7 Baby Products You Don't Need

Mother with baby in supermarket

Save Your Money, Moms!

Hey moms, we know you are a marketer's dream, but that doesn't mean you need every single baby product out there! In fact, there are quite a few 'life changing products' that aren't necessarily (ahem) life changing...

1. Slip Proof Baby Knee Pads

Baby with knee pads

Your baby has just started to crawl and you're despairing at how their knees will survive after making contact with wooden floors all day. You envision endless amounts of bumps and bruises as they crawl on all fours from one end of the room to another. Guess what! Babies have been doing this for an eternity and will be way more annoyed by vexing knee pads that constantly slip down to their ankles where they won't really be much use anyway. We say don't buy them, but if you really must, there's an easy and cheap way to make some, that will actually work.

2. Baby Wipe Warmers

Baby wipe warmer

We know what you're thinking... your precious little bubba must be so sensitive to those nasty cold baby wipes. Wouldn't it be lovely to give them a little comfort by pre-warming their wipes with a baby wipe warmer? While some parents love them, just as many aren't so enamored. Not only do baby wipe warmers potentially dry out the wipes before you even get to use them, but wipes at room temperature have done just fine for many years now.

3. Peepee Teepee

Peepee Teepee

One minute you're changing your baby boy's diaper, and the next the sprinkler system has gone wild and you're covered in pee. Of course, what you most definitely need to counteract this unavoidable turn of events with is a specifically designed cone-shaped cloth to cover his winky during diaper change. Said nobody ever. While it might be cute, a standard wash cloth will do just fine.

4. Tummy Tub Baby Bath

Tummy Tub Baby Bath

A specifically designed bucket to bathe baby in the fetal position to reduce the stress of bathing for baby? Um, sorry, but putting your baby in a bucket to bathe them is a little freaky and sounds like the most frightening kind of bath possible. We'll settle for the usual baby bath thanks, and besides... we have a bucket in a cupboard somewhere already.

5. Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping cart cover

What could possibly be more traumatizing for your baby than the germs and bacteria of a supermarket cart? Lots, actually. Of course, you could go and buy a shopping cart cover to make sure their darling skin is kept at the right temperature and that germs don't stand a chance. Or you could dress them properly and know that germs are EVERYWHERE, not just shopping carts. Ask yourself. Is it really worth lugging one more thing around with you?

6. Pacifier Wipes

Baby pacifier wipes

Your baby drops their pacifier on the floor a bajillion times. Of course what you need is an extra set of bacteria busting wipes which go above and beyond the call and duty and combat all those germs which are now having a party on your beloved's nuki. Or you could just use an ordinary wipe. Or wash it in water. Because regardless, they'll be eating dirt from the floor in the next hour or so.

7. Birthing Dress

Black birthing dress

Okay, so not STRICTLY for babies, but we just couldn't leave out the little black birthing dress from this list. Of course, the one thing you absolutely need during your childbirth is a little black stylish yet comfortable number so you can "look the part" during your birth. Obviously those who have been there and done it know that how you look during the moment of birth is not exactly priority number one. The hospital gown will do just fine, thanks.

Now that you've saved yourself some dollars on these totally pointless products, you can turn your attention to the real deal must-have products.

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