their childhood, especially when he or she is a baby. Parents love to take pictures of their adorable little ones, and is it any wonder why? Babies grow and change so quickly that chronicling these changes is really a necessity. Once you've taken and developed all of these pictures, however, what do you do with them? Well, you put them in your baby's photo album, of course.

Choosing a Baby Photo Album

There are many ways you can store your baby's precious photographs. You can create a wonderful album to keep in your living room or den, and you can create a delightful album, complete with slide show, on your computer.

Hands-on Album

Some people will never be comfortable with storing pictures on a computer. Even if you own a digital camera and a computer, you will probably want to create a hard copy of your baby's photos and keep them in an album. Albums can be pulled out and shared easily. The trick to this, however, is developing those pictures and placing them into an album!

Digital Album

You can create folders specifically labeled for your baby's pictures and store them on your computer. Your digital camera probably came with software that will enable you to do this, but if not, there are many different types of software available that are easy to use. You can create slideshows of your favorite pictures, e-mail pictures to friends and family, and edit and print your favorites. Be sure you keep an extra copy on a disk, though, in case your computer decides to crash!

Organizing the Baby Album

When you begin to create your baby's album, you need to decide how to organize it. There are a variety of approaches you can take. Some parents prefer their photo albums to be more like scrapbooks with labeled pictures and added mementos. Some of the organizational choices are as follows:

Pregnancy and Ultrasound Photos

Although you hadn't seen your baby, you already knew a little about her before she was born. Why not document this time period with pictures of your pregnancy, as well as sonogram or ultrasound pictures? Go ahead and add a picture of her perfectly decorated nursery, too!

Hospital Pictures

If you have enough time, plan on taking a picture of you and your husband right before you leave for the hospital. You can have a couple more taken of you right before the delivery if you are up to it. Once the baby comes, of course, there will be lots of pictures of him with family and friends. This can be a special section in your baby's album. You could even add congratulatory cards in the album, too.

First Days Home

Your first few days home with your precious newborn will be exciting and exhausting. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures as your baby is changing fast!

Weekly Pictures

From this time on, you'll be taking loads of pictures of your little darling. If you want to chronicle how she grows, place the same stuffed animal beside her each month and snap a picture. You can look back and see just how fast she has grown in relation to that toy.

Special Pictures

Don't forget to add special photo sections in your baby's album. These sections can include first friends, first pets, first toys, as well as favorite animals and books. You can basically take pictures of anything you want to remember!

Types of Photo Albums

Finally, there are many different types of albums available, and what you purchase is up to you. Some albums hold specific photo sizes, while others allow for a variety of picture sizes. Some albums have photo paper, while others use clear plastic slots. Whatever you choose, however, have fun with your creation!

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