119 Native American Baby Names and Definitions

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Native American baby names come from a variety of nations, or tribes, throughout the Americas and feature incredibly descriptive definitions. If you've got Native American ancestors or just love meaningful names, traditional and modern tribal names are unique baby name options. When choosing a Native American baby name, do your research to verify the meaning and be respectful of the cultures.

Gender Neutral Native American Baby Names

Because traditional Native American names were descriptive of nature, there are many unisex names you can use.

Unisex Native American Names

These names can be used for boys or girls and have natural meanings perfect for your little one.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Ameyalli ah-may-ah-lee fountain Nahuatl
Citali see-tah-lee star Nahuatl
Isi ee-see deer Choctaw
Meztli mays-lee moon Aztec/Nahuatl
Sháńdíín shahnt-een sunshine Navajo
Shikoba shee-koh-bah feather Choctaw
Xquenda shkayn-dah soul Zapotec
Yunuen yoon-oo-ayn half moon Maya

Native American Tribe Names to Use as First Names

Native American people never gave children the names of their tribes, but you could use them as inspiration for your unique baby name. Discover which native nations lived in your area and pay homage to them with a tribe name for your baby.

Pronunciation Modern
Abenaki ah-bay-nah-kee Abenaki dawn people
Absaroke ahb-sah-roh-keh Crow children of the
big-beaked bird
Beothuk bay-oh-took Red Indians kinfolk
Chahta chah-tah Choctaw name of legendary
Chikasha chee-kah-shaa Chickasaw name of legendary
Dakelh dah-kayl Carrier water travelers
Dakota dah-koh-tah Dakota Sioux the allies
Dunne-Za tuhn-zuh Beaver real people
Hopi hoh-pee Hopi peaceful person
Kanza kgahn-zah Kaw wind people
Inuit ihn-yoo-iht Eskimo the people
Karuk ker-ook Karok up river
Lakota lah-koh-tah Lakota Sioux the allies
Lenape leh-NAH-pay Delaware the people
Mohingan moo-heen-kahn Mohegan wolf
Nantego nahn-deh-koh Nanticoke tidewater people
Odawa uh-day-weh Ottawa traders
Pahoja pah-hoh-zhah Ioway gray snow
Sahnish sah-h-nihsh Arikara original people
Wendat wehn-daht Huron islanders
Wiyot wee-yot Wiyot river name
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Native American Baby Girl Names

Native American baby girls typically get their traditional name from a tribal chief or elder. If you aren't Native American, you can opt for these beautiful names.

Names of Famous Native American Women

Famous Native American women are great resources for baby girl names because they instantly evoke feelings of strength and bravery.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Aliquippa ah-lih-quih-puh hat Seneca
Dahteste Ta-DOT-se warrior woman Apache
Lozen loh-zehn sister of Victorio Apache

(Nancy Ward)

nahn-yay-hee traveler Cherokee
Pocahontas poh-cah-hon-tus playful one Powhatan
Sacagawea tsah-kah-kah-way-ah bird woman Shoshone
Toypurina toi-poor-ee-nah unknown Tongva

Feminine and Loving Native American Names for Girls

Name your little girl after a feminine Native American term or show her the ultimate love with a heartfelt name.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Arnaq ahr-nak woman Inuit
Aylen ah-yl-ehn happiness Mapuche
Galilahi kah-lee-lah-hee attractive Cherokee
Naira nah-ee-rah eye Aymara
Nanabah nah-nah-pah she returns Navajo
Nizhoni neej-oh-nee beautiful Navajo
Nonhelema nohn-hay-lay-mah not a man Shawnee
Quetzalli kayts-ahl-lee precious
Saqui shah-kee favorite Mapuche
Sayen sah-yehn lovely Mapuche
Tanis tah-niss daughter Cree
Winona win-ho-hah first-born daughter Sioux
Yolotl yoh-loh-ll heart Nahuatl
Zyanya zyahn-yah always/forever Zapotec
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Native American Nature and Flower Names for Girls

If you love hippie baby names, these Native American flower names for girls give you unique options for beautiful baby girl names.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Adsila aht-see-lah blossom Cherokee
Calfuray kal-foo-RAW-ee violet flower Mapuche
Iara ee-ah-rah water mistress Tupi
Ixchel eesh-ayl rainbow lady Maya
Kantuta kahn-too-tah cantua flower Aymara
Malinalli mah-leen-ah-lee grass Nahuatl
Millaray meel-lah-rahy golden flower Mapuche
Nicte neek-tay flower Maya
Rayen rah-yn flower Mapuche
Sacnicte sah-neek-tay white flower Maya
Tlalli llah-llee earth Nahuatl
Topʉsana tohp-uh-sah-nah prairie flower Comanche

Native American Animal and Warrior Names for Girls

Bring out the inner warrior in your little girl with a bold and exotic Native American animal or warrior name.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Awinita ah-ween-ee-tah fawn Cherokee
Ghigau keeg-ah-oo War woman or
most beloved
Gouyen goh-oo-yen wise Apache
Kimimela k'ee-mee-may-lah butterfly Sioux
Methoataske may-th-ood-ahsh-gay

turtle laying

Nita nee-tah bear Choctaw
Urpi oor-pee dove Quechua
Wilma weel-mah resolute protection Cherokee
Zitcala zeet-chah-lah bird Lakota

Native American Baby Boy Names

Native American names for baby boys are strong and meaningful. If you're worried about spelling and pronunciation or offending Native Americans, create your own original name by altering the spelling.

