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Beyond Traditional Girl Themes

Nursery themes for girls are more than just pink, pink, and more pink, with a few princesses and ponies thrown in for good measure. Try unexpected colors like sage green or even a bright and cheerful orange, and accent with favorite television or book characters. This Simone nursery bedding is an exquisite combination of shades not always found in a baby girl's room, and also offers texture thanks to the quilted pieces and appliqués. Also, you can customize this bedding with your baby's name and birthdate.

black and white nursery
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Black and White

A black and white room like the A Black Tie Affair theme from PoshTots, is classy and works with any accent or wall colors. Use black and white flower portraits or wall scrolls like the ones in this collection, white furniture with black piping, and then throw brightly colored pillows and decorations in, like the red tricycle or rug. This also works if you don't want to know the gender of the baby until it's born. You can put most of the room together and then add in the appropriately-colored accent pieces after the baby is born.

neutrals and pink
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Neutrals and Ballet Slipper Pink

The barely-there pink set against a background of cream or white provides a soothing atmosphere for a baby and her parents. The pale tones in the La Petite Parisian collection at PoshTots offer a classic, elegant nursery option for a girly-girl. Add visual interest with Barbie prints like the vintage ones that are part of this collection.

chocolate and pink nursery
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Chocolate, Bronze, and Pink

Nearly any shade of pink plays off of rich browns and bronzes in a way that makes a room seem warm and inviting, as demonstrated by the Alexandria's Lullaby collection. This nursery option has a shabby chic vibe, perfect for a little girl with sophisticated parents, thanks to the pale furniture inspired by antique French pieces and the blush pink accents.

tropical nursery
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Tropical Nursery

The Papagayo bedding by Lambs & Ivy isn't ultra-feminine and will work for either gender. Baby girls (or boys) will love exploring the ultrasuede, boucle, chenille, and seersucker textures and looking at the silly monkey, alligator, turtle, and frog.

red nursery
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Stronger Than Pink

Red, pink, and white are an unlikely combination, but still completely girly and beautiful, as demonstrated by the Harlington nursery bedding at Pottery Barn Kids. There are large red and pink flowers on a white background on both the interior and exterior of the bumper, as well as on the crib sheet. To tie everything together, there's a red border along the crib skirt and shams.

Strawberry Fields Baby Bedding
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Strawberry Fields

What little girl isn't mesmerized by hot pink and whimsical shapes? The Strawberry Fields nursery style, reminiscent of a field of strawberries, is perfect for when you do want to go completely girly without diving into a sea of pastel pink and ruffles. The bedding alone will liven up the room, but adding the matching curtains and the memo board as accents, will bring the whole room together.

Hayley Nursery Bedding from Pottery Barn
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A Walk in the Woods

If you want a whimsical baby girl's room that won't incorporate loads of pink, fairies, ponies, and princesses, consider bedding spotted with owls, butterflies, and trees like the Hayley nursery bedding. Airy fabrics and colors, like the soft green and barely-there pink shown here, are stunning and child-friendly without being over-the-top "girly."

Zig Zag Baby Bedding
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Traditional or Modern

White and gray make for a very modern nursery, as shown by the Zig Zag baby bedding here. Zig zags, polka dots, and solids will make it even more interesting for her to look at. Even the fabrics - denim and twill - have a modern vibe. How often do you see those in nursery bedding? Have fun with decorations, but make sure there's a relaxing seat for you and that everything you need is easily within reach.

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Baby Girl Nursery Themes