13 Best Baby Knee Pads to Help Them Get Crawling

Published September 29, 2021
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Do you have a little mover and shaker on your hands? Once babies get those little arms and legs all moving in the same direction, they are off to the races. Crawling can do a number on tiny knees, and many parents decide to pad their tots up as they learn to explore and navigate the world around them. These 13 baby knee pads will ensure your little one gets their crawl on, sans sore knees.

Best Baby Knee Pads for Little Explorers

Best Deal on Baby Knee Pads: MAYADEGH 12 Pair Baby Knee Pads

Should a knee pad go mysteriously missing during the laundry cycle, no worries, you have plenty of backups. Read more.

Most Stylish Infant Knee Pads: Bello Tunno Parachute Happy Knee Pads

Some knee pads make babies look as if they are about to enter a roller derby match. Not these pads! Bella Tunno knee pads are functional and fashionable. Read more.

Best Knee Pad Brand That Addresses the Sizing Issue: Athena Futures Baby Crawling Knee Pads

One of the popular complaints for infant knee pads is they are limited in the size range. Athena Futures takes a crack at giving parents multiple sizing options for the best fit. Read more.

Knees Pads in Every Color, for Every Occasion

MAYADEGH 12 Pair Baby Knee Pads

Seasoned parents know that little ones go through clothing items as if everything is disposable. If you have active crawlers, you likely won't get away with only purchasing one pair of knee pads to get you through the crawling years.

This brand comes with a whopping 12 pairs of knee pads. The assortment of colors ensures that no matter the outfit, there will be a matching knee pad set for your baby to rock. Furthermore, like tiny socks, knee pads are bound to go missing at some point in your laundry cycle. One knee pad isn't going to do you much good, so with this purchase, you are stocked and ready to crawl no matter what. This is a great buy, considering the overall price is just under $16.

What we like
Affordable! 12 pairs for just under $16.
Made from a cotton blend
What to keep in mind
Some reviewers noticed they tend to run small

A Knee Pad With Adjustable Straps

NASHRIO Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

Nashrio baby knee pads come three to a pack, so not a terribly large number of pads included, but probably enough to get you by until your washing machine claims them all as its own. The great thing about these pads is the material used to make them. They are made from a durable yet breathable material that allows for maximum crawling comfort. The adjustable straps on the back help parents ensure a quality fit for moving babies. After many uses and cleaning sessions, the velcro can become weak, and once this happens, the product isn't going to serve its purpose as well.

What we like
Excellent coverage with full frontal padding
What to keep in mind
Velcro straps come undone

Comfy and Soft Pads for Little Explorers

KneesBees Soft Protective Comfy Pads

KneesBees protective knee pads take a slightly different approach to comfort and protection. Instead of a band with bulky padding at the knee region, these pads are equally padded throughout the entire product. They have dual padding, so the material is thicker but evenly distributed across all pad surfaces. They come with gripping features on the knee area to better prevent slipping and sliding around during crawling adventures.

What we like
100% cotton
Neutral colors
What to keep in mind
Padding less thick at knee region compared to other brands
Can slip down knees

Breathable Baby Knee Pads

Bosoner Unisex Baby Toddlers Kneepads

Bosoner baby knee pads are cute and sleek. They don't have the bulky, velcro look to them, but instead appear to look like an included accessory for most outfits. For just under $8, parents score five pairs of the fashionable, unisex knee pads, which is a steal of a deal. One major drawback for busy parents is that the manufacturer does recommend handwashing the tiny pads. Most parents of infants barely have time to brush their hair every day, let alone handwash itty bitty knee pads.

What we like
Quality material
What to keep in mind
Needs to be hand-washed

Thick, Sturdy Pads for Tots Who Play Hard

Simply Kids Baby Knee Pads

If you are raising a baby bull in a China shop, Simply Kids knee pads are right up your alley. Not only are they made from a breathable, washable fabric, but they are heavy-duty when it comes to padding. Parents can choose from several designs, and each purchase comes with two pairs of knee pads. Parents can also rest easy knowing that if these pads don't do the trick, they come with a one-year warranty, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. That's what I'm talking about!

What we like
Thick padding
What to keep in mind
Velco straps can come undone

Pants and Pads All in One

Sevi Baby Protective Pants

Some babies are going to protest the heck out of tiny pads strapped tightly to their knee region. If you have a child who simply hates the sensation of kneepads, try a design that fits like protective pants. Sevi protective pants are infant pants with padding built into the knee area. Unfortunately, these pants come in one size, so babies on the smaller or larger end of the spectrum might have trouble fitting into them.

