178 Mythology Names and Their Meanings

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God names and goddess names along with other mythology names from various cultures come with great meaning and provide inspiration for unique baby names. Give your little girl or boy legendary status from birth with an ancient name steeped in memorable mythology.

Unisex Names From Mythology

In typical mythologies, characters were either depicted as male or female. However, there are some mythological characters who might be considered genderless for different reasons. Sometimes, ancient mythological names simply get reused for the opposite gender throughout time.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Amor Roman; love a-MOR
Aphroditus Greek; beauty, features male and female parts a-pro-dee-toos
Hapi Egyptian; depicted as intersex hah-pee
Ikapati Philipine; often disguised as a man ee-kah-pah-tee
Iphis Egyptian; born a girl, but turned into a boy i-fiss
Itzamna Mayan; was both male and female it-zahm-nah
Loki Norse; knot; often disguised as a woman loh-kee
Nikephoros Greek; carrying victory nee-kee-for-os
Nun Egyptian; primeval waters nuhn
Ometeotl Aztec; was both male and female oh-mee-tay-ohl

List of Greek Mythology Baby Names

If you're looking for gorgeous Greek baby names, Greek mythology is full of inspirational tales and characters.

Common Greek Mythology Names for Boys

Male gods and characters from Greek mythology work well as strong baby boy names. From Greek gods to their children, any list of Greek mythology names for boys is long.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Achilles Brave Greek hero a-KEEL-lehs
Adonis Lord A-DAW-NEES
Ajax Earth AY-jaks
Alexander Defending men al-ig-ZAN-dər
Apollo Strength ə-PAHL-o
Atlas Enduring A-TLAS
Castor To shine KAS-tər
Cronus To cut KRO-nəs
Damon To tame DAY-mən
Eros Love EH-RAWS
Hades Unseen HAY-deez
Hector Holding fast HEHK-tər
Helios Sun HEH-LEE-OS
Linus Flax LIE-nəs
Midas Unknown MEE-DAS
Orion Boundary AW-REE-AWN
Perseus To destroy PEHR-SEWS
Pluto Wealth PLOO-to
Poseidon Earth lord PO-SEH-DAWN
Zeus Sky ZDEWS
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Rare Greek Mythology Names for Boys

While you've probably heard of many Greek mythology names, there are some that may sound just as great, but be a little less common.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Aeson Father of Jason ay-soh-nah
Aiolos Nimble ay-oh-lohs
Brontes Thunderer vrawn-dees
Damocles The people DAM-ə-kleez
Dardanos To devour dar-deh-nohs
Kreios Master kree-ohss
Leander Lion man lee-AN-dər
Lycus Wolf lee-kohs
Minos King MEE-NAWS
Nereus Water NEH-REWS
Phrixus Thrilling FRIK-səs
Tychon Succeed tay-chohn

Common Greek Mythology Names for Girls

Greek mythology celebrates women almost as much as men, so there's no shortage of Greek goddess and Greek mythology names for your little girl.

Name: Meaning: Pronunciation:
Althea Healing AEL-DHiy-aa
Andromeda Be mindful of a man AN-DRO-MEH-DA
Aphrodite Goddess of love, beauty A-PRO-DEE-TEH
Arachne Spider A-RA-KNEH
Artemis Safe AR-TEH-MEES
Athena Goddess of wisdom, warfare A-TEH-NA
Calypso She that conceals kə-LIP-so
Cassandra To excel kə-SAN-drə
Circe Bird SUR-see
Daphne Laurel DA-PNEH
Demeter Earth mother DEH-MEH-TEHR
Dione Goddess DEE-AW-NEH
Electra Amber i-LEHK-trə
Gaia Earth GIE-A
Hera Hero, warrior HEH-RA
Hermione Boundary marker HEHR-MEE-O-NEH
Irene Peace ie-REEN
Iris Rainbow IE-ris
Maia Good mother MIE-A
Medusa To protect meh-DOO-sə
Nike Victory NEE-Keh
Pandora All gifts PAN-DAW-RA
Persephone To destroy PEHR-SEH-PO-NEH
Phoebe Pure FEE-bee
Selene Moon SEH-LEH-NEH
Thalia To blossom THAY-lee-ə

Rare Greek Mythology Names for Girls

If you want to go beyond the typical Greek names everyone's heard of, look for lesser known Greek mythology names for your daughter.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Aegle Radiance ay-glee
Alcmene Moon strength al-key-mee-nee
Aoide Song ay-EE-dee
Ariadne Most holy A-REE-AD-NEH
Elpis Hope ehl-pees
Erato Lovely EH-RA-TAW
Ismene Knowledge EEZ-MEH-NEH
Klytië Noble klee-tee-ay
Metis Wisdom mey-tees
Nephele Cloud NEH-PEH-LEH
Phaenna Shining fah-eh-nah
Themis Divine law TEH-MEES
Tyche Fortune TUY-KEH

List of Roman Mythology Baby Names

From the 12 major Roman gods to mythological characters associated with movies and pop culture, Roman baby names typically end in an "A" or an "S."

