139 Palindrome Names

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Palindrome names, or names that are spelled the same forward and backward, are fun to use and to say. While you can look to old standby names for baby boys and baby girls that are palindromes, there are a lot of other places to find creative and unique palindrome names.

Gender Neutral Palindrome Names

Modern parents love gender neutral baby names and one way to start a new trend in this category is to choose a unisex palindrome name. These names are unique, filled with deep meaning, and give your baby a great story from the start.

Unique and Special Palindrome Names for Boys or Girls

Unique baby names for girls and boys that are palindromes tend to be short, cute, and strong. Keep in mind when choosing an uncommon baby name that you'll probably have to do a lot of spelling and pronunciation corrections.

  • BB (bee-bee): nickname
  • Efe (eh-feh): West African, "wealth"
  • Isi (ee-see): Choctaw Native American, "deer"
  • Kanak (kuh-nuck): Sanskrit, "gold"
  • Maram (muh-rum): Arabic, "wish"
  • Noon: Arabic, "sword blade"
  • Pip: English, "friend of horses"
  • Williw (will-oo): variant of Willow

Palindrome Words to Use as Unisex Names

One way to ensure your baby's name is one-of-a-kind is to turn a word into a name. Look for palindrome words in different languages that sound similar to typical names or have special meaning to you.

  • Malayalam (mah-lay-ah-lum): an Indian dialect
  • Nauruan (naw-roo-un): language of Nauru
  • Senones (su-no-n): ancient people from France
  • Hallah (hah-lah): Jewish braided bread
  • Immi (ee-mee): Swiss measurement unit
  • Laval (lah-vahl): city in Quebec and France
  • Minim (mih-nehm): something minute
  • Redder: more red in color
  • Saippuakivikauppias (s-eye-pwa-pee-vee-cow-pee-us): Finnish soap vendor, longest palindrome word in everyday use
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Palindrome Names for Girls

Because palindromes need to start and end with the same letter, most girls names start and end with "A." You can find a few gems that start with other letters and are popular or completely original. Take a look at your favorite girl names and see if you can spell it in a unique way that makes it a palindrome.

Common and Popular Girls' Palindrome Names

Finding palindrome girls names on Top 100 baby name lists is easy because many of these adorable names are trending right now.

  • Ada(AY-də): Germanic, "noble"
  • Ana/Anna (ah-nah/a-nuh): Spanish, "grace"
  • Arora (uh-roar-uh): alternate spelling of Aurora
  • Ava (a-vuh): English, "to breathe"
  • Elle (Ehl): English, unknown
  • Hannah (HAN-ə): Hebrew, "grace"

Original and Unique Palindrome Names for Girls

Choosing an amazing baby girl name sometimes means inventing your own name. These unique and original palindrome names for girls sound similar to popular names.

  • Adharahda (odd-har-odd-ah): similar to Arabic Adhara, "maidens"
  • Anona (uh-no-nuh): English, unknown name from American song
  • Artisitra (ar-tis-ee-truh): invented name
  • Aurorua (uh-ror-oo-uh): variant of Aurora
  • Brb: alternate spelling of Barb
  • Ivi (eye-vee): alternate spelling of Ivy
  • Kaylyak (kay-lee-ack): similar to Kaylee
  • Lyryl (leer-ill): similar to Laural or Lyra
  • Rosor (roh-zor): similar to Rose
  • Syny (Sin-ee): similar to Sidney
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Short and Cute Palindrome Names for Girls

Girls' palindrome names often sound exotic because their origins are in ancient cultures from around the world. Hebrew baby names and Arabic baby names feature tons of palindromes because of how the languages work.

