20+ Funny Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples

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Whether you're throwing your own baby shower or planning one for a loved one, creating a memorable baby shower invitation can make a huge impression on your guests. Using funny baby shower invitation wording is the perfect choice for a more lighthearted party.

Funny Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Using funny baby shower invitation wording is best for an individual or couple who are silly and have a good sense of humor. Be sure if you're throwing the shower or sprinkle for a loved one that the invitation wording matches their personality and taste.

Cute Baby Shower Invitation Wordings

Cute and funny baby shower invitation wording examples:

  • Let's shout hooray- there's a new (insert last name) baby on the way!
  • Bring on the diapers, there's a newbie in town- please join our party and come on down!
  • Join us as we head on down to diaper town!
  • Join us in celebrating the soon to be arrival of (insert parent(s)' name) bundle of joy. Please keep gifts neutral, as we aren't sure if the little one is a girl or boy.
  • Bring on the diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and more- Join us as we shower (insert parent(s)' name) with gifts galore!

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Gender neutral invitation wording:

  • Join us as we shower mama to be- as we gift her goodies to fill her lovely nursery!
  • Please join us as we sprinkle (insert parent's first name) second little one! Don't worry about gifts, let's just have some fun!
  • This little one is sure to bring a lot of joy indeed! Join us for a shower to help (insert parent(s)' name) get everything they need!
  • Please join us for (insert parent(s)' name) shower- there will be sweets and treats galore! We promise this party will be anything but a bore!
  • It looks like it's time for a shower! Join us as we celebrate the soon to be arrival of baby (insert last name)!

Virtual Baby Shower Invite Wording

Virtual baby showers are a great option when in person gatherings aren't possible and while you won't be able to share food and snacks, you can still play some fun virtual shower games. Invitation wording examples:

pregnant woman video zoom baby shower
  • Because we live so far from each other, please join us on Zoom as we welcome (insert sibling's name) soon to be baby brother!
  • Please join us as celebrate baby (insert last name) via Zoom- remember we can see all so be sure to tidy up your room!
  • Set up your webcams and join us for some fun- as we celebrate the soon to be arrival of (insert last name) baby number one!!
  • Let's celebrate tiny hands and little toes- join us for a virtual party to honor parents to be and their growing family!
  • Bring on the computer glitches and the "I can't hear yous"- we're doing a virtual baby shower to celebrate (insert parent(s)' names) last nights of solid snooze!

Funny Wording for Twins or Multiples

Silly or lighthearted wording for twins or multiples:

  • Guess what! There's about to be a whole bunch of little (insert last name) running around really soon, but this party is a surprise so don't say a peep- so please join us as we toast to (insert parent(s) names) last nights of sleep.
  • Two is better than one?! Please join us in celebrating the (insert last name) babies soon to be arrival and let's have some fun!
  • There's going to be three babies, did you hear? Let's pamper (insert parent(s)' names) and don't forget to bring boatloads of wine and beer!
  • Twin babies and best buddies to be- let's double down on presents and help the (insert last name) decorate their nursery!
  • So many babies- what are the (insert last name) going to do?! Send your best diapers their way- there's going to be triple the poo!

What to Include in the Invitation

When creating your invitation, aside from your funny wording, be sure to also include:

  • The date of the shower
  • The time the shower begins and tentatively ends
  • Location of the shower, including how to access a virtual one if applicable
  • The RSVP date and who to contact
  • Link for baby registry if applicable

When to Send a Baby Shower Invitation

Baby shower invitations are usually sent out six to eight weeks prior to the shower or sprinkle is set to take place. This gives guests enough time to RSVP and for the host(s) of the shower to plan accordingly.

Baby Shower Invite Wording

Baby shower invites set the tone for the celebration, so if the parent or parents to be have a lighthearted sense of humor, you can consider using funny baby shower wording for the invitations.

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