Baptism Gowns

Susie McGee
baptism gowns

Finding that special baptism gown is an essential part of preparing for your baby's baptism. Whether you commission a gown to be made by a local seamstress or order a gown from a local shop or online, you'll want your baby's baptism gown to become a treasured heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.

Baptism Traditions

For many families, the baptism or christening ceremony is as big a day as the day a baby is born. In some cases, families plan elaborate baptism celebrations, including well thought out invitations and quaint favors. Because the baptism of a child symbolizes the beginning of that child's relationship with God, this ceremony is sacred and traditional. You'll want everything to be just right, including the dress your baby will wear during the ceremony. Pictures will be taken, and family and friends will be in attendance. A beautiful gown will make the ceremony all the more precious and special, so parents typically choose their baby's gown with care.

What Are Baptism Gowns?

Baptism gowns are used for both boys and girls. Little boys' gowns are often made of shantung material, with pleated skirts and defined collars. Additional embroidery may be added. Girls' gowns are elegantly feminine. Materials such as organza, satin, silk, and cotton eyelet are typically used. Many gowns have the following accessories:

  • bonnets
  • booties
  • sashes
  • scalloped hems
  • pantaloons
  • bibs
  • pearl collars

Delicate accents can include the following:

  • pearls
  • lace
  • beads
  • netting
  • braided trim
  • rosebuds
  • ribbons
  • buttons

Alternative Clothing

While it is perfectly acceptable for a baby boy to wear a gown, some parents look for alternative clothing. Suits and tuxedos in brilliant white coloring are often chosen. Tuxedos may be four and five pieces. Tuxedo attire may include some or all of the following:

  • shirt
  • pants
  • jacket
  • cummerbund
  • bow tie
  • vest
  • cap

Materials run the gamut from luxurious brocade to satin or linen. The choice is yours. In some cases, parents don't want the formality of a tuxedo but would like to steer away from the traditional gown. Another alternative is a baptism robe. Robes can be accessorized with matching caps and embroidered bibs for a sweet yet dressy look. Short sets, including shirt, shorts, vest, cap, and tie are also popular. Baptism one-piece rompers with matching caps and bibs are popular choices, as well.

Where to Buy

If you are looking for vintage baptism gowns, shops like Ebay may have just what you are looking for. Be sure you check out the company's guarantee, shipping and handling, and return policy before you order, however. You should also receive instructions on how to take care of the baptism gown. Whether it's new or used, you'll want to preserve it as a treasured heirloom that may be used by generations to come.

If you want to buy a new gown, check out the following online stores:

Baptism Gowns