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100+ Powerful Goddess Names for Girls

Lovely goddess baby girl

Powerful Goddess names for girls offer unique name choices. You can select a Goddess name to pay tribute to your heritage or a culture you admire.

Popular Hindu Goddess Names

Hindu Goddess names have multiple meanings as well as multiple nicknames. This ensures you can find a name you like for the goddess you want your child to be a namesake.

  1. Aarya: Noble goddess, Goddess Durga
  2. Aditi: Vedic goddess of fertility, Earth, and infinite sky
  3. Aparna: Goddess of courage, strength, and valor, Goddess Parvati
  4. Ambuja: Born of beautiful lotus flower, Goddess Lakshmi
  5. Bani: Giver of knowledge of the Earth, Goddess Saraswati
  6. Bhaskari: Radiant like the sun, Goddess Lakshmi
  7. Bhavani: Another name for Goddess Parvati
  8. Brinda: Holy basil, Goddess Radha
  9. Chakrikaa: Goddess of divine wheel, the Goddess Lakshmi
  10. Chandrarupa: Looks like the moon, Goddess Lakshmi
  11. Deeta: Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
  12. Deveshi: Goddess Durga, chief or head of all goddesses
  13. Gauri: Fair one, Goddess Parvati
  14. Ira: Earth, Goddess Saraswati
  15. Jaya: Victory, Goddess Durga
  16. Kriti: Work of art, Goddess Lakshmi
  17. Lola: Goddess Lakshmi.
  18. Manah: Mind, Goddess Durga
  19. Niranjana: In Sanskrit, means fearless, also translates as night of full moon, Goddess Durga
  20. Padma: Lotus flower, Goddess Lakshmi
  21. Sarika: Strong, feminine, powerful, Goddess Durga
  22. Shaila: Daughter of a hill, Goddess Parvati
  23. Shivanne: Goddess Parvati
  24. Shyla: Daughter of the mountain, denotes Goddess Parvati
  25. Surasa: Good essence, Goddess Durga
Little girl as god devi

Powerful Greek Goddess Names for Girls

The ancient Greek goddesses of Mount Olympus were powerful, and some like Hera were feared by the gods. Other goddesses brought gods and men to their knees in devotion.

  1. Aphrodite: Goddess of love with angelic beauty and charm and inspired love in all living things, lover of Ares
  2. Artemis: Daughter of Leto and Zeus, twin of Apollo, virgin goddess of the hunt and protector of childbirth
  3. Athena: Goddess of wisdom and intelligence, sprang from Zeus's temple full-grown and donned in armor, Zeus's favorite child
  4. Demeter: Daughter of Kronos and Rhea, mother of Persephone, goddess of the harvest and protector of wildlife and loved Orion, blamed for his death.
  5. Hebe: Divine immortal youth and beauty, goddess of youth and married to Hercules
  6. Hera: Goddess of marriage and birth, married to Zeus, queen of gods
  7. Hestia: Virgin goddess of home and hearth and sister of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.
  8. Leto: Goddess of motherhood, favored lover of Zeus, and mother of twins Apollo and Artemis
  9. Nemesis: Goddess of retribution, judge of hubris, dispenser of happiness and misery
  10. Rhea: Wife of Titan, Kronos, and queen of Olympia and mother of gods and goddesses Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, and Hestia
powerful goddess names for girls

Roman Goddess Names

The Romans didn't just borrow architectural features from the Greeks; in many cases, they borrow the Greek goddesses and gods. The stories of these immortals are very similar if not identical, yet the Romans dubbed the Greek goddesses and gods with very Roman names. You may find the Roman version of a Greek goddess fit your little one better.

