Baby Shower Supplies

Susie McGee
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Organized women know that planning a baby shower means making a good list of baby shower supplies. From the cake and refreshments to the centerpiece and favors, it's important to have everything planned and ready for a smoothly successful baby shower. We at LoveToKnowBaby want to help! We'd also like to hear from you! If you've planned a great shower or have any tips on gathering those all important baby shower supplies, let us know!

Getting Started

First things first! Before you can begin purchasing your baby shower supplies, you'll need to do a little preliminary planning.

  • Decide who will help host the baby shower.-This is very important. Once you know who is committed as a hostess, you'll have a better idea about who needs to do what.
  • Create a budget.-Let's face it. Everything seems to be getting more and more expensive these days, so it's important that you plan out a budget before you begin shopping. This is another reason why you need to know exactly how many people are going to help hostess the shower. You can split the expenses between all of those who want to help.
  • Allow yourself at least four weeks to plan. Why so long? You'll discover that not all of the hostesses can meet at the same time to brainstorm and plan this shower, so leave yourself plenty of time. Also, if you special order items such as the cake, favors, and invitations, you'll need this extra time to make sure everything arrives before the shower.

Supplies for a Baby Shower

As you begin making out your baby shower supply list, be sure and ask for input from the other hostesses. It's important that you check and double check to make sure you have everything you need. Sometimes it's easier to divide your list into categories, like the following:


You noticed that I placed food at the top of the list, right? That's because socializing generally centers around the food, so you want a great menu that everyone will enjoy. I said everyone, and that means it always works best if you have a variety of foods on hand. Remember, you may have guests who are diabetic or on a strict diet. Of course, you can adapt any of these baby shower supplies to fit your needs.

  • Sandwiches-You have a wide variety of sandwiches to choose from, including cucumber, chicken salad, ham and cheese, and pimento cheese.
  • Drinks-There are lots of great punch recipes, and many of these are quick and easy to make. Don't forget to provide some alternatives drinks, however, such as soft drinks, diet soft drinks, iced tea, and of course bottled water.
  • Finger Foods-Appetizers are always a good choice. You can use chips and dip, cookies, sausage balls, cheese straws, candy, mints, nuts, a deli meat tray, etc.
  • Fruits and Veggies-Don't forget the fruit and veggie tray, along with a fruit dip and vegetable dip and a stack of crackers on the side.
  • Cake-Whatever you do, don't forget to order the cake! Visit your local baker's to look at various cake decorations, and take a picture of the cake before everyone digs in!


Decorations can be simple or elaborate. You'll probably want to have a centerpiece, and something as simple as a diaper cake will do fine. For those guests who might have trouble finding the location of the shower, tie a few pink or blue helium-filled balloons outside. Fresh flowers are always an easy and elegant way to decorate, too.

Plates, Cups, and Utensils

Essential baby shower supplies include eating utensils, plates, and cups. You can take it easy and order or purchase some lovely disposable plates, cups, and utensils. If someone has a collection of dessert plates and cups they'd like you to use, go for it! Don't forget the napkins!

Game Supplies and Favors

If you are planning on playing any baby shower games, you'll need to purchase any game pieces that might be needed. You'll also need to have some nice, inexpensive baby shower favors on hand as well.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Finally, even if you have the food, plates, and baby favors covered, there's always something else you'll need to get! Remember the following:

  • Notebook for list of guests and their gifts.
  • Baby shower gifts
  • Ice
  • Camera
  • Camcorder

You're all set, so let the fun begin!

Baby Shower Supplies