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Susie McGee
umbrella stroller

Almost every parent buys at least one umbrella type stroller for their baby. While traditional strollers may offer more room for your baby or toddler, these strollers do have their advantages. Keep reading to decide if this stroller is right for you.

What Is An Umbrella Stroller?

Umbrella strollers are typically compact strollers that usually weigh less than twenty pounds. They are easy to carry, and they fold up, making storage a breeze. Most have two curved handles that are similar to an umbrella, thus the term umbrella stroller.


The advantages of an umbrella stroller are many.

  • Size-They are lightweight, making them easy to carry onto subways and buses, and many airlines allow them to be stored overhead.
  • Storage-They fold up easily, making storage a cinch. This is great if you don't have a lot of space in your car, or wherever you might be.
  • Maneuvering-We've all been in crowded malls where the pedestrian traffic is horrendous, right? Pushing a large bulky stroller can be difficult, but you can maneuver an this stroller with ease.


There are disadvantages to an umbrella stroller, you ask? Actually, yes. There are several.

  • Size-While the benefits of the size are easy to see, the size can also be a deterrent. If comfort is a priority for you in regards to your baby, you might want to opt for a larger stroller instead. While they may offer a few different positions, they don't usually recline all the way to a prone position, making it more difficult for little ones to sleep.
  • Age of Baby-Because many don't offer the support that larger strollers do, they typically aren't recommended for infants that can't sit up yet.
  • Growing Babies-You may find that your toddler grows out of one even though he still needs a stroller.


While of course you'll want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using an umbrella stroller, many parents choose to keep one along with a larger stroller, too. When you begin shopping, you'll discover that there are actually several features to choose from in various umbrella type strollers.

  • Height of Handles-Some stroller handles are adjustable. Be sure you try out the fit of the handles in proportion to your height before you buy.
  • Folding Ease-Can you use your foot to trigger the stroller to fold while holding it with one hand? This is essential, since you may have a fussy baby in your other arm!
  • Canopy- You'll want to protect baby's sensitive skin, so be sure you purchase a stroller that has a canopy.
  • Cup Holders-How did we live without these? They're great for baby's bottle and mom's cup. Some strollers also offer snack storage areas.
  • Storage Basket- In my opinion a storage basket under the stroller is a must. Sure, it may add a little weight, but where else can you place all of those packages and bags when you're shopping? Plus, it's a great place to store the diaper bag. If you try hanging things on the handle, your stroller will tip over every time take baby out of it!
  • Managing With One Hand-How well does the stroller roll. Invariably parents need several hands to multi-task when they have children. You want a stroller that can easily be strolled with one hand.
  • Durable Fabric-Look for a stroller that can be cleaned with ease, an essential feature for sure!
  • Adjustable Seat-There are actually a few umbrella strollers that have been designed to support infants. However, most strollers only offer semi-reclining positions. The choice comes down to your preference.

Top Umbrella Type Stroller Choices

While you can spend a little or a lot, there are several strollers available that have received positive reviews among parents. These include the following, so check them out for yourself!

Umbrella Stroller