What we like
Pads stay in place, thanks to the pants
Cushions knees and bottom
What to keep in mind
You either need to buy several pairs of pants or alternate pads to be worn with other outfits
Fits babies 19-33 pounds, small babies won't be large enough to wear these pants

Knee Pads By OlayUniqueBows

Unique Baby Kneepads

Etsy is packed full of useful and adorable products for parents to use with their tots. These handmade knee pads are some of the cutest ones on the market. The pads you order can be customized by color. They make unique and thoughtful gifts for parents with babies who are entering the crawling stage of life.

What we like
Unique, adorable designs. Pads can be personalized with colors and designs
What to keep in mind
Shipping may take longer than pads purchased at large department stores

Pads So Lightweight Your Baby Won't Know They Are There

Hidetex Baby Knee Pads

If your baby protests over knee pads, you'll want to check out Hidetex's infant knee pad collections. The pads are made of soft, breathable, stretchy material that makes tots forget they are wearing them in the first place.

Because they are not bulky and thickly padded, they can be worn UNDER pants instead of many velcro versions that have to be worn over pants.

What we like
Very lightweight
Can be worn under pants
What to keep in mind
May not provide ample protection on some surfaces

Slip Resistant Pads for Babies on the Go

Bello Tunno Parachute Happy Knee Pads

Bella Tunno knee pads are another brand that emphasizes quality and style. These are some of the cutest knee pads on the market. They include anti-slip gripping material so babies can explore without slipping and face planting on hard surfaces. These knee pads don't come cheap. They are nearly $10 for a single pair, and you'll probably need a few pairs to support your tiny crawler.

What we like
Cute designs
Includes anti-slip gripping material
What to keep in mind
Some reviewers noticed they slip around and don't stay in place

Darling Fashion Accessories That Are Also Knee Pads

Angzhili Baby Knee Protectors for Crawling

Angzhili baby knee protectors, like those from the Bella Tunno line, place a heavy emphasis on functionality and style. This is another cute brand of pads that look more like a fashion accessory than a safety item. There are a few design options available, but many parents who have purchased the product make no secret that they wish there were even more designs.

What we like
Made from soft, breathable fabric
Well padded
What to keep in mind
Limited designs

Pads and Sock! What a Bargain!

Syhood Antislip Knee Pads and Socks

Syhood gives parents a bundle of a deal on protective, anti-slip gear. For just under $17, they score six pairs of anti-slip knee pads, as well as six pairs of anti-slip socks. Your baby won't be crawling forever. Eventually, they are going to stand up on those adorable little legs and make a break for it. When the time comes, you'll be prepared with anti-slip socks. Man, I love a good deal, and this, my friends, is a great deal.

What we like
Great deal! Includes 6 pairs of knee pads and 6 pairs of slip-resistant socks
What to keep in mind
Knee pads sometimes roll down

A Knee Pads Brand That Offers Multiple Sizes!

Syhood Antislip Knee Pads and Socks

One of the top complaints about most infant knee pads is that they are too small or too large. Even with a sizing guide, parents find them constricting or useless because they slip right off. Athena Futures brand includes pads in three different sizes. Parents can choose the size that suits their infant best, and should they need a different size, those are available to them.

What we like
Buyers choose from three different sizes
Breathable fabric that absorbs sweat
What to keep in mind
Tendency to slip down the baby's leg

An Infant Knee Pad Made With Eva Padding

Merryshop Toddler Knee Pads

Merryshop's knee pads are made with EVA padding, a unique feature for sure. EVA padding is used in sporting equipment to help absorb shock. The brand takes safety seriously, but the designs offered are very limited. Three options currently exist, and I wouldn't say any of them are exactly gender-neutral.

What we like
Uses EVA padding on knee area
Safe for washer and dryer usage
What to keep in mind
Slips down the leg

When deciding on the perfect baby knee pad, look for pads that are designed with comfort in mind. Choose a product that is well padded but not cumbersome and fits snuggly to your child's legs. If you have a slowly developing baby, or a baby with certain health conditions like spinal bifida, cerebral palsy, or hemophilia, knee pads are likely going to be recommended for safety reasons. If you have a young baby developing at a typical rate, knee pads are a personal parental choice. Babies don't have kneecaps as adults do, making crawling less painful than it would be for adults. But many parents want to shore up their bets and make sure their baby is never uncomfortable while they learn to crawl.

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