Infant Milestone Chart to Print and Reference

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Follow the progress of your baby's first months of life with an infant milestone chart which includes several developmental milestones. During the first seven months of life, your baby will change enormously, and while no two babies develop exactly at the same rate, all babies go through the following changes, usually by the age of seven months.

Infant Milestone Chart Features

As for developmental phenomena, use our handy chart to track the following milestones during your baby's first seven months of life.

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printable infant milestone chart
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Further Child Development

For a complete overview, it is necessary to either have two charts (a growth chart and a development chart), or to simply incorporate the two into one record. While detailed height and weight growth charts exist, these are based on averages, and your child may have moments when he or she does not follow her "curve" on the growth chart. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned; however, steady and continuous growth is what you should hope to see in terms of physical growth.

Of course, your baby's development in the first seven months on an infant milestone chart is really only the beginning. From this point onwards, further changes will become more and more dramatic, such as learning to feed oneself, crawling, walking, and learning to talk. As you observe your baby's daily and weekly changes, remember that all children grow at their own rate. Support your child's growth (for example with stimulating toys), but don't push your child to do things that he or she is clearly averse to doing or simply not physically ready for yet.

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Infant Milestone Chart to Print and Reference