  1. Caelestis: Goddess of heaven often embodying other goddesses, such as Juno Caelestis.
  2. Ceres (Demeter): Goddess of agriculture
  3. Diana (Artemis): Goddess of the hunt
  4. Flora: Goddess of flowers and spring (Chloris)
  5. Fortuna: Goddess of fortune, bringer of good and bad luck
  6. Juno (Hera): Goddess of marriage and fertility
  7. Juventas (Hebe): Goddess of youth and rejuvenations
  8. Latona (Leto): Goddess of motherhood and protector of children
  9. Luna: Goddess of the moon and secret protector of Rome
  10. Minerva (Athena): Goddess of arts and commerce
  11. Salacia, Goddess of salt water
  12. Venus (Aphrodite): Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
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Celtic Goddess Names

The Celtic goddesses provide a wealth of possible baby names. You can choose the name base on the arena the goddess oversees or go for the uniqueness of the Celtic goddess names.

  1. Brigid (Brigit): Goddess of spring and poetry
  2. Cerridwen: Goddess of rebirth, change, and transformation, the underworld goddess and keeper of knowledge
  3. Creiddylad: Goddess of love and flowers known as the May Queen
  4. Cyhiraeth: Goddess of streams
  5. Danu: Godden of Creation, Universal Mother
  6. Druantia: Goddess and mother of tree calendar
  7. Eostre: Goddess of spring
  8. Epona: Goddess of horses
  9. Eriu: Patron goddess of Ireland
  10. Flidais: Goddess of fertility and cattle
  11. Macha: Goddess of war and life/death cycle
  12. Maeve: Goddess of earth, goddess of fertility, Queen Maeve
  13. Margawse: Goddess of motherhood
  14. Mongfind: Goddess worshipped on Samhain
  15. Morrigan: Goddess of war and death
  16. Nantosuelta: Goddess of valley, nature, and rivers/streams
  17. Nemain: Goddess of war
  18. Niamh: Goddess of beauty
  19. Olwen: Goddess of spring and flowers
  20. Rhiannon: Goddess of horses and birds
  21. Rosmerta: Goddess of wealth and fertility
  22. Scathach: Goddess of healing arts and magical arts
  23. Sequana: Goddess of health
  24. Shannon: Goddess of the River Shannon
  25. Tephi: Goddess and creator of tea
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Norse Goddess Names

The fierce Norse culture presents some very powerful goddesses. Their names are sure to imbue majestic energy to their namesakes.

  1. Freya: Goddess of love, fertility, death, and war
  2. Frigg: Goddess of motherhood, love, and marriage
  3. Fulla, Gna & Hlin: Frigga's handmaidens
  4. Gefion: Goddess of agriculture and fertility
  5. Gerdr: Giantess goddess of the Earth
  6. Hel: Goddess rules the underworld, daughter of Loki
  7. Idun: Goddess of youth and spring
  8. Ilmr: Old Norse goddess, possibly of scents
  9. Jord: Giantess goddess of the Earth
  10. Rindr: Giantess goddess of winter and frozen earth
  11. Sif: Goddess of fertility
  12. Sigyn: Goddess of victory and wife of Loki
  13. Skadi: Giantess goddess of hunt, mountains, and winter
  14. Snotra: Goddess of wisdom
  15. Syn: Goddess of justice
  16. Var: Goddess of love vows between men and women and punishers for those who break them
  17. Vor: Goddess of providence and preparation

Native American Goddess Names

Many Native American tribes don't share the same goddesses. However, some tribes have the same goddess and often assign different arenas of her oversight.

  1. Evaki (Bakairi): Night goddess takes the sun in and out of a jar to ensure nightfall
  2. First Mother (Corn Mother): First woman in Penobscot and Abenaki creation stories
  3. Hutash (Chumash): Goddess of Earth
  4. Kokomthena Paboth'kwe (Shawnee): Grandmother goddess
  5. Onatah (Iroquois): Goddess of corn
  6. Sedna (Inuit (Eskimo): Goddess of sea
  7. Silver Fox (Miwok): Creator of many Northern California tribes
  8. Sky Woman (Iroquois): Grandmother or mother protects tribes
  9. Spider Woman (Navajo): Helper of human
  10. White Buffalo Calf Woman (Sioux): Gave people the arts

100 Powerful Goddess Names for Girls

You have many choices of various Goddess names from cultures around the world. Select the ideal one that fits your little girl and personifies the attributes you wish to carry her through life.

100+ Powerful Goddess Names for Girls