  • Ala (ah-lah): Arabic, "excellence"
  • Ama (ah-mah): West African, "Born on Saturday"
  • Aya (a-ya): Japanese, "color"
  • Azza (ah-zah):Arabic, "powerful"
  • Cec (ss-ee-ss): short for Cecelia or Celia
  • Ece (eh-jeh): Turkish, "queen"
  • Ege(eh-jeh): Turkish, "Aegean Sea"
  • Izzi (Iz-ee): Arabic, "mighty"
  • Lil: English, flower name, "pure"
  • Nan: English, "grace"
  • Nin: Hebrew, "grace"
  • Non (known): Welsh, "nun"
  • Viv: French, "alive"

Long and Beautiful Palindrome Names for Girls

There aren't many truly long palindrome names for girls, but these all feature five or more letters. When it comes to longer palindrome names, the name pronunciation is important. See if you can find the pronunciation from the language of origin and use that or modernize the name with an English pronunciation.

  • Abeba(ah-bay-bah): East African, "flower"
  • Ahsha (ah-shah): Sanskrit, "hope"
  • Aidia (eye-dee-hu): Spanish, "help"
  • Ailia(ay-lee-uh): Irish, "light"
  • Aleela (uh-lee-luh): Swahili, "she cries"
  • Alyla (uh-l-eye-luh): Sanskrit, "interest"
  • Anana (uh-non-uh): African, "soft"
  • Anina (a-NEE-na): German, "grace"
  • Aviva (a-VEEV-a): Hebrew, "spring"
  • Aziza (uh-zeez-uh): Arabic, "powerful"
  • Eevee: variant of Evie, Pokemon name
  • Habibah (hah-bee-bah): Arabic, "beloved"
  • Halah (hay-luh): Arabic, "nimble"
  • Havah (hah-vah): Hebrew, "to breathe"
  • Hayah (hay-uh): Arabic, "life"
  • Ireri (ear-air-ee): Mexican, "princess"
  • Itati (ah-tay-tee): Guarani, "white rock"
  • Layal (luh-yawl): Arabic, "nights"
  • Maham (muh-hahm): Arabic, "our moon"
  • Yanay (yuh-n-eye): English from Slavic, "god is gracious"
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Palindrome Words to Use as a Girl's Name

Using palindrome words is a quick and easy way to give your little girls an intelligent baby name. Nature, mythology, and even the economy can give you ideas for cool palindrome word names.

  • Alula (al-yuh-luh): part of a bird's wing
  • Arara (ah-rah-rah): type of bird
  • Liril (lee-rill): Indian soap
  • Mem (mehm): Letter in Hebrew and Arabic alphabets
  • Aeaea (ee-ee-uh): Greek mythology place
  • Ardra (ahn-druh): Hindu goddess

Palindrome Place Names for Girls

Trendy baby names can leave with regrets, especially when they are too wacky. Jump on the global trend by choosing place names from around the world that look and sound close to a more common girls' name.

  • Abiriba (ay-bee-ree-bay): in Nigeria
  • Acaiaca (ah-k-eye-ah-kah): in Brazil
  • Aluula (uh-loo-oo-luh): in Somalia
  • Aramara (ar-uh-mar-uh): in Australia
  • Ateleta (ah-tay-lay-tuh): in Italy
  • Aua (ow-ah): in Germany and Ethiopia
  • Eleele (el-ay-el-ay): in USA
  • Elole (el-ole): in Senegal
  • Etsaste (eh-stah-steh): in Estonia
  • Ziliz (zee-leez): in Hungary

Palindrome Names for Boys

Palindrome names for boys seem to have a bit more alphabetical variety than girls. Expect to see more palindrome boy names that start and end with the letters "O," "R," and "N."

Common and Popular Boys' Palindrome Names

Common baby name meanings and names withstand the test of time because they resonate with a lot of people. It's a little harder to find Top 100 baby boy names that are also palindromes, but there are a few great options.

  • Asa (ay-suh): Hebrew, "healer"
  • Bob (bahb): English, "bright fame"
  • JJ (jay-jay): nickname
  • Otto (AW-toh): German, "wealth"
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Original and Unique Palindrome Names for Boys

These unique and invented baby boy palindrome names are inspired by other cool names for boys.