Popular Roman Mythology Names for Boys

While these names may sound familiar, you probably won't see a ton of boys with these popular names from Roman mythology.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Aries Ram A-ree-ehs
Cupid Desire KYOO-pid
Gemini Twins GEH-mee-nee
Hercules Glory of Hera HEHR-koo-lehs
Janus Archway YA-noos
Mars Male MAHRZ
Mercury To trade MURK-yə-ree
Neptune Wet NEHP-toon
Remus Founder of Rome REH-moos
Romulus Of Rome RO-moo-loos
Saturn God of agriculture SAT-ərn
Silvanus Forest SEEL-wa-noos
Statue of the founders of Rome and the wolf

Unique Roman Mythology Names for Boys

Since Roman mythology is well known, it can be hard to find unique names from these tales. Look for lesser-known stories and characters to find a one-of-a-kind Roman mythology name for your son.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Aeneas Praise ie-NEH-as
Faunus To befriend FOW-noos
Italus Of Italy ih-tah-loos
Pollux Very sweet PAHL-əks
Quirinus Spear kwee-REE-noos

Popular Roman Mythology Names for Girls

Female names from Roman mythology tend to be very descriptive of beautiful things. You may not even realize that some popular baby girl names are derived from Roman mythology.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Aurora Dawn ow-RAW-ra
Diana Divine dee-A-na
Flora Flower FLAWR-ə
Juno Youth YOO-no
Luna The moon LOO-na
Minerva Intellect mi-NUR-və
Rhea To flow REH-A
Venus Love WEH-noos
Victoria Victory vik-TAWR-ee-ə

Unique Roman Mythology Names for Girls

If you love the sound of Roman mythology names for girls, try out a less familiar name to give your little girl some character.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ceres To grow KEH-rehs
Concordia Harmony kon-KOR-dee-a
Felicitas Good luck feh-LEE-tsee-tas
Larunda To talk Lah-roon-dah
Nona Ninth noh-nah
Vesta Hearth WEHS-ta

List of Norse Mythology Baby Names

Norse mythology names often inspire Norwegian baby names because of their short, strong nature. Whether you've got a girl or a boy, Norse mythology has a great name for you.

Common Norse Mythology Names for Boys

Norse mythology consists of a few main characters who take on a lot of roles. If you'd like a powerful Scandinavian name for your little guy, check out these popular Norse men.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Alf Elf alf
Gandalf Wand elf GAN-dahlf
Gunnar Warrior GOON-nahr
Jarl Chieftain YAHRL
Odin Inspiration Oh-din
Sigurd Victory guardian SEE-gurd
Thor Thunder TOOR
Little girl in elf costume

Rare Norse Mythology Names for Boys

While Odin and its various spellings may be trending upward on baby name lists, there are many Norse mythology names waiting for their big moment.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Alvis All wise AELVihS
Balder Prince bawl-der
Bragi First brah-gee
Freyr Lord FRAYR
Magni Mighty mahg-nih
Njord Strong nyawrd
Orvar Arrow or-var
Sindri Sparkling sihn-dree
Trym Uproar treeim
Vidar Wide warrior VEE-dahr
Yngvi Ancestor ing-wee

Common Norse Mythology Names for Girls

Female names from Norse mythology are just as short and strong as male names. Help your little girl find her strength with a name inspired by a fierce Norse woman.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Elli Old age eh-lee
Freya Lady FREH-ya
Frigg Beloved FRIG
Kára Curly kah-rah
Nanna Brave NAHN-nah
Saga Seeing one SAH-gah

Rare Norse Mythology Names for Girls

If you like names with German sounds, lesser-known Norse mythology female names are a great option.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Borghild Fortification battle borg-hiel
Eir Mercy ayer
Embla Elm EHM-blah
Erna Vigorous EH-nah
Grid Peace GRID
Gudrun God's secret lore GOO-droon
Hulda Hiding HUWL-da
Idunn To love again ee-dn
Skuld Future skoold
Verdandi Becoming ver-dahn-dee
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List of Egyptian Mythology Baby Names

Egyptian mythology names are exotic and unique because they haven't really hit those popular baby name lists yet. Egyptian god and goddess names are closely affiliated with natural objects making them great for those who love hippie baby names.

Egyptian Mythology Names for Boys

While most Egyptian mythology characters aren't entirely human, some are designated as males by their body shape or what they typically wear.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Amon The hidden one AH-mən
Anubis Royal child ə-NOO-bis
Aton Solar disk AH-tən
Atum Completion ah-tuhm
Iah Moon eye-uh
Khepri Morning sun kih-pree
Khonsu Traveller kahn-soo
Min Black mihn
Onuphrius He who is good/happy o-new-free-oos
Osiris God of the dead o-SIE-ris
Ptah Opener pə-TAH
Ra Sun RAH
Seth Pillar SETH

Egyptian Mythology Names for Girls

There aren't as many female characters in Egyptian mythology as there are males, but you've still got several powerful names to choose from.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Bast Fire BAHST
Hathor House of Horus HATH-awr
Isis The throne IE-sis
Maat That which is straight muh-aht
Neith Water neeth
Nephthys Lady of the house nef-thiss
Qadesh Holy woman KAEDEH-SH
Taweret She who is great taw-ret

Mythological Creature Names to Use as Baby Names

If you can't find the name of a human-like mythological character you love, check out some of the amazing creatures depicted in different mythologies.

Name Description Pronunciation
Alicorn Winged unicorn ah-leh-korn
Benu Egyptian version of a Phoenix beh-noo
Cerberus Dog guarding Greek underworld ser-ber-uss
Echidna Greek snake woman eh-kid-nuh
Fenrir Giant Norse wolf fain-rear
Griffin Represents wisdom gri-fin
Ladon Dragon guarding golden apples lah-thone
Nemean Lion who is Leo constellation nee-mee-uhn
Phoenix Legendary bird of the sun fee-niks
Sylph Fairly like creature silf

Legendary Names for Babies

Choosing a mythology name can feel intimidating because they are often spelled and pronounced differently than common baby names. You can use baby name pronunciation guide to help you find the original pronunciation or adapt the name to have a more modern feel. Either way, your baby's name will help make him or her legendary.

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