Greek Baby Names

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Greek Baby Names

Greek baby names typically take their inspiration from the Greek language and culture, including historical events and language origins.

Choosing a Greek Baby Name

In the past, Greek baby names were often chosen to signify the child's ethnic origin. These names have been handed down through generations. Parents typically choose Greek baby names based on the significance or meaning of the name, often looking at names with religious or historical influences.

For your convenience, LoveToKnow Baby has compiled a list of some of the most common Greek baby names and their meanings.

Girl Names

Allie -smiling Althea -demure

Alyssa -flourishing

Amara -unfading beauty

Ambrosia -eternal

Anastassiya -reborn

Arekah -virtuous

Arianda -helper

Arisca -best;delight

Arista -wonderful

Astera -star-like

Astra -star

Athena -wise woman

Aura -breeze

Bayonne -joyful victor

Calandra -lark

Calantha -gorgeous flower

Caliopa -singing beautifully

Calista -most beautiful

Calla -beautiful

Callie -beautiful

Calliope -muse

Candace -glowing girl

Carina -dearest

Carissa -beloved

Casey -attentive

Catherine -pure

Celine -lovely

Cerea -thriving

Charis -graceful

Cilla -vivacious

Citare -musical

Clio -history muse

Cora -maid

Corinna -young girl

Corinne -maiden

Corissa-kind hearted

Cressa -delicate


Cristos -dedicated

Cynthia -moon goddess

Dafnee -pretty

Damia -spirited

Deiondra -partier;wine lover

Deitra -goddess like



Delos -beautiful brunette

Demetria -harvest goddess

Denetria -from God

Desdemona -tragic figure

Dia -shining

Diantha -flower

Dionne -love goddess

Dodie -beloved woman

Dora -gift from God

Dorian -happy

Dortha -God's gift

Dorthea -open armed

Dove -dreamy

Ebony -hard and dark

Gaia -Earth goddess

Galetea -mythological sea creature

Gemini -mirror image

Genera -noble

Georgia -friendly

Helanna -exquisite

Helen -pretty

Helena -smart

Helia -sun

Helina -charming

Hera -wife of Zeus

Hermione -sensual

Hest -legendary

Iana -blooming

Idahalia -loveable

Ilena -royal

Iliana-woman of Troy

Lola -morning

Irina -soothing

Irene -peaceful

Iris -goddess of rainbows

Jacey -luminous

Jacinda -pretty girl

Kailah -one with values

Kali -beautiful one

Kalidas -most attractive

Kallie -attractive

Kalliope -beautiful voice

Kallista -beautiful eyes

Kandace -radiant

Kara -darling

Karen -pure hearted

Karise -elegant woman

Karissa -tormented

Kassandra -impulsive

Katarina -pure

Katchen -honorable

Kate -pure-hearted

Katharine -dominant

Katlynn -wholesome

Kay -high-spirited

Kiersten -sacred

Kithos -valuable

Kristina -anointed

Kyra -woman like

Lacey -optimistic

Lavinia -girl-like

Lexi -obliging

Lia -one

Lymekia -pleasing

Lyra -musical

Lysandra -redeemer

Madalyn -high sights

Madeline -strength-giving

Medea -vindictive

Meg -loveable

Mel -active

Melana -charitable

Melanie -dark

Melina -lovable

Melissa -sweet

Melody -song

Minerva -brilliant

Mona -bright face

Neressa -from the sea

Nia -precious

Nike -victorious

Nikole -pleasing

Nora -radiant

Nysa -life starting

Oceana -ocean loving

Ophelia -woman who helps

Phoebe -one who brings light

Pierina -trustworthy

Reenie -peace giver

Resa -creative

Rhea -mother of gods

Riza -distinguished

Sandra -obliging

Sapphire -precious gem

Selena -moon-like

Sema -down-to-earth

Sophia -intelligent

Stacey -confident

Stefanie -royal

Sybil -looking to future

Tabitha -refined

Talia -fair

Teah -goddess

Tedra -friendly

Thalassa -insightful

Thalia -pleasant

Thea -goddess

Tia -princess

Tian -exquisite

Tiana -highest beauty

Tiffany -lasting love

Tressa -reaping life's harvest

Trina -faultless

Xanthe -yellow

Xena -girl from afar

Xeniah -humble performer

Yolanda -pretty like a flower

Zan -sympathetic

Boy Names

Alec -conceited Alex -leader

Alexander -great leader

Alexandros -helpful

Alisander -form of Alexander

Anastasius -born again

Andreas -manly

Andrew -masculine and brave

Anolus -masculine

Apollo -masculine

Apostle -follower

Apostolos -disciple

Argus -careful

Ari -best

Aries -god of war

Arion -enchanted man

Aristides -son of the great one

Aristotle -best man

Bacchus -reveler

Basil -royal

Castor -strong defender

Chris -close to Christ

Christopher -bearer of Christ

Christos -form of Christopher

Cornelius -a temptation

Cosma -universal

Costas -constant

Cy -shining example

Cyrano -shy heart

Cyril -royal

Damary -well behaved

Damian -demon

Damon -actor

Darius -affluent

Deacon -giving

Deion -charismatic

Demetrice -virile

Demetrios -earth-loving

Demetrius -form of Demeter,goddess of fertility

Demitri -virile

Demos -for the people

Demosthenes -speaker

Denis -reveler

Denny -fun loving

Dion -god of wine

Dinos -proud

Dody -God's gift

Dorian -child of the sea

Elian -spiritual

Elmo -fun; loud

Eros -sexy

Euclid -smart

Filip -horse lover

Galen -soothing

Gaylin -relaxed

Gene -royal, honest

Geo -good

George -farmer

Gregory -cautious

Hector -loyal

Hermes -messenger

Hilarion -funny

Homer -secure

Isadore -special gift

Jason -healer

Jayson -form of Jason

Jules -young Adonis

Julian -handsome

Julius -handsome

Konstantinos -stubborn

Kris -follower of Christ

Kristo -short for Kristopher

Lazarus -renewed

Lear -royal

Leon -ornery

Linus -yellow-haired

Lucas -creative

Lukas -light hearted

Lysande -free spirited

Lysander -lover

Markos strong

Mikolas -bright

Myron -notable

Nicah -winner

Nicholas -winner

Ocean -ocean

Odysseus -wanderer

Orion -hunter

Otis -intuitive

Palladin -wise

Paulos -small

Peter -dependable

Phil -horse lover

Philo -lover

Phoenix -everlasting

Plato -broad-minded

Polo -adventurer

Rhodes -lovely

Sander -nice

Spiro -fresh, new

Stephan -victorious

Tad -short for Thaddeus

Thaddeus -brave

Theo -Godlike

Theodore -a blessing

Thomas -lookalike

Timothy -God lover

Titan -powerful giant

Tyrone -reliable

Vernados -hearty

Xander -short for Alexander

Zale masculine

Zander -short for Alexander

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Greek Baby Names