7 Baby First Aid Kits to Prepare You for Anything

Published October 4, 2021
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Baby with a first aid kit

When you are expecting a new baby, you know you'll need diapers, wipes, a crib, stroller, car seat, and countless other infant necessities. But what about a first aid kit? Your brain probably doesn't even want to consider the notion that harm may ever befall your precious little one, however accidents happen, and when they do, you'll want to be fully prepared with a top-of-the-line baby first aid kit.

Best Baby First Aid Kids That Have Parents' Backs

Best Bang for Your Buck: American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit

For under $20 you have a great, compact first aid starter kit. Bring on the boo boos babes! We are ready. Read more.

Best Baby First Aid Kit for Sick Kids: Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby

No matter how hard you try to shield your baby from germs, they are going to catch a cold. When that time comes, you'll be ready with the trusty Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby. Read more.

Best Travel Sized First Aid Kit: PreparaKit Take Along First-Aid Kit

This kit is the perfect size for families on the go. It tucks into strollers, cars or diaper bags and just waits to be called into boo-boo battle. Read more.

Medical and Grooming Needs, Check!

American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit

Grooming your infant and caring for any medical needs are addressed equally with the American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit. Whether you need to brush baby hair and trim nails or take a temperature and dispense medicine, this kit has you covered when it comes to the basics. It has a bit of everything, all for under $20. That said, the pieces included are of average quality. You may want to spring for a nice thermometer, and you should probably add essential items like medicine and bandaids to the kit.

What we like
Has a little bit of everything
Comes in a zipper pouch for simple storage
Addresses both health and grooming needs
What to keep in mind
Includes less pieces than other kits
Pieces included are basic

A Baby First Aid Kit for the Impending Cold

Baby Sick Day Prep Kit by FridaBaby

This kit aims to clean, soothe and comfort little ones who are under the weather. It is specifically designed to combat colds and includes booger wipes, vapor rubs, the popular NoseFrida nasal aspirator, and the MediFrida, a pain medicine dosing tool designed for accuracy.

Because this kit is for viruses and colds, you will likely need a second kit that meets more basic medical and grooming needs.

What we like
Has the common cold covered
What to keep in mind
Is missing items parents still need on hand like bandages, medicines and a thermometer

Steal of a Deal First Aid Kit

Me4kidz Medipro All Purpose First Aid Kit

The makers of Me4Kidz sure packed a whole lot of medical supplies into a fairly small tube. This kit is jam-packed with ointments, gauze, bandages, cold packs, and plenty more. That said, it is missing key items that parents won't want to be without, like a thermometer and infant medicines. Unpacking it to find what you need and repacking it can be a bother, but if you are a patient person (and not a tornado-mom like myself), this kit is a steal at just under $10.

This is a great medical kit to keep in a car, at a second vacation home, or in a coach's sports bag.

What we like
Includes 105 pieces of equipment for under $10
What to keep in mind
The case isn't durable and you may need to transfer the contents into another case
Not well organized, so you might have to search around for what you need

A Kit That Is Easy to Carry and Store

Welly First Aid Kit

The Welly First Aid Kit is special not only because of what is inside it, but also because of what the outside contains. While the meat and potatoes of the kit include items like a tape roll, pain medication, antibiotic packets, and bandaids, it is the actual case that makes it stand out.

The carrying kit is small, makes for simple storage, and is hard and waterproof. No matter what adventure you and baby are headed out on, you will be ready for anything with this bad boy.

What we like
Small, compact, and easy to carry around
Great price
Cute waterproof bandages
What to keep in mind
Lacks a thermometer and other bells and whistles

The Cutest Baby First Aid Kit on the Market

PreparaKit Take Along First-Aid Kit

Yes, yes, we know. Cuteness matters none when something is amiss with your precious child. That said, these baby first aid kits from PreparaKit are adorable. This is something small, cheap, and full of useful medical items that parents can throw in the diaper bag and forget about until medical attention is needed.

You may still want to purchase a more comprehensive at-home first aid kit for your family, but for on-the-road living, this one is the jam.

What we like
Cute carrying case
Contains several useful items for common scraps, bumps, and bruises
What to keep in mind
Contains several one-time use thermometer strips, which will run out eventually

A First Aid Kit That Grows With Your Family

Be Smart, Get Prepared First Aid Kit

While this kit isn't designed with newborns or young babies in mind, it does address a family's hypothetical medical needs as a whole. For growing families and families with several children, consider purchasing this (remember, your infant won't stay tiny forever, and those bumps and bruises are only going to get bigger and scarier). With 326 pieces included, you will likely never have to buy another first aid kit. At least let's hope you never do!

What we like
Comes with 326 useful medical pieces
Great organization (This is the Marie Kondo of medical kits)
What to keep in mind
You will still need to purchase infant based medical supplies while your kids are tiny tots

Great Kit for the Low Price

Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose Portable Compact First Aid Kit

Johnson & Johnson is a trusted brand by parents everywhere, so we have faith that their medical kit is going to do the trick when the bumps and bruises start piling up. It contains many must-have items for various in-case-of-emergency situations for a low price. Unfortunately, it is missing infant grooming items as well as a well-made thermometer. Since the price is peanuts, you could probably buy this and the American Red Cross Kit and basically be set for life.

What we like
Contains many medical necessities
Lightweight carrying case
What to keep in mind
Missing a thermometer

Parenthood means that you will forever be hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. When those bumps, cuts, and bruises come around, and trust me they will, you'll want to have everything you need to make it all better right at your fingertips.

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7 Baby First Aid Kits to Prepare You for Anything