235 Boys' Names With One Syllable

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One syllable boy names are fairly common because they sound strong and firm. Short names like these pack a big punch and often feature hard sounds. You can choose boy names with one syllable as first names, middle names, or in combinations to create unique new names for boys.

Modern Boy Names With One Syllable

Trendy and popular boy names are short and sound cool. These modern names were once unheard of, but are becoming more common.

Name Meaning Origin
Ace Highest rank English
Brooks Lives near brook English
Cash Case French
Cayde/Cade Round English
Cole Charcoal English
Cruz Cross Spanish
Guy Wood Germanic
Jace To heal Greek
Miles Soldier Latin
Rhett Advice Dutch
Tripp Journey English
Ward Guard English

All-American Boy Names With One Syllable

If you watch TV shows and movies, you'll see there are some all-American boy names that get used over and over again. These names are recognizable and feel distinctly American.

Name Meaning Origin
Al Bright noble Germanic
Brad Broad clearing English
Brent Hill Celtic
Brice/Bryce Speckled Gaulish
Bruce From Brix, France Scottish
Cal Bald French
Clark Priest English
Dale Lives near valley English
Garth Garden Norse
Hank Home ruler Germanic
Jake Supplanter Latin
Josh Yahweh is salvation Hebrew
Kirk Church Scottish
Shane Yahweh is gracious Hebrew
Stan Stone clearing English
Trey Three English
Troy From Troyes, France English
Vince To conquer Latin
Zack/Zach Yahweh remembers Hebrew
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Rare One Syllable Names for Boys

If you want a truly unique name for your little boy, you'll have to dig deep to find a rare gem. Rare names are great because they help your little guy stand out from the crowd.

Name Meaning Origin
Alp Hero Turkish
Arn Eagle Germanic
Baer Bright Germanic
Biff Strike English
Boyce Wood English
Brant Sword Norse
Ceel Male Dutch
Cree Native American tribe French
Duff Dark Gaelic
Dutch German German
Fulk People Germanic
Hale Retreat English
Kemp Champion English
Leith Damp English
Pace Peace English
Price/Pryce Son of Rhys Welsh
Red/Redd Read English
Shaw Thicket English
Sixte Polished French
Teague Poet Irish
Thane Servant English
Vance Marsh English
Zed Justice Greek

Cool Boys' Names With One Syllable

Cool baby boy names simply sound awesome every time you say them. These cool dudes will always enter a room with an air of awesome about them.

Name Meaning Origin
Burke Fortress English
Chance Falling Latin
Chip Similar to father English
Dane From Denmark English
Dax From Dax, France English
Drake Dragon Norse
Giles Young goat Greek
Rafe Counsel wolf Norse
Reed/Reid Red English
Rex King Latin
Sid Wide island English
Spike With spiky hair English
Stone Small rock English
Tate Unknown meaning English
Wade To go English
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Celebrity Baby Boy Names With One Syllable

Celebrity baby boy names are creative and cool. Celebrity parents know their son will be getting lots of attention, so they put a lot of consideration into trend-setting baby names.

Name Meaning Celebrity Parents
Bear Brown one Liam Payne & Cheryl Cole
Beau/Bo Beautiful Nev Schulman & Laura Perlongo
Crew(e) Group working together Chip & Joanna Gaines
Ford Shallow water Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers
Gene Well born Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer
Grey/Gray Color name Molly Sims & Scott Stuber
Hal Home ruler Benedict & Sophie Cumberbatch
Hart Strong Meghan King Edmonds & Jim Edmonds
Hayes Fence Whitney Bischoff & Ricky Angel
Mack/Mac Son, man Allison Langdon & Michael Willesee, Jr.
Ode Fortune Jena Malone & Ethan De Lorenzo
Pierce Stone Zachery & Carly Bryan
Psalm Sacred song Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West
Rise Go higher Jacqueline MacInnes Wood & Elan Ruspoli
Rhys/Reese Enthusiasm Michelle Branch & Patrick Carney
Shams Sun Mercedes "MJ" Javid & Tommy Feight
Slate Hard, smooth rock Landon Donovan & Hannah Bartell
Sir Respected man Beyonce & Jay-Z
Zane God is gracious Rebecca Robertson Loflin & John Reed Loflin

God Names With One Syllable for Boys

Some of the most powerful gods in the world had names with one syllable. These strong baby boy names can indicate the strength your son already has or the strength you hope he'll find in life.

Name Meaning Origin
Áed Fire Irish Mythology
An Heaven Supreme Sumerian god of heaven
Ask Ash tree First man created by Norse gods
Bran Raven Son of Welsh god Llyr
Bor Son, born Norse god Odin's father
Chi God Igbo personal god
Dwyn meaning unknown Celtic god of love
Freyr Lord Norse god of fertility
Ing Ancestor Germanic fertility god
Jove Sky father Alternate name for Roman god Jupiter
Llyr The sea Welsh god of the sea
Mars Male Roman god of war
Mot Death Ugaritic god of death
Njord Strong Norse god of the sea
Ra Sun Egyptian sun god
Tane Man Maori god of forests
Thor Thunder Norse god of strength & storms
Thoth Meaning unknown Egyptian god of moon, science, magic
Zeus Shine, sky Chief Greek god
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One Syllable Cowboy Names for Boys

Let the strong and loyal men of the real and fictional Wild West inspire your little cowboy's name. From historical sheriffs and robbers to television gunfighters, these unique names won't be showing up in every daycare center and classroom.

