Ultimate Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for Spooky Silliness

Published October 4, 2021
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Baby boy wear costume and playing on floor on Halloween

Is there anything more fun than dressing up your little darling for Halloween? When it comes to Halloween costumes for babies, there's no shortage of amusing and creative ideas out there. Deciding on the perfect costume for your cutie can feel overwhelming; so we've taken away the guesswork with these delightful baby Halloween costume ideas that parents will look back on fondly for years to come.

Top Pick Halloween Costumes for Your Boo-tiful Baby

Best Costume for Parents on a Budget: Beauty Parlor Baby

The knitted cap could be the only part of the outfit you need to purchase. Everything else is likely already in baby's closet! Read more.

Best Baby Halloween Costume for Twins: Tomato Ketchup Mustard Red Yellow Twins Set

Twice the babies, twice the Halloween cuteness. Nothing pairs better together than cute little condiments! Read more.

Best Halloween Costume for Quick and Easy Diaper Changes: Little Avocado Costume

Because little legs aren't jammed in the costume, the body component will easily slip off and on for seamless diaper changes. Read more.

Best Baby Halloween Costume for Babies Under 3 Months: Health Care Provider Costume

This outfit is really no different than everyday newborn wear, except maybe cuter. Read more.

Best Halloween Costume for Newborns: Starbucks Coffee Costume

If you have a newborn, you you might be staying indoors for Halloween. You can still have dress-up fun with this Starbucks onesie. Read more.

Beauty Parlor Baby

Baby Knitted Hair Roller Curlers Wig Hat

Channel the parlor days of yesteryear with this adorable beauty parlor Halloween costume. The knit cap with curlers gives a vintage vibe while keeping your baby's head nice and warm on Halloween night. Pair it with slippers or sandals, a fluffy baby bathrobe, and sunglasses (all likely in your baby's closet already), and you have a creative costume that will stop the neighbors in their tracks.

What we like
Cost-effective if you only need to buy the hat.
It can be worn over regular clothes in cold weather or a onesie in warm weather climates.
What to keep in mind
If your baby likes to take hats off, the costume won't make much sense.

Baby Sushi Costume Cute Enough to Eat

Shrimp Sushi Costume for Baby

The only thing more delicious than a plateful of sushi is your sweet baby. Dress your living doll up in a white onesie and white pants or tights, and add the sushi backpack and sushi-inspired headband to create one yummy-looking costume.

What we like
So unique! Your baby will stand out in a sea of little lions and lambs
The sushi pack easily comes off and can be put back on
There are only a few key parts to keep track of
What to keep in mind
Babies still living life primarily on their backs might find this outfit cumbersome
Trick-or-treaters might miss the sushi element completely for stroller-strapped babes

Yummy Look for Twins

Tomato Ketchup Mustard Red Yellow Twins Set

I have a pair of twins, so I know a thing or two about needing to have complementary Halloween costumes. Everyone loves a cute pair of twins and everyone loves food, hence this outfit is a winner. Besides being adorable, it's inexpensive. Just the financial break twin parents need.

What we like
Two costumes with the click of one purchase button
No one will wonder what your babies are supposed to be (twin parents get enough questions)
What to keep in mind
Snaps... enough said

Little Avocado Halloween Costume

Little Avocado Halloween Costume

You can't go wrong with dressing your darling up like a cutie avocado. This costume is gender-neutral (helloooo hand-me-downs!) and is easy to put on and take off your baby, making diaper changes a piece of cake. Arms and legs are free from the costume, which will please all of those little mobile explorers.

What we like
Easy to put on and take off
What to keep in mind
Some babies are not always big fans of hoods.

Adorable Little Chicken

Hatching Chicken Costume for Infants

Please, someone snag this idea right now. Do it for all of us parents who are past the baby stages of life. Babies dressed as farm animals are just about the cutest thing on the planet. This little chicken getup almost makes me want to have one more baby, just so I can dress them up in barnyard-ready gear on October 31st... almost.

What we like
Easy zip-up design
Cozy costume for cold Halloween nights
What to keep in mind
Foot coverings might be cumbersome for little walkers

The Doctor Is In!

Big Dreamzzz Baby M.D

Can we all agree that doctors are the most celebrated humans on the planet right now, considering the current state of world affairs? This outfit pays homage to our everyday heroes. It is an excellent choice for very young babies who become too hot and sweaty in some Halloween costumes or too chilly in others. It's soft, simple, and not much different, material-wise, than everyday infant wear.

What we like
Similar to everyday infant wear
Outfit color and thread are customizable
What to keep in mind
Snaps are the devil's work

A Hoot of a Costume

Baby Owl Costume

A baby dressed as a sweet little owl is nothing if not a hoot! This outfit is gender-neutral and includes only one crucial component, the bodysuit. You have enough on your plate parents, you don't need to be chasing down costume components in the moments before trick-or-treaters hit the doorsteps.

What we like
The costume has only one primary piece
So soft!
What to keep in mind
I'm not sure how this is going to look after a cycle in the washing machine. It might go from a hoot to a horror.

Go Girl Power With Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter Costume For baby

Your little human is going to grow up and move mountains. Channel all of that inner badassery in this statement costume. For tots who loathe headbands, swap it out for big head bows or faux bandana hats.

What we like
Hooray for outfits with zippers!
It won't break the bank
What to keep in mind
It might be difficult to layer over other clothing for cold Halloween nights.

Dress Up Your Wild Thing

Max: Where the Wild Things Are Costume

Book lovers will fall all over themselves with this Where the Wild Things Are inspired costume. The bodysuit is soft and comfortable, making movement easy for babies on the go. The hood with that iconic crown is detachable for tots who have had their fill of costume fun.

What we like
Soft fabric for easy movement
Detachable hood
What to keep in mind
A warm costume, might not work for babies in hot climates
Can only be spot cleaned

A Cup of Starbucks Cuteness

Hot Starbucks Coffee Cup Costume for Baby

You might not want to take your brand new baby out into the elements for Halloween, but you can still get in on the dress-up fun! This Starbucks costume is a perfect choice for new parents who want to memorialize their baby's first Halloween while celebrating their other true love... coffee. The onesie and soft hat are similar to what a newborn would wear in everyday life. Pair this with white booties or soft white socks, and you have a practical and creative costume for your brand-new baby.

What we like
Soft, simple outfit for new babies
Cost-effective (in case spit up tends to ruin your kiddo's clothes all too often)
What to keep in mind
This outfit works best for babies who are not planning to spend the holiday outside

Lobster Love

Infant Rock Lobster Costume

You've heard the term, "That's their lobster." The phrase refers to true love, which is exactly how you feel about your little one. This little lobster costume is nice and cozy for cool fall climates. Dress a parent up in a chef's coat and hat and wear your baby in a baby carrier for cozy comfort, or push them in a stroller. Man, I love a great costume theme!

What we like
Great option if you plan on wearing your baby while trick-or-treating
What to keep in mind
Warm outfit, but also confining and difficult to get on and off
The large tail might be bulky and awkward if you plan to carry your baby in a carrier

Whichever costume you go with will be great, because what lies underneath the outfit is surely the star of the show. Babies in costume are adorable sights no matter the garb, but these ensembles will elevate your little pumpkin to a whole new level of cuteness.

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