121 Middle Names for Boys That Are Anything but Basic

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When it comes to choosing a middle name for a boy, your options are limitless. How will you ever choose the perfect name to complement the first moniker you chose for your child? Narrow your choices down by focusing on middle names for boys that are anything but basic. You can't go wrong with one of these picks.

Middle Names for Boys Inspired by Destinations

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There are so many amazing places in the world. Do any of them speak to your soul? If you have a special connection to a particular world locale, try it on for size and see if it might make a good middle name for your son.

  • Austin - City in Texas
  • Boston - A city in Massachusetts
  • Bronx - City in New York
  • Cairo - Inspired by the city in Egypt
  • Chandler - City in Arizona
  • Dakota - Derived from North and/or South Dakota
  • Dallas - City in Texas
  • Denver - City in Colorado
  • Eugene - A city in Oregon
  • Houston - City in Texas
  • Memphis - City in Tennessee
  • Trenton - City in New Jersey

Strong and Fierce Middle Names for Boys

You hope your son will grow up to be strong in spirit, mind, and conviction. Give him a name that will someday help remind him he is strong, fierce, and can take on any challenge that life presents.

  • Constantine - Latin name meaning "steadfast" or "constant"
  • Cyrus - Persian for "Lord"
  • Dante - Spanish name meaning "enduring and strong"
  • Draco - English name meaning "dragon"
  • Dustin - German name meaning "brave warrior"
  • Emery - English name meaning "home strength"
  • Griffith - Welsh name meaning "strong chief"
  • Henrik - German name meaning "home ruler"
  • Kane - Irish name meaning "battle"
  • Leo - Latin name meaning "lion"
  • Magnus - Latin name meaning "greatest"
  • Marcellus - Latin name meaning "strong as a hammer"
  • Milo - German name meaning "solider"
  • Oberon - German name meaning "royal bear"
  • Randolf - German name meaning "wolf shield"
  • Rhett - Welsh name meaning "fiery" or "ardent"
  • Ricardo - Spanish name meaning "strong ruler"
  • Tyson - English name meaning "fiery" or "strong"

Interesting One-Syllable Middle Names for Boys

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Sometimes less is more, and these short middle names prove just that. These middle names only have one syllable in them, but they speak volumes in meaning and style.

  • Blake - Old English name meaning "one with black hair"
  • Bram - Welsh name meaning "father of many"
  • Brooks - English name meaning "of the brook"
  • Cole - English name meaning "swarthy and black"
  • Coy - English name meaning "quiet" or "unassuming"
  • Cruz - Spanish name meaning "cross"
  • Dex - Latin name meaning "right-handed" or "fortunate"
  • Drake - English name meaning "dragon" or "male duck"
  • Finn - Irish name meaning "fair"
  • Gage - French name meaning "oath" or "pledge"
  • Hale - English name meaning "someone who lives near a hollow"
  • Jace - Greek origin meaning "to heal"
  • Jude - English name meaning "one who gives praise"
  • Nash - English name meaning "by the ash tree"
  • Reeve - English name meaning "steward"
  • Tate - English name meaning "cheerful"

Middle Names Based on Superheroes

He is your little superhero, so give him a middle name that exudes just that. These middle names reflect those superhumans we have all come to know and love.

  • Bruce - Inspired by Batman's given name, Bruce Wayne
  • Clark - Taken from Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego
  • Dash - Character from the children's movie The Incredibles
  • Garrick - Name of The Flash
  • Hawk - Inspired by Marvel character, Hawkeye
  • Kal - Inspired by Superman's birth name, Kal-El
  • Oliver- Green Arrow's real name
  • Parker - Inspired by Peter Parker, Spiderman's real name
  • Quill - Inspired by Star Lord's given name in Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Reed - Taken from Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic
  • Remy - Name of an X-Men character
  • Stark - Inspired by Tony Stark, Marvel character

Nature-Based Middle Names for Boys

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There is little more beautiful or awe-inspiring than what we find in nature. Consider giving your son a name that connects to nature for a lovely and serene middle name.

