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sibling gift

A Sibling gift is a wonderful way to help your older child prepare for the coming of a new baby. When that new baby arrives, your firstborn may experience a lot of new emotions that may be difficult for her to deal with. She won't want to lose her place in the family, and she may become jealous of all the attention that the new addition is receiving. You can encourage her to feel better about these new changes, however, with some sibling gifts that can be exchanged between her and your new bundle of joy.

Sibling Gift Baskets

What better way to welcome the new baby into the family than by letting him and his older sibling exchange gift baskets to each other? Of course, you'll have to do the choosing for the newest addition, and you may need to help your older child pick out appropriate gifts for the baby, too. Help your older child celebrate this new life that has been added to your family!

Gift Basket Items for the Newborn

There are lots of great items you can let your older child put in a gift basket.

  1. Soft rattles
  2. Cloth books
  3. Soft, stuffed animals
  4. Blankets
  5. Pacifiers
  6. Burp cloths
  7. Chew rings
  8. Infant toys

Gift Basket Items for the Older Sibling

When it comes to choosing items for your new baby to give his soon-to-be adored older sibling, you probably have lots of choices.

For girls you might want to add some of the following, but keep the age of your child in mind.

  1. 1 Small dolls
  2. 1 Coloring books
  3. 1 Crayons
  4. Stuffed animals
  5. 1 Hair ribbons
  6. Barrettes
  7. Real jewelry
  8. Dress up jewelry
  9. Small toys
  10. Bubbles
  11. 1 Puzzles
  12. 1 Books
  13. Videos
  14. Small craft kits
  15. 1 Sweet treats

A list of items for boys might include the following:

  1. 1 Small cars
  2. 1 Coloring books
  3. 1 Crayons
  4. Plastic tools
  5. 1 Stuffed animals
  6. Small toys
  7. Bubbles
  8. 1 Puzzles
  9. 1 Books
  10. Videos
  11. Small craft kits
  12. 1 Sweet treats

Baby Gifts

Your older child might enjoy picking out a very special item that will serve as keepsake for the new baby. There are so many items to choose from. Engraved items with your older child's name along with the new baby's name might include the following:

  1. Bible
  2. Books
  3. Piggy bank
  4. Jewelry
  5. Small sculpture
  6. Tooth holder
  7. Picture frame

Other gifts might include the following:

  1. Blankets
  2. Clothing
  3. Shoes
  4. Hats
  5. Toys
  6. Stuffed animals
  7. Books

Older Sibling Gifts

You can let your newborn give a similar gift to your older child. Be sure you include a card from the new baby. Your older child will get a kick out of it!

  1. Special toys such as a "big sister" or "big brother" doll.
  2. T-shirts with the words "I'm the Big Sister or Brother".
  3. Special books about brothers and sisters.
  4. A ball and bat with a note saying "Teach me to play!"

You get the idea! The important thing is to make your older child feel special during this time of change and to nurture a bond that will last a lifetime between your children.

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Sibling Gift