10 Luxury Baby Gifts That Are Worth the Splurge

Published January 5, 2022
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If someone you know is expecting a baby, it's time to start searching for an amazing baby gift. You could go the traditional route and give the parents-to-be tiny washcloths, plastic toys, and a few onesies, or you could up the ante and present them with a luxury baby gift that will be the envy of all. Read on for where to splurge on the most opulent offerings for their new bundle of joy.

Best Luxury Baby Gifts That Even Blue Ivy Would Be Jealous Of

Best Luxury Baby Gift Parents Can't Go Without:
Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat

No matter your parenting style or design preferences, you need a car seat. Give a gift that every single new parent will find incredibly useful.
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Best Luxury Baby Gift That Will Make Parents Feel Like a Million Bucks:
Chloé Baby's Changing Diaper Bag

Baby gifts are usually all about the baby! Consider a gift that is useful for the infant years but also makes parents feel like a million dollars.
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Best Luxury Baby Gift for Groups:
Organic Luxury Baby Gift Basket

If you want to give a luxury gift but are short on cash, a group present is definitely the way to go.
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A Baby Blanket Designed With Snoozing in Mind

Sofia Cashmere Hat and Blanket Set

A baby blanket is one of the most common baby gifts around. If you want to give a blanket to a new baby arriving soon, choose one that stands above the rest like this set from Sophia Cashmere. Nothing says luxury like cashmere... and it even comes with a hat to top it off. Two gifts in one? Yes, please. Now luxury feels like a darn deal!

What we like
Beautiful neutral color and elephant design
100% cashmere
What to keep in mind
Dry clean only

Baby's First Stuffed Animal and Play Mat Combo

Wonder & Wise Baby Elephant Play Mat

Perhaps you want to be the person that gives the new baby their first stuffed toy. You could choose a run-of-the-mill plushie, or you could go all out and give the newest addition to the club a designer stuffed toy that doubles as a play mat. This stuffed elephant is neutral in color, so it will complement most baby room decor. It's part toy, part play mat, and 100% luxurious.

What we like
Neutral colors that work with almost any decor
Super soft
What to keep in mind
This is an expensive toy for tots, who are best known for mess and destruction
Spot clean only

A Stunning Classic Keepsake Box

Michael Aram Flights of Fancy Bunny Keepsake Box

Sure, you could give the expectant parents a small wooden or porcelain keepsake box to store those little locks of hair or tiny teeth... or you could give them a darling silver-plated bunny keepsake box from Michael Aram. It's sweet enough for a little one's tiny treasures, but sophisticated enough to jazz up any room, not just a nursery.

What we like
Made of sturdy stainless steel, marble and a silver-plated enamel
What to keep in mind
Small size measuring 3 inches long x 3.5 inches in diameter

The Only Stroller Parents Will Ever Need

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller is the Mercedes of strollers. It won't come cheap, costing nearly a grand, and might be one of those big-ticket baby shower gifts that you pitch in with several other people to purchase.

This stroller is designed to grow with your family, is made of high-quality materials and leather, and has countless safety and navigation features aimed at making parents' lives so much simpler when on the go.

What we like
Tons of storage
Great for families needing to cart around more than one child
Full coverage canopy for shade
What to keep in mind
If expectant parents aren't going to need two seats, consider a different model

A Bassinet That Is Basically a Babysitter

SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet

Sleeplessness comes along with newborn territory. Give the new parents in your life the gift of peace and quiet with a SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet. There are tons of high-quality bassinets on the market, but the SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet is more than a small space for babies to snooze. It's part bassinet, part babysitter, and entirely amazing.

This bassinet responds to a baby's needs, combining gentle rocking, white noise, and snug swaddling for the ultimate sleeping experience for little ones. It's safe, sleek, and does much of the work that is getting babies to sleep for exhausted, busy parents.

What we like
It can be rented for $150, which is great because you don't need a bassinet for very long
Gives you a hand with rocking
Meets the American Academy of Pediatrics requirements for safe sleep
What to keep in mind
If purchased, you are spending a lot of money on something you won't use for very long.
May thwart bonding as the Snoo is doing the rocking, not a parent's gentle arms

A Car Seat That Is Uber High-Tech

Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat

Many baby gifts are ones parents can technically survive without. A car seat is an infant item that has to be bought. Why not pair up with a few other pals and give an expectant friend a car seat they really cannot live without? The Cybex Sirona S Convertible Car Seat is the first convertible car seat in the United States to rotate a full 360 degrees. Stuffing a car seat into a vehicle has never been easier, and those with back and joint issues will consider this baby gift an absolute lifesaver.

What we like
Quick and easy to install
Compact design that allows for ample leg room
Excellent for parents with back woes
What to keep in mind
Bulky and heavy to move between cars

A Luxury Gift Basket That Reminds Everyone Who Loves Baby Best

Organic Luxury Baby Gift Basket

Make your expectant pals swoon with a luxury gift basket full of items new parents need for their parenting journey. The organic luxury gift basket from Our Greenhouse on Amazon is packed with lovely items that will certainly come in handy once the baby is born.

This basket includes sweet toys, necessary items like bottles, bibs, swaddles and blankets, and clothing items to get a jump on building baby's wardrobe. It's a gift basket with a sampling of just about everything parents will need to start stocking up.

What we like
Includes a sampling of so many useful infant items
Neutral colors
Beautiful presentation
What to keep in mind
With only one of each item, parents will still need to buy more of each offering in the basket
Cannot customize the basket or substitute one product for something else

A High Chair Fit for Royalty

Bloom Fresco High Chair

This high chair is so pretty it will feel more like a work of art in your kitchen than a clunky infant feeding necessity. The stunning, sleek, and modern high chair can accommodate children up to eight years of age, is completely customizable, and will be the only high chair a family ever needs.

What we like
Swivels all the way around
Has three reclining positions
Height can be adjusted to counter or dining room table height
What to keep in mind
This chair can be challenging to clean compared to other high chairs

A Diaper Bag Prettier Than Most Designer Handbags

Chloé Baby's Changing Diaper Bag

It's hard to feel like a million bucks when you are covered in spit-up and have giant dark circles under your worn-out eyes. Life with newborns is not easy, but even if your friends will inevitably feel like a semi-truck has run over them (and trust me, they will), at least they can look like they just stepped off the runway in Paris or Milan with this designer diaper bag. They can rock it to the playground or sport it at a ladies' luncheon. It is functional enough to hold diapers and bottles, but pretty enough to display with any outfit and on any occasion. They'll use this long after their kid grows out of infancy. In fact, they might still be lugging this bag around when their kid leaves for college.

What we like
Neutral color that goes with many outfit choices
Comes with a handle and shoulder strap
Several compartments, removable pouch and diaper mat
100% leather trim
What to keep in mind
Not as many bells and whistles as other bags on the market

A Baby Food Maker to Start Solids Off Right

Beaba Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker

At some point, the new parents in your life are going to be serving up gourmet meals to their little darling. The Beaba Babycook Neo Baby Food Maker allows parents to whip up their own creations for their budding foodie. The appliance is sleek and comes in several pretty colors, making it functional but also fashion-forward, especially with regard to kitchen tools.

What we like
Several color options
Easy to use
Quality materials
What to keep in mind
Lots of parts that must be cleaned after every use

Whether you gift a new baby a high-priced luxury item or something small or homemade, remember it is always the thought that counts. Put the time in when selecting a gift, and make sure that it comes straight from the heart.

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