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Portable cribs have come a long way from the cribs used a couple of decades ago. Today, there are several diffent baby travel beds, or portable cribs, and they offer lots of unique and helpful features. some of these beds resemble small bassinets, while others are similar to a playpen.

Infant Baby Travel Beds

If you are planning on traveling with an infant, you may not want to purchase a travel bed that is specifically suited for your newborn. There are several different options to choose from.

Travel Beds for Small Babies

If you are the parent of a small or premature baby, you know how tiny he looks in the midst of a car seat or crib. There is actually a carseat/bed combination that you can purchase, however, and it is great to use when traveling with a tiny baby. It features a wrap-around harness, deeply padded shell, and a raised area to support baby's head. These travel beds can typically accommodate babies up to eight or nine pounds.

Travel Trundle Bed

These small beds will accommodate most babies up to six months of age. Parents like to place these beds on their own beds so that they have their infants right beside them without fear of rolling on their baby in the middle of the night. Most of these fold up and feature a carrying strap. Many of them also have side pockets for extra storage.

Indoor/Outdoor Beds

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These beds are great for taking along to the park, the beach, or anywhere you think you'll need to put your baby down to sleep. They fold into a nice carry-all size, but pop open to provide plenty of sleeping room for your little one. They typically feature a bug-proof wind-screen, and most of them also offer UV protection. Many of these feature blow-up mattresses for better support.

Portable Cribs

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As your baby grows, you may want to purchase a portable crib. Actually, there are several portable cribs that have adjustable bottoms that can be moved to a higher position for infants. Some portable cribs also have changing pads and storage compartments. There are some safety issues to consider, however, and there have been several portable crib recalls.

  1. Before you buy, research all of the crib recalls.
  2. The hinges should lock tight to prevent collapsing.
  3. The mesh sides should consist of a tight weave to prevent small fingers and toes from becoming caught.
  4. The rail should be at least twenty-two inches from the floor.
  5. Check the bedding and mattress. While you want the mattress to be firm, you don't want there to be excess cushioning or room between the mattress and bed sides that might increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Finally, do your homework. Think about how often you will be using the travel bed. You may want to purchase something that grows with your baby, or you may be happy with an infant baby travel bed, replacing it as your child grows.

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