150 Baby Girl Names That Start With A

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If you love all the sounds the letter "A" makes, you'll love baby girl names that start with A. Whether you want short, long, cute, or unique, there's a feminine name out there for your little baby "A."

Short and Cute Girl Names That Begin With A

One-syllable names for girls and other names that sound more like nicknames are on trend. The adorable monikers are easy to say, easy to spell, and most are uncommon baby names.

Name Meaning
Ada Nobility
Adi Jewel
Adva Small wave
Agape (ah-gah-pay) Love
Ai (I) Love in Chinese
Aili Blessed
Aki Clear
AJ Nickname
Alex Defending men
Ambre (ahm-bray) Gemstone name
Ami Beautiful Asia
Andi Masculine
Ann/Anne Grace
Arali Water
Arlie Unknown
Asa God
Ash Tree name
Ashley Ash tree clearing
Astra Star
Aude (OD) Old
Aura Breeze
Ave (ah-vay) Greetings
Axelle My father is peace
Aya Beautiful
Ayn (Ine) Unknown

Long and Beautiful A Names for Girls

If you love the look and sound of long names, these beautiful multi-syllable options might work for you. Consider what nicknames could be derived from the long name and choose one that has potential nicknames you love too.

Name Meaning
Abilene Meadow
Adaline/Adalyn/Adalynne Noble
Addison Son of Adam
Adorinda Adorable
Aferdita Daybreak
Agnessa Chaste
Aisling Dream
Aitana Mountain name
Aksinya (uhk-seen-yuh) Hospitality
Alastriona Defending men
Alethea Truth
Almira Famous noble
Amberly Gemstone
Ambrosine Immortal
Anastasia Resurrection
Annemieke (ah-nuh-mee-kuh) Unknown
Antoinette/Antonette Unknown
Apollonia Strength
Arabella Invokable
Araceli Altar of the sky
Atsuko Sincere child
Aureole Radiant halo
Aurelia Golden
Aveline Desired
Azalea Flower name
Azzurra Sky blue
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Biblical Girl Names That Start With A

While men are often the focus of the Bible, there are several great girl name options that start with A from the Bible. Biblical baby names often include Hebrew baby name options and names that sound old fashioned.

Name Meaning
Abiah (uh-by-uh) My father is Yahweh
Abishag (ah-buh-shag) My father strays
Abital (ah-bih-tahl) My father is the night dew
Achinoam (ah-hee-nome) My brother is pleasant
Agrippa Wild horse
Apphia Increasing
Asenath Devoted to goddess Neith
Atarah Crown
Azubah Forsaken

Mythology Girl Names That Start With A

Some of the most unique baby names for little girls are inspired by myths and legends from around the world. From Norwegian baby names to Greek baby names, you can find mythology names for your little goddess in almost any culture.

Name Meaning
Acantha Greek; thorn
Aditi Hindi; boundless/freedom
Aglaia Greek; beauty
Agrona Celtic; battle
Alcyone Greek; kingfisher
Alecto Greek; unceasing
Amalthea Greek; to soften
Amaterasu Far Eastern; shining over heaven
Ameretat Persian; immortality
Andraste Celtic; invincible
Andromeda Greek; to be mindful of a man
Angerona Roman; constricted torment
Antigone Greek; compared to offspring
Aoide (ay-ee-dee) Greek; song
Arachne Greek; spider
Artemis Greek; safe
Asherah Semitic; she who walks in the sea

Unique Girl Names That Begin With A

Unique baby girl names can be inspired by the imagination, nature, or simple words with big meanings. Check out lists of the least popular names in your favorite countries to find unique options.

Name Meaning
Aaren unknown
Acacia Thorn; tree name
Adamina To be red
Adena Delicate
Afanen Raspberry
Africa Country name
Ainslie Solitary clearing
Allegra Cheerful
Aloisia Famous battle
Alora Unknown
Alte Old
Alvilda Elf battle
Amarante Unfading
Amethyst Gemstone
Amity Friendship
Andrina Masculine
Anemone Wind
Anima Soul
Anise Herb name

Female Celebrity Names That Begin With A

Turn your baby girl into a fangirl with a memorable celebrity name. These leading ladies made names for themselves and your baby can follow suit with a matching name.

Name Claim to Fame Meaning
Adele Pop singer Noble
Alexa Actress PenaVega Defending men
Alexis Actress Bledel Defending men
Alyssa Actress Milano Noble kind
Amber Actress Heard Gemstone
America Acrtress Ferrera Country
Analeigh Model Tipton Grace clearing
Angelina Actress Jolie Angel
Anita Singer Baker Grace
AnnaLynne Model/Actress McCord Grace lake
AnnaSophia Actress Robb Grace wisdom
Aretha Singer Franklin Virtue
Ariel Actress Winter; Disney Princess Lion of God
Audrey Actress Hepburn Noble strength
Avril Singer Lavigne April; to open
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Girl Names Starting with A From Around the World

If you want a more exotic baby name, consider using one of the most popular names from another country. You can easily find top 100 baby name lists for many countries around the world to pull options from.

Popular A Names From North and South America

These attractive baby girl names sit in the top 20 names for 2018 for the countries listed. Organizations like the Social Security Administration in the U.S. keep public records of which names are used most each year for newborns.

Name Country Meaning
Abby Bahamas My father is joy
Abigail USA My father is joy
Adriana/Adrianna Puerto Rico, Jamaica From Hadria
Agustina Chile Exalted
Alana Puerto Rico Unknown
Alejandra Puerto Rico, Mexico Defending men
Alice Brazil Noble kind
Alicia Mexico Noble kind
Alondra Puerto Rico Lark
Amanda Puerto Rico Lovable
Amelia Canada, USA, Jamaica Work
Amy Canada Beloved
Ana Canada Grace
Andrea Bahamas, Puerto Rico Masculine
Annerys Venezuela Unknown
Antonella Columbia, Chile Unknown
Aria Canada, USA Song
Ariana/Arianna Puerto Rico, Jamaica Most holy
Ava Canada, USA To breathe
Avery USA Elf power

Popular A Names for Girls From Europe

Popular names featured in Top 100 lists from around Europe offer a good mix of modern and traditional baby girl names from different countries.

Name Country Meaning
Aada Finland Noble
Aaliyah UK Sublime
Aava Finland Open
Aino Finland The only one
Alba Spain Dawn
Alina Austria Noble
Alma Spain Nourishing, the soul
Amelie UK Work
Angeliki Greece Angelic
Anna France Grace
Annabelle UK Lovable
Annika Austria Work
Aoife (ee-fuh) Ireland Beauty
Ayla UK Halo of light around moon

Popular A Names From Africa and Asia

Finding baby name lists for African and Asian countries isn't as easy as finding them for other countries. Check out common baby names from Japan, China, South Africa, and other countries on these continents for more options.

Name Country Meaning
Ahmale South Africa Beautiful girls
Akari Japan Bright village
Amogelang South Africa Receive, accept
An Japan Peace
Aoi Japan Hollyhock

Girls' Names From the Top of the Alphabet

Baby girl names that start with the letter "A" often have a cute, feminine sound. If you love the beginning of the alphabet, these A names are great for first and middle names for baby girls.

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