101 Old Western Names for a Baby Cowboy or Country Girl

Newborn Baby Cowboy

Browsing old western names to find the perfect one for your baby cowboy or country girl is great fun! Those old cowboy names and adorable country girl names are reminders of the wild west!

Old Western Names for Baby Cowboys (A-G)

If you have a little cowboy and need a good old-fashioned Western name, you can find several names made famous by gunslingers, lawmen, and tough cowboys. Make sure you read the meanings for each name before settling on the perfect one for your little wrangler!

  1. Alonzo: Ready to fight the battles
  2. Amos: Carried by God
  3. Arizona: Hailed from Arizona
  4. Arthur (Art): Bear
  5. Austin: Majestic, venerable
  6. Bart: From the barley farm
  7. William (Bill): Resolute protector
  8. Boone: Good, a blessing
  9. Buck: Male deer
  10. Butch: Butcher
  11. Calvin: Hairless, bald
  12. Carson: Son who lives in the swamp
  13. Cassidy: Clever
  14. Charlie: Free man
  15. Chester: Fortress, walled town
  16. Clay: Clay maker, mortal
  17. Clayton: Settlement, place name, clay town
  18. Cole: Victory, of a triumphant people
  19. Coleman: Dove
  20. Colt: From the dark town
  21. Cooper: Barrel maker
  22. Dallas: Wise, dwells by the waterfall
  23. Earle: Noble leader, chief
  24. Edgar (Ed): Wealthy spearman
  25. Elijah: Yahweh is God
  26. Ernest: Resolute
  27. Eugene (Gene) Noble of birth
  28. Flynn: Son of a red-haired man
  29. Frank: Frenchman or free one
  30. Gary: Spear, modest and brave
  31. George: Farmer
Old western names for a baby cowboy or country girl

Rootin' Tootin' Old Cowboy Names (H-Z)

Everyone knows that cowboys are boisterously enthusiastic when it comes to being out on the range. You want to choose a name for your cattle roping ranch hand that personifies and expresses his inner cowboy.

  1. Harry: Home protector
  2. Henry: Home ruler
  3. Holt: By the forest
  4. Homer: Pledge
  5. Howard: Brave heart, high guardian
  6. Ike: Laughter
  7. James: Supplanter
  8. Jasper: Treasure bearer
  9. Jesse: Gift
  10. John: The grace or mercy of the Lord
  11. Julian (Jules): Sky father
  12. Kit: Follower of Christ, Christian
  13. Lawrence: Fierce
  14. Levi: Attached or pledged, associated with him
  15. Logan: Finnian's servant
  16. Louis: Famous fighter, famous in Washington
  17. Morgan: Dwells near the sea
  18. Porter: Gatekeeper
  19. Reid: Red-haired
  20. Reuben: The vision of the son
  21. Rufus: Red-haired
  22. Samuel (Sam): Told by God
  23. Tex: Man from the state of Texas
  24. Thomas (Tom): Innocence, the end
  25. Virgil: Flourishing
  26. Walter: Rule of army
  27. Wayne: Craftsman, wagon driver
  28. Wesley: From the west meadow
  29. Wyatt: Guide
  30. Zane: God is gracious
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Old Western Names for a Country Girl (A-H)

Not to be outdone by some slowpoke cowboy, country girls know how to do the things the guys do, only better. At least that's what they tell the cowboys, so you better pick the right name that shows off this spunky little miss and her attitude.

  1. Adelaide: Noble, nobility
  2. Alice: Noble
  3. Anna: Grace
  4. Annie: Gracious, merciful
  5. Beatrice: She who brings happiness
  6. Catherine: Pure
  7. Cecily: Blind
  8. Clara: Bright
  9. Cora: Maiden
  10. Dorothea: Gift from God
  11. Edith: Prosperous in war
  12. Eleanor: Straight forward
  13. Eliza: Pledged to God
  14. Elizabeth: My God is abundance
  15. Ella: Fairy maiden
  16. Emma: Universal
  17. Florence: Flourishing, prosperous
  18. Gertrude: Spear, strength
  19. Harriet: Estate ruler
  20. Hazel: Hazelnut tree
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Old Western Names for a Happy Country Girl (I-W)

A country gal needs a grand ole name that will make the herd veer away when she enters the corral. Country girls know how to do any chore on the farm or ranch, so her name needs to show that she's capable and usually the one in control of everything.

  1. Ida: Industrious one
  2. Josephine: Jehovah increases
  3. Letitia: Joy, gladness
  4. Louise: Renowned warrior
  5. Lucinda: Light
  6. Lydia: Woman from Lydia
  7. Mary: Wished for, beloved, bitter, drop of the sea
  8. Matilda (Tilly): Battle mighty
  9. Maude: Battle stone
  10. Mercy: Compassion
  11. Minnie: Of intellect
  12. Olive, Olivia: Olive tree
  13. Rosemary: Dew of sea or herb
  14. Sarah: Noblewoman, lady, princess
  15. Sophia: Wisdom
  16. Temperance: Moderation, self-control
  17. Teresa (Tess): Harvest
  18. Theodora (Teddy): Gift of God
  19. Virginia (Ginny): Virgin, maiden
  20. Winifred: Blessed peacemaker
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101 Great Old Western Names for Your Baby

Whether you have a rambunctious cowboy or an energetic country girl, you are sure to find an old western name the perfect fit. You just may end up choosing two names in the true nostalgic fashion of the Old West.

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101 Old Western Names for a Baby Cowboy or Country Girl