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100 Top Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings

baby boy holding Indian flag

The top Sanskrit baby boy names carry ancient meanings. You can decide which meaning best fits your little one.

Sanskrit Names for Lords

Many of the Hindu gods have different names. You can honor your belief in a tribute to one of these gods by naming your son after one of them.

  • Achyut : Lord Vishnu (imperishable, indestructible)
  • Adhrit: Lord Vishnu (one worthy of respect)
  • Advait: Lord Brahma (unique)
  • Ayan: Lord Shiva
  • Bhavesh: Lord Shiva (lord of world)
  • Bhuvanesh: Lord of the world
  • Darsh: Lord Krishna
  • Darsh: Lord Krishna
  • Eashan : Lord Shiva
  • Ekaksh: Lord Shiva (one with an excellent eye)
  • Faneesh: Lord Shiva
  • Gaurish: Lord Shiva (lofty Himalayan peak)
  • Giriraj: Lord of the mountains
  • Hiren: Lord of the diamonds
  • Ishan: Lord Shiva (the sun)
  • Itish: Lord Shiva (supreme ruler)
  • Jagish: Lord of the Universe
  • Karunesh: Lord of mercy
  • Mukund: Lord Vishnu (precious stone)
  • Nandish: Lord Shiva
  • Sashwat: Lord Shiva (eternal)
  • Savar: Lord Shiva
  • Shivansh: Lord Shiva
  • Tanmay: Lord Shiva
  • Trinabh: Lord Vishnu
Sanskrit baby boy names with meanings

Vedic Names for Baby Boys With Positive Meanings

A name that has a positive meaning supports a life well-lived. You can give your baby boy that added boost with a name with such attributes. You may decide to couple a positive baby boy name with a divinity meaning name for his middle name.

  • Adhie: Kind, noble
  • Amod: Pleasure, joy
  • Arit: Worthy of praise
  • Caru: Charming, beloved
  • Harshit: Joyous
  • Lahith: God's gift
  • Lai: Beloved one
  • Lalit: Beautiful
  • Manan: Thoughtful
  • Mati: Gift from God
  • Meeth: Friend, love
  • Mit: Friendly, warm
  • Mridul: Soft, calm
  • Ojas: Brilliance, bountiful energy
  • Sarthak: Meaningful, significant
  • Shantanu: Wholesome
  • Vibhu: Great, excellent

Baby Boy Names Sanskrit Modern for Heaven or Divinity

The energies of the divine bestow great gifts to a namesake. Choose a name for your baby boy to aid his spiritual growth.

  • Anu: Angel messenger of God
  • Apu: Virtuous, divine, pure
  • Arsa: Sky, heaven
  • Bhuvi: Heaven
  • Divit: Heaven, reaching for the sky
  • Gagan Sky, the heavens
  • Nakin: Dwells in heaven
  • Pujit: Worshipped
  • Udit: Lofty, ascended
  • Udyat: Rising star

Sanskrit Boy Names That Mean Kings or Leaders

The name that means a king or a powerful leader carries good karma throughout a lifetime. Having such a name can bolster a child's ego and lead him to great deeds.

  • Amol: Faithful, king
  • Diyan: Judge, leader, captain
  • Iravan: King of ocean
  • Kanishk: Ancient king
  • Kian: Kings
  • Ranav: King
  • Viraj: Sovereignty, majesty
  • Viraja: Ruling, sovereign
  • Yuvan: Young king, heir apparent

Sanskrit Boy Names With Characteristics of a Warrior

You can choose a name that references one or more of a warrior's characteristics. The meaning of such a unique name can inspire your little man to adopt the positive attributes of a warrior.

  • Abhi: Fearless, brave
  • Ahar: Defender
  • Ahir: Devotee, fearless
  • Ajai: Invincible, no defeat
  • Baru: Brave
  • Ekaveer: A unique hero
  • Jaiveer: Victorious
  • Jayesh: Victor
  • Malin: Little warrior, strong
  • Nirbhay: Fearless
  • Oman: Protector
  • Oorjit: Power, strong
  • Pradyut: Shining, illuminated
  • Pragyan: Wisdom, supreme intelligence
  • Rakshit: Save and Protect
  • Ranajay: Victorious
  • Shaurya: Bravery
  • Tarak: Protector
  • Tarush: Conquerer
  • Tavasya: Strength
Boy dressed as Lord Krishna

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names From Nature

A Sanskrit name that reflects nature is a wonderful gift to your baby boy. You can select a name that will always serve your child with a deep connection to Earth.

  • Abhra: Cloud
  • Abjit: Conquering water
  • Adita: Sun
  • Adrie: Rock
  • Ahi: Water, sun, cloud, fawn
  • Ansu: Sun, ray of light
  • Bater: Gray quail
  • Bhumi: Earth, land
  • Casa: Blue Jay
  • Chand: Moon, shining moon
  • Harit: Green fragrant plant
  • Hirav: Greenery
  • Hridyanshu: Light from the heart, moon
  • Indraneel: Emerald
  • Kairav: White lotus, white lotus opening at moonshine
  • Kaushtubh: Legendary gem
  • Kshiraj: Moon
  • Mrig: Rain or deer
  • Mrinal: Lotus

Meanings of 100 Baby Boy Names from Sanskrit

When you consider Sanskrit baby names for your little guy, you want to understand the meaning to help you select the appropriate one. Find a name that best personifies your baby boy and that he will wear well throughout his life.

100 Top Sanskrit Baby Boy Names With Meanings