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training pants

It's potty training time, and training pants are the first item on your shopping list! Do you know what you are looking for? Are they really necessary? For the answers to these and other questions regarding your baby or toddler, check out the great articles at LoveToKnowBaby. We're here to help you!

Are Potty Training Pants Right for Your Child

There are lots of do's and don'ts that surround the issue of potty training. Should your child use a potty or a regular commode? Do you start training your child before she reaches her second birthday, or after? Do you reward her with candy, prizes, etc., or should praise be sufficient? Finally, should you use potty trainer pants on your little boy or girl?

Some people argue that trainers are just another form of diapers. They believe that to really potty train a child, you must go straight to the real underwear. This might be true in some cases, and false in others. One thing is true, however, when you first begin training your child, it is unreasonable to expect him to stay dry all night, every night. For your convenience and his comfort, you can use trainer pants for nighttime sleeping only, if you like, and save the big boy underwear for daytime use.

Types of Potty Training Pants

You really like the idea of trainer pants, but what kind do you get?

  • Cloth-Since many people argue that using disposable training pants makes it difficult for a child to recognize his need to use the potty, cloth training pants provide a viable option. Many of these are padded to soak up those inevitable accidents, but they still allow a toddler to feel that something is going on down there!
  • Disposable-If you use disposable diapers, then you're probably already aware of disposable trainers. These work along the concept as disposable diapers. Some brands claim to use material which lets a child feel when she is becoming wet. They are generally easy to pull on and off, and if there is an accident, clean-up is pretty simple, too. The negative side of disposable trainers, however, is that they are too much like a typical diaper, and a child might not get the idea that he isn't supposed to actually use them when he has them on!
  • Vinyl Pants/Underwear Combo-Some parents like to stick to the old school of using regular underwear on their child, but pulling a pair of vinyl pants over the underwear just in case of an accident. While your child may get the idea a little more quickly, especially after his first accident, the combination of underwear and pants can be difficult for him to manipulate when he is having to pull them up or take them off. If an accident does happen, it can be much more difficult to clean up.

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The Final Say

So, what choice do you make concerning potty trainers? Obviously, this is a personal decision, and you may find that the best way to decide is to try each of the options described. For instance, if you are just beginning to potty train your child, then you might want to introduce her to the disposable pants first, along with her new potty. After a few days, you can take her shopping for some big girl panties. If you want a little extra protection, buy a couple of vinyl panties to use on occasion. Be sure you let her have extra protection at night, though.

Training Pants