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convertible crib

Parents often choose convertible cribs for their versatility and money saving features. Choosing a crib is just one of the many purchases that parents will make as they plan their baby's nursery. Furniture, bedding, and decorations are just some of the items you'll pick to make your baby's room look like home. Choosing a crib is just as important.

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What Is a Convertible Crib?

Not familiar with the term "convertible crib"? Don't worry. You're not alone. Until the last few years, a baby crib or baby bed was just that…a bed for a baby. Typically, once a toddler reached the two year mark, parents took down the baby crib and placed their child in a regular sized bed.

With the invention of the convertible crib, however, the bed actually gets used for a much longer period of time because it converts to a toddler or even full-size bed. Depending upon the style of convertible crib that you choose, your child's bed could actually last him until he grows up and moves out!

Crib Choices

There are several different types or styles at prices to meet almost any budget.

  • Two-In-One Crib. A two-in-one convertible crib means that this crib can convert from a baby bed to a toddler bed. When at least one side of the crib is removed, it can be used as a toddler bed.
  • Three-In-One Crib. A three-in-one convertible crib means that this crib actually has three possible uses: a baby bed, a toddler bed, and a full size bed. If you plan on using the crib as a full-sized bed, you will need to purchase a full size mattress, however.
  • Four-In-One Crib. A four-in-one convertible crib offers the same crib styles as the three-in-one with the addition of a twin bed design. Again, you will have to buy a twin size mattress if you choose to use this style as your child grows.
  • Five-In-One Crib. This crib features all of the above styles with an additional loveseat option.

Choosing a Crib

Purchasing a crib that converts to a bed eliminates some of the decisions that surround where your child will sleep as she grows out of her traditional baby bed. In addition, some families choose convertible cribs purely for economical reasons.

When choosing a convertible bed, however, you still need to consider the following points:

  • Will the style fit with the room's décor as your child grows?
  • How many options do you want in a convertible bed?
  • If you choose a convertible bed that offers the full-size option, will your child's room accommodate the larger bed?
  • Does the bed you choose require a separate conversion kit, and if so, how much more expensive will that be?

Safety Issues

No matter what type of baby crib you choose, you'll want to make sure that it meets all of the safety standards issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. While purchasing a used crib might be tempting, think again. A used baby crib can harbor all sorts of safety hazards, including too widely spaced crib slats, loose or missing parts, and lead paint.

Where To Buy

The following merchants offer a wide variety of crib styles, along with a wide variety of prices.

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