Where to Buy Infant Shoes

Susie McGee
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If you've ever looked in the baby section at department stores and baby specialty shops, then you've probably noticed those adorable, tiny infant shoes. They are hard to resist, aren't they? Your infant's feet won't be that tiny for long! What kind of foot covering should you buy for your baby?

Should Your Infant Wear Shoes?

Your new baby will probably receive several pairs of little shoes at your baby shower and after she is born. If she doesn't have a closet full, howver, does it really matter? Actually, your infant doesn't need shoes. They are cute, and you can find shoes to match lots of her outfits, but they really aren't necessary.

If you live in a colder climate, you'll need to put something besides socks on your infant's feet when you go out. Booties will work just as well, or you may dress her in an outfit that has feet attached to it. As your baby's feet grow and develop, it is much better if they are left bare or at least shoeless for the majority of the time. Once your baby begins to walk, you'll want her to use shoes on surfaces that could hurt her feet, but when you are at home, let her go barefoot as much as possible.

Used Infant Shoes

Because infants don't usually wear out their shoes, you can often find some great, used, shoe bargains. Yard sales, consignment shops, and consignment sales are great places to start. You can often find infant shoes that are just like new at any of these places. Online auctions such as Ebay, Yahoo Auctions, and Shop Goodwill are excellent places to search for new and used bargains.

Infant Shoe Brands

Infant shoe brands are really a matter of preference. You can spend a little or a lot of money. Keep in mind that infant shoes are really more for cosmetic purposes, so you don't have to spend a fortune. Still, those tiny shoes can be hard to walk past!

Popular brands include

Where to Shop?

There are lots of online shoes stores that have just what you are looking for when searching shoes for your infant. Some of these are specialty shops, while others are well-known supermarkets. If you have supermarkets in your area, such as Target, Walmart, and Kmart, be sure to check the clearance racks often. Target is notorious for discounting their end-of-the season clearance to 75% off. You can often find great shoe bargains on end-caps or designated clearance aisles. Visit bargain websites, such as My Coupons for great Internet and store bargain tips. If you check regularly, other shoppers across the country will alert you on the shopping boards to any new bargains in various stores.

For online shopping, check out the following websites:

Where to Buy Infant Shoes