  • Adair - Scottish name meaning "oak tree fjord"
  • Arden - English name meaning "valley of the eagle"
  • Barlow - English name meaning the "bare hillside"
  • Beck - English name meaning "small stream"
  • Brock - English name meaning "badger"
  • Dean - English name meaning "valley"
  • Dudley- English name meaning "people's field"
  • Forest - French name meaning "woods" or "woodsman"
  • Hartley - English name meaning "stag meadow"
  • Hayes - English name meaning "hedged area"
  • Kai - Hawaiian origin meaning "keeper of the sea"
  • Knox - English name meaning "round meadow"
  • Lee - English name meaning "meadow" or "pasture"
  • Leland - English name meaning "plowed meadow"
  • Landon - English name meaning "long meadow"
  • Lennox- Scottish name meaning "elm grove"
  • Oren - Hebrew word meaning "pine tree"
  • Silas - Latin name meaning "man of the forest"

Perfect Pop Culture Picks for Middle Names

Look to your favorite television shows, movies, and music for a perfect middle name for your son. Name him something you can someday tell him was a major hit back when he was born.

  • Ali - Arabic name meaning "sublime," last name of boxing great, Muhammad Ali
  • Anakin - Inspired by a character in the movie Star Wars
  • Bowie - Scottish name meaning "blonde," inspired by musician David Bowie
  • Creed - Inspired by a character on the hit television series "The Office"
  • Dempsey - Irish name meaning "proud," name of Grey's Anatomy actor, Patrick Dempsey
  • Ezra - Character from the television series Pretty Little Liars
  • Hendrix - English name meaning "son of Hendricks," inspired by musician Jimi Hendrix
  • Hugo - Inspired by a character in the television series Lost
  • Renly - Character on Game of Thrones
  • Rory - Inspired by a character in the television series Dr. Who

Unique and Creative Choices for Middle Names

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While plenty of parents choose to go traditional and classic with baby boy name choices, others need something with a little bit of an edge. These middle names are far from basic, and they are so very cool.

  • Ajax - Greek name meaning "birdman"
  • Alcott - English word meaning "old cottage"
  • Apollo - Greek name meaning "manly beauty"
  • Asher- Hebrew name meaning "happy and blessed"
  • Axel - Scandanavian name meaning "my father is peace"
  • Bohdi - Sanskrit name meaning "awakening"
  • Campbell - Scottish name meaning "crooked mouth"
  • Cato - Latin name meaning "all-knowing"
  • Declan - Gaelic name meaning "full of goodness"
  • Felix - Spanish name meaning "favored by luck"
  • Fletcher - English origin meaning "arrow maker"
  • Galen - Greek name meaning "calm"
  • Levi - Hebrew name meaning "attached to something" or "pledged to someone"
  • Myron - Greek name meaning "sweet-smelling"
  • Porter - French word meaning "doorkeeper"
  • Preston - English name referring to "a priest's town"
  • Ramsey - English name meaning "garlic island"
  • Ryder - American name meaning "like a knight"
  • Sullivan - English name meaning "little dark eye"
  • Thatcher - English name meaning "roof thatcher"
  • Tristan - Celtic name meaning "one who gives rise to outcry"
  • Wylie - English name meaning "clever" and "crafty"

Lovely Literature Inspired Middle Name Choices

Draw middle name inspiration from one of your favorite literary works. Think about your favorite authors, novels, and characters. Do any of these names work best with your son's first name?

  • Aslan - Lion character in The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Atticus - Character in the book To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Bastian - Character in The Neverending Story
  • Calvin - Character in A Wrinkle in Time
  • Dorian - Greek name meaning sea. Character in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • Fitzgerald - Inspired by great author F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Gatsby - Character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
  • Holden - Character in The Catcher in the Rye
  • Huck - Inspired by Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn
  • Ishmael- Hebrew for "God will hear." A character in Herman Melville's book Moby Dick
  • Jasper - Character in Twilight
  • Potter - Inspired by Harry Potter
  • Salinger - Inspired by author J.D. Salinger
  • Santiago - Inspired by the literary work The Alchemist
  • Sawyer - Character created by Mark Twain
  • Watson - Inspired by Sherlock Holmes' sidekick
  • Victor - Character in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Son's Middle Name

You likely poured tons of time and detail into choosing your son's first name, but remember that his middle name is equally important. When considering a middle name for your boy, be sure to pair a long first name with a shorter middle name. Consider giving your son a middle name with special meaning, perhaps a connection to family, a special place in the world, or your favorite author. Look at the initials and nicknames of both the first name, middle name, and all three names and initials. Be sure that nothing is offensive or grounds for teasing. Lastly, while plenty of well-intentioned people will have lots to say about their favorite middle name, know that your opinion is most important. As long as you love the middle name you pick, it will undoubtedly be the perfect name for your beautiful boy.

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