105 Lovely Girl Names That Start With L

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Girl names that start with L offer you melodic and romantic sounding choices for your baby girl's name. You'll find names that often share the same meaning and some that offer you several ways to spell the name.

Girl Names That Start With L and Meaning

With so many possible choices for girl names that start with L, you can work through the various groupings to compare the names. You may find several names that you like. To help you decide on the best fit, consider how your little girl will carry the name throughout her school years and into adulthood.

  1. Lacee, Lacey, Laci, Lacy: Lace (English)
  2. Lada: Goddess of beauty, love, marriage (Slavic)
  3. Laetitia: Happiness, joy (Latin)
  4. Laila: Daughter of the night (Hebrew)
  5. Laili: Nightfall (Hebrew)
  6. Laina: Path (English)
  7. Lainie, Laney, Lanie: Beautiful light, torch (Scottish)
  8. Lakesha, Lakisha: Joyful, happy (English)
  9. Lakshmi: Lucky, good fortune (Hindi)
  10. Lala: Cheerful, famous (Hawaiian)
  11. Lalia: Chatterbox (Greek)
  12. Lalita: Pleasant, playful (Sanskrit)
  13. Lalla: Lady, playful (Berber)
  14. Lana: Light (Slavic)
  15. Landry: Land ruler (English)
  16. Lane: Small road or path (English)
  17. Langley: From the long wooded glade (English)
  18. Lanka: Island (Hindi)
  19. Laoidheach: Comes from the pasture (Gaelic)
  20. Lapis: Azure blue stone (Persian)
  21. Laquisha: Great joy (American)
  22. Lara: Cheerful, happy (Greek)
  23. Larae: Grace (Scottish)
  24. Laraine: Sea gull (Latin)
Lovely girl names that start with L

What Is a Unique Name for a Girl?

Unique girl names that start with L often have ancient origins. Many Latin names have variants and diminutive names to provide you with many choices when you like a specific meaning.

  1. Laken: Laken body of water (American)
  2. Laralaine: Protection (Latin)
  3. Laramae: Protection, diminutive from Roman goddess Lares (Latin)
  4. Lareina: Queen (Spanish)
  5. Laren: Seagull (Greek)
  6. Larentia: She-wolf nursed Remus and Romulus (Latin)
  7. Larissa: Cheerful (Greek)
  8. Larita: Seagull, Protection (Latin)
  9. Lark, Larkin: Songbird, lark (English)
  10. Latasha: Joyful, glad, born on Christmas day (English), (American)
  11. Latisha: Joy (American)
  12. Latoya: Victorious one, flower grows and blooms in spite of darkness (Spanish)
  13. Latrice, Latricia: Noble woman (African)
  14. Lavinia: Woman from Rome (Latin)
  15. Layla: Night (Hebrew)
  16. Lila: Night, beauty (Persian)
  17. Lourdes: Craggy slope (where Virgin Mary seen) (France)

Girl Names That Start With Le

You may like the sound of girl names that start with "Le" and wish to consider these as possible choices for your baby girl's name. You can try a few of these names to see if they have the right "Le" sound.

  1. Leah, Lee, Leia: Light of the sun (Irish)
  2. Lexie: to ward off, diminutive of Alexandra (Greek)
  3. Leyla: Born at night (Arabic)
  4. Lea: Mythological goddess of canoe builders (Hawaiian)
  5. Leann, Leanne: Gracious, merciful, clearing (English)
  6. Leda: Lady (Greek)
  7. Leela: Playful (Sanskrit)
  8. Leena, Lena: She that allures, sunlight, moonlight (Latin), (Greek)
  9. Leilani: Child of heaven (Hawaiian)
  10. Lenore: Light (French)
  11. Leona: Lioness (Italian)
  12. Lesley, Leslie: Garden of holly (Scottish)
  13. Leticia: Happiness (Latin)
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Girl Names That Start With L and Mean Laurel or Lily

There are several girl names that start with L that reference laurel tree, linden tree, or lilies. If you have a connection with nature that you wish to instill in your little girl, a nature-related name is a good place to start.

  1. Larinda: Laurel tree (Latin)
  2. Laura, Lauralie: Laurel tree, honor, victory (English)
  3. Laurel, Laurie,: Laurel tree, honor, victory (English)
  4. Liana: Lily (French)
  5. Lilian, Lillian Liliana: Lily, flower name (Italian)
  6. Lily, Lilly: Flower name, pure (Latin)
  7. Lindsey, Lindsay: Island of linden tree (Scottish)
  8. Loren. Lorena: Laurel (Latin)
  9. Loretta: Little laurel (Latin)
  10. Lori: Laurel or sweet bay tree, honor, victory (English)
  11. Loris: Crowned with laurels (Latin)

Girl Names That Start With L That Convey Hope and Personal Power

You may want to give your baby girl a name that will give her with hope. Some names sound powerful and can imbue a feeling of personal power. You may decide to give your little girl this kind of supportive name.

  1. Lizzy, Lizzie: God is abundance; diminutive of Elizabeth (Hebrew)
  2. Loie: Understanding (French)
  3. Lois: More desirable, better (Greek)
  4. Lorelei: Temptress (German)
  5. Lorna, Lorne: Victory, honor (Scottish)
  6. Lorraine: French province, royal family (French)
  7. Louisa: Famous in war (German)
  8. Louisane, Louisanne: Famous or renowned warrior (German)
  9. Louise: Renowned warrior (French)
  10. Loyda: Queen of Sparta (Latin)
  11. Lucerne: Circle of light, lamp (Latin)
  12. Lucia: Light (Latin)
  13. Luciana: Light (Italian)
  14. Lucie, Luci, Lucy: Illumination. Goddess of childbirth (Latin)
  15. Lucille: Light (French)
  16. Lucinda: Light (Spanish)
  17. Luna: Moon (Italian)
  18. Luz: Our Lady of Light (Virgin Mary) (Portuguese)
  19. Lyla: Of the night (Arabic)
  20. Lyrica: Of the lyre or song (Latin)
  21. Lyvia: Life (Latin)
  22. Lucretia: Wealth, profit (Latin)
  23. Lyra: Lyre, brave (Greek) (Norse)
  24. Lulu: Famous warrior, pearl (English), (African)
  25. Lurleen, Lurline: Temptress (German)
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Girl Names That Start With L About Love, Freedom, and God

Some of the girl names that start with L are often about love and beauty. Others have meanings about God and a personal commitment to freedom. You might find one of these names desirable for your baby girl's name.

  1. Libby: My heart (Hebrew)
  2. Lilia: Beaty, innocence, and purity (Latin)
  3. Linda: Pretty, beautiful (Spanish)
  4. Lisa: God is my oath (Hebrew)
  5. Lisette: God is my oath (French)
  6. Liza: God has sworn (Hebrew)
  7. Lizbeth: God is my oath (Hebrew)
  8. Liberty: Freedom (Latin: Libertas)
  9. Lovelyn: God's love (German)
  10. Lubov: Love (Slavic)
  11. Lotte: Free (German)
  12. Luda: Love of the people (Russian)
  13. Lynette, Lynnette: Pretty one (French)
  14. Lynn: Soft, mild (Welsh)
  15. Lyn: Lake, tender, soft (German)

Girl Names That Start With L You Will Love

There are quite a few lovely girl names that start with L for you to consider. You can explore each name and see how it might fit your baby girl before making your decision.

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