153 Baby Boy Names That Start With A

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Whether you want short baby names, strong baby names, or exotic baby names, there's an A name for baby boys to fit your needs. You can choose a name with a sound you love or one with a baby name meaning you love. You can also look for the masculine forms of your favorite baby girl names that start with A.

Short and Strong Boy Names Starting With A

Baby boy names with one syllable or that have about five or fewer letters often sound strong and masculine. Get inspired by long A name nicknames to create your own uncommon baby name.

Name Meaning
Aatos Thought
Abe Father of many
Ace Highest rank
Adolf Noble wolf
Ahmet Most praiseworthy
Aimo Generous amount
Ajax Unknown
Aki Ancestor
Al Noble and bright
Alan Unknown
Albie Noble and bright
Alden Old friend
Aldo Old noble
Alec Defender of men
Aled Welsh river
Alf Elf
Ali Sublime
Alp Hero
Ambrose Immortal
Amir Treetop
Amit Friend
Ammar Long-lived
Anders Manly
Angus One Strength
Archer Bowman
Arden High
Arlo Between two highlands
Armas Beloved
Arne Eagle
Art Bear
Arvid Eagle tree
Arvo Worth, value
Aulis Helpful

Long and Handsome Boy Names Beginning With A

Longer names for boys that start with A often sound more classic or old-fashioned. Look at Old English baby names to find more examples of long names for boys.

Name Meaning
Adriano From Hadria
Afanasy Immortal
Agapito Beloved
Akhenaton (ahk-eh-nah-ten) Spirit of Aton (sun god)
Akihito Bright and compassionate
Aloysius Famous battle
Amadeus Love of God
Anatoly Sunrise
Antigonus Like ancestor
Antinanco Eagle of the sun
Antipater Like father
Antonio/Anthony Unknown
Aurelius Golden
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Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

Every version of the Bible contains dozens of names for boys that start with the letter A. Many biblical baby boy names are of Hebrew origin or are considered Christian baby names.

Name Meaning
Aaron Unknown
Abaddon Destruction
Abdias Serving Yahweh
Abednego Servant of Nebo
Abel Breath
Abidan My father is judge
Abiel God is my father
Abimael Unknown
Abner My father is a light
Abraham Father of many
Abram High father
Achaicus Greek region
Achan Trouble
Achim He will establish
Adam Man
Adino Ornament
Adriel Flock of God
Ahab Uncle
Allon Oak
Alphaeus Changing
Alvah His highness
Amal Work
Ami Trustworthy
Amnon Faithful
Anani My cloud
Anath Answer
Archelaous Master of the people
Areli Hero
Arieh Lion
Asa Healer
Asher Blessed, happy
Azarel God has helped

Mythology Boy Names That Start With A

Bring out the mini god in your son with a powerful A name taken straight from epic myths and legends. Each culture has unique gods and other legendary beings whose names you can swipe.

Name Meaning
Achilles Greek; Unknown
Adonis Greek; Lord
Aeneas (eye-neh-ass) Roman; Praise
Ahti Finnish God of oceans/rivers
Ahura Mazda Persian; Lord of wisdom
Ailill (al-yil) Irish; elf
Aiolos Greek; Nimble, fast
Alcides Greek; Strength
Alvis Norse; All wise
Amon Egyptian; The hidden one
Amor Roman; love
An Sumerian; Heaven
Anubis Egyptian; Royal child
Arash Persian; Truthfulness
Argus Greek; Shining
Atlas Greek; Enduring

Unique Boy Names That Start With A

Unique baby boy names can be word names, ancient names, or even invented names. For a truly original name, browse a list of unique baby names and find ways to tweak your favorites so they are unlike anyone else's name.

Name Meaning
Adair Fortune spear
Adler Eagle
Alban From Alba
Aldous Old
Algar Elf spear
Armo Mercy, grace
Arrow Word name
Aston East town
Astor Hawk
Atticus From Attica
Axiom Math statement that is well-established

Famous Male Names Starting With A

Get inspired by your favorite leading man with a celebrity baby name. Famous male first names and last names are fair game for your little guy's first name.

Name Meaning
Aesop Unknown; Writer
Amerigo Universal power; Explorer Vespucci
Anakin Unknown; Darth Vader's real name
Anderson Son of Andrew; UFC champion Silva
Andre Masculine; Tennis player Agassi
Ansel God protection; Photographer Adams
Apolo Strength; Olympic speed skater Ono
Aristotle The Best purpose; Philosopher
Arnold Eagle power; Actor and politician Schwarzenegger
Ashton Ash tree town; Actor Kutcher
Atilla Little father; Hun ruler
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Boy Names Beginning With A From Around the World

While there are many boy names that are popular around the world, some are popular only in one or two cultures. Look at top name lists from your favorite countries for more A options.

Popular Boy Names Starting With A in the Americas

A look at the most popular boy names in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and other North American countries shows that some classic boy names never go out of style. These names all crack the top 100 baby boy names in America.

Name Country Meaning
Abdiel Puerto Rico Servant of God
Aiden U.S., Canada Fire
Alejandro Mexico, Puerto Rico Defending men
Alexander U.S., Canada Defending men
Andres Puerto Rico Masculine
Andrew U.S. Manly
Angel Puerto Rico Angel
Anthony U.S. Unknown
Arturo Mexico Bear king
Austin U.S., Canada Exalted

Popular A Names for Boys From Europe

From Polish baby names to Welsh baby names and Italian baby names, there are many cool A names for boys that top the charts in Europe.

Name Country Meaning
Alessandro Italy Defending men
Alvaro Spain Elf army
Archie U.K, Scotland Genuine and bold
Artem Ukraine Unknown
Arthur France Unknown
Artyom Russia Unknown
Ayaz Turkey Frost

Popular A Names for Boys From Africa and Asia

It's not as easy to find top baby name lists for Asian and African countries, but these African baby names and Asian baby names are some of your options.

Name Country Meaning
Abdullah Liberia Servant of Allah
Alexis Rwanda Helper
Amogelang South Africa Welcome
Angelo Philipines Angel
Aoto Japan Blue constellation
Aristote Democratic Republic of Congo The best purpose
Azeez Nigeria Beloved

Hindu and Sanskrit Names for Boys That Start With A

If you want a deeply meaningful name for your son, these Hindu and Sanskrit names for boys fit the bill.

Name Meaning
Abhay Fearless
Abhilash Desire, wish
Aditya Belonging to God Aditi
Agni Fire
Akash Open space
Akhil Complete
Anil Wind
Anish Supreme
Anupam Incomparable
Arjuna White, clear
Asim Limitless
Avinash Indestructible
Azad Free

Names for Your Alpha Boy

Baby boy names that begin with the letter A can be long or short, unique or classic, and have a variety of meanings. If you love the sound of A names for boys, you're sure to find an A name that fits all your criteria. Choosing a baby boy name can be difficult, but if you know what you like and where to find options the selection process can be easier.

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