  • Davad (dah-vahd): variant of David
  • Exe: pronounced like the letter "X"
  • Kerek (k-air-eck): alternate spelling of Carrick, "rock"
  • Nolon (noh-lun): variant of Nolan
  • Ovidivo (ah-vid-ee-vo): similar to Ovid/Ovidius, "a sheep"
  • Renner: unknown
  • Rigir (r-eye-gurr): similar to Rider or Tiger
  • Rykyr (r-eye-kurr): alternate spelling of Ryker
  • Rydyr (r-eye-durr): alternate spelling of Ryder
  • Silis (s-eye-liss): variant of Silas

Short and Cute Palindrome Names for Boys

Hard sounds make short and cute boys' palindrome names sound strong and powerful. Your little guy won't need a nickname with a name like these.

  • Ata (ah-tah): Arabic, "Gift"
  • Ara (ah-rah): Armenian, unknown
  • Ebbe (EHB-beh): Danish, "wild boar"
  • Ede (EH-deh): Hungarian, "rich guard"
  • Ese (AY-sə ): Frisian, "god"
  • Lal (lahl): Hindi, "boy"
  • Iggi (Ih-gee): African, "only son"
  • Luul (lu-ool): Somali, "prince/god"
  • Odo (aw-doh): Ancient Germanic, "wealth"
  • Utu (oo-too): Sumerian, "sun"

Strong and Handsome Palindrome Names for Boys

Strong baby boy names give your little guy a sense of dignity and personal power from birth. Look to other cultures like African baby names for new strong options.

  • Aoloa (ay-oh-loh-ah): Hawaiian, "distinguished person"
  • Jalaj (ja-lai): Sanskrit, "water born"
  • Kilik (kih-leek): English, "farmer from Cylla"
  • Kuruk (kuh-rahk): Native American, "bear"
  • Lemel (leh-mul/le-mel): Jewish, "belonging to God"
  • Natan (nah-tay-n): Hebrew, "he gave"
  • Neven (neh-vehn): Croatian, "marigold"
  • Nosson (naw-sun): Yiddish, "he gave"
  • Pylyp (pway-lip): Ukrainian, "friend of horses"
  • Ramar (rah-mar): possibly from Sanskrit Rama, "pleasing"
  • Rayar(ray-uhr): Indian, "way of heaven"
  • Reinier (ray-neer): Dutch, "army advice"
  • Rekker (reh-ker): alternate spelling of Wrecker
  • Sabas (SA-bas): Spanish, "old man"
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Palindrome Words to Use as a Boy's Name

Word names are popular because they are unique as a name, but not completely foreign to others in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

  • Kanak (kuh-nack): native from New Caledonia
  • Mallam (ma-lum): "learned man" in West African
  • Sagas (sah-gah-z): long narrative stories
  • Shahs: kings of Iran
  • Siris (see-rees): Old World tree or Greek for "river mouth"
  • Tenet (teh-neht): belief or principle

Palindrome Place Names for Boys

Base your baby's name on a city, country, or region that you love or have roots in. These global names will give your baby boy a worldly vibe.

  • Callac (kah-lahk): in France
  • Idappadi (ee-dah-puh-dee): in India
  • Jaj (y-eye): in Lebanon
  • Kook (k-oh-k): in Italy
  • Mujum (muh-joom-dahr): in Tajikistan
  • Neuquén (nay-o-ken): in Argentina
  • Noxon (nahx-en): in USA
  • Okonoko (oh-koh-no-koh): in USA
  • Oruro (or-oo-roh): in Bolivia
  • Oyo (oh-yoh): in Nigeria
  • Tommot (toh-maht): in Russia
  • Vokov (voh-kuv): in Czech Republic
  • Zoz (z-oh-z): in India

Fun Names Forward and Backward

Some palindrome names for boys and girls are common and classic while others are completely unique. Create your own palindrome baby name by playing with spelling options for your favorite baby names. Selecting a baby name is one of the most important things you can do for your baby, so make sure you put a lot of thought into choosing the winning name.

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