Names of Famous Native American Men

You've probably heard of these famous Native American men and their bravery or power can inspire the leader in your little boy.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Hiawatha hah-yunh-watt-hah he who combs Iroquois
Ishi ee-shee man Yahi
Manuelito mahn-way-lee-toh little Manuel Navajo
Sequoyah say-kwoh-yah hog Cherokee
tiss-kuhn-tuhm diving rage Patuxet
(Crazy Horse)
tahsh-oon-kah his horse Sioux
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Native American Chief Names for Boys

Some Native American chiefs were named so by their people, while others were named so by new settlers. Either way, these Native American leader names are perfect for your leading baby boy.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Canonicus chahn-ohn-ee-jooz unknown Lenape
Cinon kee-nohn


Cochise cho-chee-seh oak, wood Apache
Dohasan doh-hah-sahn little bluff Apache
hayn-moht thunder Nez Perce
Hototo hoh-toh-toh warrior spirit
who sings
Nez Perce

(Captain Jack)

keent-poo-ahsh strikes the water
Leschi leh-schee unknown Nisqually
mus-sah-suhit great chief Wampanoag
(King Philip)
may-tuh-chuh-mayt unknown Wampanoag


uhb-wahn-tee-ahg he stops a canoe
by means of a
spear handle
(Billy Powell)
asːi jahoːla ceremonial black
drink and shout
pow-hah-tahn village name Powhatan
Si'ahl (Seattle) see'aht unknown Duwamish
Tamanend tah-mah-naynt affable Lenape

(Sitting Bull)

tah-tahn-kah bull Lakota


te-kum-sə shooting star Shawnee

(Joseph Brant)

t-h-ah-yen-tah-nay-kay-ah two sticks bound
together for
(Jack Wilson)
woh-boh-kah wood cutter Numu

Strong Native American Warrior Names for Boys

Throughout history as the Americas were colonized, many Native American warriors made a name for themselves by fighting for their people. If your little boy is a fighter or a rainbow baby, he deserves a strong warrior name.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Ashkii ahsh-kee boy Navajo
Baishan bah-ee-shahn knife Apache
Bidziil beet-zeel he is strong Navajo
goh-yah-tlay one who yawns Apache
Moacir moh-ah-keer son of pain Tupi
Ohiyesa okh-ee-yay-shah winner Dakota
Ollokot ohl-loh-koht male mountain
Nez Perce
Quidel kee-tehl burning torch Mapuche
Tosahwi toh-shah-wee white knife Comanche
Ubirajara oo-bee-ra-ZHA-ru lord of the spear Tupi
Ujarak uhj-ahr-ahk rock Inuit
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Native American Nature and Animal Names for Boys

Take your little guy's personality into account as you tap into Mother Earth for these natural Native American names for boys.

Name Pronunciation Meaning Nationality
Amaru ah-mah-roo snake Aymara
Antiman an-tee-MAWN condor of sun Mapuche
Antinanco an-tee-NAWN-ko eagle of sun Mapuche
Balan Bah-lahn jaguar Maya
Cauã kah-oo-ahn hawk Tupi
Inti een-tee sun Quechua
Mahpiya makh-pee-yah cloud/sky Dakota/Lakota
Nahuel nahn-oo-ehl jaguar Mapuche
Nanuq nah-nuhk polar bear Inuit
Talako tah-lah-koh eagle Choctaw
Tlalok CHA-lok of the earth Nahuatl
Willka weel-ly-kah sun Aymara

Native American Naming Practices

Many traditional tribal names consist of a single name, not a first, middle, and last name. Depending on each individual tribe's specific beliefs and traditions, one person may be given several names to be used for different occasions. No matter the tribal affiliation, Native American names are carefully chosen so their meaning relates to that specific child. Names often have familial meanings and meanings affiliated with nature, such as seasons or animals. Be respectful of Native American cultures when choosing these names for your baby. If possible, consult with a living tribe member to learn the best way to choose a Native American name for your child.

Natural Names From History

Native American names offer you the chance to celebrate and honor a controversial history with some of the first and most natural people of the Americas. Give your baby boy or baby girl deep roots with a meaningful Native American name.

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