200+ Short Boy Names From Cute to Classic

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Short boy names can be cute and sweet or cool and strong. Some short names for boys were made with five or fewer letters, while others are first names that were once only used as nicknames for longer boy names.

Powerful Short Names With Only Two Letters for Boys

One syllable names for boys sound strong and powerful when you say them. If you're really bold, consider a one-letter name like Q or J.

Al Bo Cy
Ed Fu Ji
Jo Li Lu
Mo Oz Ra
Re Ru Ty
Wu Yi
Short boy names from cute to classic

Simple Three Letter Names for Boys

If you want a simple name for your son that has one or two syllables and is pretty easy to spell, a three-letter name might be ideal. Explore short names from every letter of the alphabet to find one that speaks to you.

Cute Boy Names Starting With the Letters A Through D

From Abe to Duc, these short names from the beginning of the alphabet are easy to say and spell.

Abe Abu Aca
Ace Ade Aki
Alf Ali Ari
Arn Art Ash
Ayo Baz Ben
Bob Bud Buz
Cai Cal Cam
Chi Coy Dag
Dan Dax Deo
Des Dex Dom
Don Dre Duc

Cool Boy Names From E to J With Only Three Letters

Short names like these are less common, but often have a familiar sound.

Ean Edi Eko
Eli Ern Fen
Fox Gad Gaz
Gib Gil Gio
Gus Guy Hal
Ian Ike Ion
Ira Isa Iva
Iwo Jad Jae/Jai
Jan Jax Jay
Jeb Jef Jem
Jep Jim Jin
Job Joe Jon

Handsome Three Letter Names for Boys From K to N

Short boy names from this part of the alphabet tend to have a handsome sound because many start and end with a consonant.

Kai Kaj Kam
Kay Ken Kev
Kim Kip Kir
Kyo Lan Law
Lee Len Leo
Les Lev Lex
Lon Luc Lux
Maj Mao Mat
Max Mel Nat
Ned Neo Nic/Nik
Niv Noe Nol
Noy Nur Nye

Strong Boy Names Starting With O Through S

Strong baby boy names can be found throughout the alphabet and don't have to be big to make a big impact.

Obi Ode Odi
Oli Ora Ori
Ozi Pat Paz
Raf Raj Ray
Raz Red Reg
Ren Rex Rio
Rob Rod Roi
Rok Ron Ryu
Sal Sam Sho
Sid Sly Stu

Short Boy Names With Three Letters From T to Z

Names that start with letters at the end of the alphabet are uncommon, but still cute.

Tad Taj Tao
Ted Teo Tex
Tim Tom Tor
Udi Ugo Uri
Val Van Vic
Vin Wes Wyn
Yao Zac/Zak Zed
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Rare Short Names for Boys With Meanings

Short names can have anywhere from one to five letters. Many short names are common as first names, middle names, or nicknames for boys, but you can find some rare short names if you prefer something more unique.

Four-Letter Unique Short Names for Boys

Four-letter names like John, Luke, and Mark have been popular throughout history. These short names are much less common, but have potential to be trendy.

  • Afon - Meaning "river" in Welsh, Afon has similar sounds to old names like Alfred and modern names like rapper Akon.
  • Agni - Sanskrit for "fire," Agni is the mythological name of an ancient Hindu fire god that mimics the ending sound of other common short names such as Danny or Jesse.
  • Anso - This ancient Germanic name means "god" and resembles trendy names like Enzo.
  • Cenk - An ancient Turkish word for "battle," Cenk is a unique name that sounds similar to Hank.
  • Dren - Meaning "deer" in Albanian, this nature name resembles common names such as Dan or Ben.
  • Edom - If you like Adam or Domenic, Edom, which means "red," could be a great uncommon option.
  • Idan - Similar to names like Ian or Aiden, Idan means "era" in Hebrew.
  • Kemp - Meaning "champion, athlete, or warrior," it's a wonder Kemp isn't a more common boy name.
  • Lior - This Hebrew word meaning "light for me" is a sweet option for beloved little boys.
  • Malo - Breton for "bright pledge," Malo has an islander feel to it.
  • Naël - This French name means "generous" and sounds similar to names such as Niall.
  • Olek - This is the Polish short form of the name Alexander, which means "defending men."
  • Pons - A rare French name, Pons is a short form of Pontius, which means "fifth."
  • Reko - This Finnish short form of Gregory means "watchful."
  • Soth - Meaning "pure" in Khmer, Soth sounds like the cooler cousin of Seth.
  • Wira - If you like strong boy names, Wira is a great option because it means "hero" in Indonesian and Malay.

Five-Letter Unique Short Names for Boys

If you like shorter names that have multiple syllables, you might want to choose a five-letter name for your little guy.

  • Aibek - Meaning "moon master" in Turkish, Aibek might overthrow Aiden as a top name in the future.
  • Baris - In Turkish, Baris means "peace, " making it an ideal wish for your little boy.
  • Draza - This Serbian name means "precious" and resembles strong names like Drake or Drago.
  • Elcin - Meaning "ambassador" in Azerbaijani, Elcin is a great alternative for other short "E" names such as Ethan.
  • Ganix - This Basque variant of John means "God is gracious" and can be pronounced "gah-nicks."
  • Jothi - Replace names like Josh with cooler "J" names such as Jothi, which means "light."
  • Rajko - Slavic for "paradise," Rajko is a great exotic name for boys from all cultures.
  • Tonis - This is the Estonian version of Anthony, whose meaning is unknown.
  • Stian - Meaning "wanderer" in Old Norse, Stian is reminiscent of names like Ryan.
  • Vidar - Old Norse for "wide warrior," Vidar is one of Odin's sons.
  • Yidel - Meaning "praise," this Yiddish name is strong and sweet.
  • Zimri - This Biblical name means "my praise" or "my music" and sounds like it should be a rock star name.

Short and Cute Names for Your Precious Son

Choosing a baby boy is not easy, especially when there are so many great options from around the world. If you love short names, you find more options by searching websites like BehindtheName by meaning and even length.

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