Baby Swimwear

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Most parents don't realize that there is a vast variety of choices in baby swimwear. Once you begin looking at all of the options, you may have a difficult time deciding which items are absolute necessities for your little swimmer.

Swim Diapers

One important piece of baby swimwear for your little fishie is a package or two of swim diapers. Depending on the size of your baby and the amount of swimming she actually does, you may only need to purchase a couple of packs to last the whole summer. Using swim diapers on your little one has many advantages.

If you've ever placed a baby into water while he wore a regular diaper, you probably discovered that he came out of the water several pounds heavier.

Because regular diapers are so absorbent, they simply absorb as much water as possible, adding additional pounds to your little one's bottom! Swim diapers are made of different material. They are designed to keep body waste in, while not absorbing all of the pool water, too. If you have an older toddler, and he didn't mess in his diaper while swimming, you can actually lay the diaper out in the sun and reuse it again next time.


Floaties, or water-wings as they are sometimes referred to, are small, inflatable double rings that fit on the arms of your baby. They help keep your baby afloat, but notice the key word here is "help". They are not lifesaving devices, and a baby or small child could easily drown while wearing one of these. They are great to use on your child as long as you are in the pool right beside her. She'll learn to move her arms and legs to maneuver herself in the pool, and she'll learn to balance her head above the water. Remember-Never leave her alone even for a second!

Aqua Vests

Aqua vests take the concept of floaties a little further. These vests actually have floats built inside of them. They will keep your baby afloat to a degree. Again, it is extremely important that you are right beside your child when she is in or around any body of water.

Baby Floats

For younger babies who aren't quite ready for swimming lessons, there are baby floats. These floats are typically shaped in a circle with plastic straps that crisscross in the bottom for baby to sit in. Her arms can drape across the top of the float so she can splash into the water. Her legs dangle down below. She won't learn to swim while using one of these, but it will give her a more secure feeling, especially if she is afraid of the water. Many of these floats also offer shades that are attached. Caution-These are not lifesaving devices! Never leave your child unattended!

Types of Baby Swimwear

There are many adorable swimsuits available for babies of all ages. Little girls have the option of one and two piece suits. Little boys can wear cute swim trunks. Be sure the suit fits properly, and that it doesn't pinch baby's tender skin.

Life Vests

Life vests can be used to help your baby learn how to move in the water. A good life vest should have a strap that fits through the middle of baby's legs at his crotch. Life vests that zip up the front tend to fit better than other life vests. While life vests can be good flotation devices, your baby will still need to know how to lift his head up out of the water. In other words, he can still drown while wearing one, so be ever vigilant in your supervision of him. Also, a loose-fitting life vest could let your baby slip through one of the openings. Never leave your child unattended!

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