Toddler Activities

Susie McGee
toddler activities

Have you ever wished you had just half of the energy for toddler activities your child has? If we could see the world through the eyes of our children, would everything be exciting and new again? Would we gaze with wonder at a butterfly or jump with joy through a sprinkler. Have you ever watched a toddler in a grocery store? They don't walk slowly and serenely down aisle after aisle. No! They bound! They jump! They slide, and they hop! They sing, and they skip! Well, although you may not have the energy level or even the curiosity that your toddler has, you can create several activities for her to enjoy, and you just might enjoy them, too!

Silly Songs for Toddlers

Have you ever met a toddler that didn't love to listen to and sing silly songs? They can be counting songs, rhyming songs, or nonsense songs. It really doesn't matter. If you have watched any children's videos geared toward toddler-aged children, you'll notice that they almost invariably have music which incorporates singing and dancing.

You don't have to be a great singer or dancer to enjoy these activities with your toddler. Sing as many songs as you can remember from your own childhood, learn some new songs from videos and other parents, and then you and your child can create your own. While you're at it, add some movement to your music, and you and your toddler can exercise together!

Funny Games for Toddlers

Toddlers love to laugh. In fact, you can become a standup comic easily when you perform for your toddler. Make a funny face, create a funny noise, strike a funny pose. It really doesn't matter what you do, as long as you are laughing and acting silly, too.

There are many different games you and your toddler can play together, and she'll love all of these toddler activities. "Hide and Seek" is always a favorite. Of course, you'll have to hide in a place that your little one can access, and you may have to repeat her name several times until she gets in the vicinity of your hiding spot. The look of joy on her face when she discovers you will make the hiding worth it! Help her learn to hide, too. If more than the two of you are playing, you and she can hide together and let someone else find you.

Why not play chase with your toddler? Of course, you'll have to run slowly. In fact, why not exaggerate your movements? She'll be laughing hysterically as she tries to catch up!

Art Projects for Toddlers

Is it a rainy afternoon, and has your toddler become bored with his toys? Why not do an art project together? Your little one may not be very adept at manipulating crayons, yet, but you can purchase the jumbo size crayons for his little fingers. Show him how to make marks on a paper, and praise him when he does it on his own. Who cares if he stays in the lines? He's an abstract coloring machine, right?

Story Time for Toddlers

All of your toddler's activities don't have to be focused around his exuberant energy. Why not end the day or settle down before a nap with a stack of books to share? You and your toddler can look at the pictures while you read to her. Be sure you point out the names of various objects on each page. If she wants to turn the pages, let her. If she wants you to read the same book over and over, do it! The key is to enjoy your time together while instilling in your child a love of books and reading.

Toddler Imaginations

Finally, encourage your toddler's imagination. As his vocabulary expands, help him create his own stories and games. Ask him questions, and give him starting cues that prompt him to expand on a particular song or story. Take him for walks and imagine together. Enjoy each other every day! Your toddler may teach you as much as you teach him!

Toddler Activities