Name Meaning Cowboy
Bart Son of Talmai Black Bart, robber
Bat Son of Talmai Bat Masterson, TV lawman
Bill Desire Buffalo Bill, show founder
Butch Masculine Butch Cassidy, robber
Clay Works with clay Clay Allison, gunfighter
Clint River Glyme settlement Clint Eastwood, Western actor
Colt Young male horse Gun manufacturer
Doc Doctor Doc Holliday, gunfighter
Earl Nobleman Earl Bascom, rodeo
Heath Lives on heath Heath Barkley, TV cowboy
Hoss Large, respected man Hoss Cartwright, TV cowboy
Kid Young goat Kid Curry, outlaw
Roy Red Roy Rogers, TV cowboy
Sharps Pointed ends Gun manufacturer
Vint Finch Vint Bonner, TV gunman

Biblical Boy Names With One Syllable

If your baby boy was a miracle baby or you hope he'll exhibit godly qualities, you can find many short boy names in the Bible. While many biblical names are long, these one syllable names are just as righteous.

Name Meaning
Cain Possessed
Dan He who judges
Jair My light
James Cheater
Job He who cries
Joel He who commands
John Mercy of the Lord
Jude Praise of the Lord
Luke Luminous
Mark Polite
Paul Small
Saul Demanded
Seth Who puts
Shem Renown
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Vintage Names for Boys With One Syllable

Popular names for baby boys change with the times. Look to the past for old-fashioned boy names that haven't made a big comeback in a while.

Name Meaning Origin
Bert Bright Germanic
Carl/Karl Man Germanic
Charles Man Germanic
Clark Priest English
Dave/Dav Beloved Hebrew
Des Place Name Irish
Doug Dark river Scottish
Finn Fair Irish
Flynn Descendant of Flann Irish
Graham Gravelly homestead English
Herb Bright army Germanic
Ken Handsome Gaelic
Kyle Narrows Scottish
Lee Clearing English
Lloyd Grey Welsh
Lyle Island French
Steve Crown Greek
Todd Fox English
Walt Army ruler Germanic

One Syllable Multicultural Names for Boys

Give your little guy multicultural flair with a name inspired by common names in the countries of your ancestors. Depending on where you live, these names could be completely unique.

Name Meaning Origin
Bao Honor Chinese
Blaise Lisping French
Chang Prosper Chinese
Claus/Klaus Victory of the people Greek
Dolph Noble wolf Germanic
Ernst Serious Germanic
Frans Frenchman Latin
Hans Yahweh is gracious Hebrew
Jie Heroic Chinese
Juan Yahweh is gracious Spanish from Hebrew
Lars Italian place name Roman
Leif Heir Norse
Nur/Noor Light Arabic
Quim Yahweh establishes Portuguese from Hebrew
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Boys' Sports Names With One Syllable

The world's greatest athletes always seem to have great names. Check out some of the top performers from your favorite sports or teams to see if they can work for your baby boy too.

Name Meaning Sport
Ali Sublime Boxing legend Mohammed
Blake Black NBA player Griffin
Brett/Bret A Breton NFL quarterback Favre
Brock Badger Professional Wrestler Lesner
Cam Crooked NFL quarterback Newton
Dwayne/Duane Descendent of Dubhan NBA player Wade
Floyd Grey Professional boxer Mayweather
Kurt Brave counsel NFL quarterback Warner
Lance Land Professional cyclist Armstrong
Pau Humble NBA player Gasol
Phelps Son of Philip Olympic swimmer Michael
Shaq Handsome NBA player O'Neil
Vince To conquer NBA player Carter

Prominent Titles to Use As Boys' Names

Religious, noble, and political titles aren't commonly used today, so they make great power names for your baby boy. With a name like one of these or a royal baby boy name, your little guy is sure to become a leader.

Name Meaning
Chief Highest authority, tribe leader
Count Title of nobility
Dean Chief of ten, head of a school
Earl Nobleman, aristocratic title
King Head of kin, male monarch
Lord Loaf keeper, head of feudal state
Prince First head, son of monarch
Reeve Local official, chief officer under king
Saint Holy, person who lived a holy life
Sarge From Sergeant, rank in military or police
Tsar Emperor, autocrat

Place Names That Make Great Boy Names

City, county, state, and country names are often inspired by their natural elements or the people who founded them. These meaningful place names sound similar to common boys' names, so they won't seem too out of the ordinary.

Name Meaning
Berne Swiss capital
Chad African country
Fez Moroccan city
Flint U.S. city
Kent English county
Laos Asian country
Van Turkish city
York U.K. city
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Animal Names With One Syllable for Boys

Take the idea of a spirit animal to the next level and give your son an animal name. Think about the common attributes of the animal to match the name with your boy's personality.

Name Meaning Attributes
Buck Male deer Strong
Bull Adult male bovine Stubborn
Fox Thick haired, small canine Red, sly
Hawk Predatory bird Keen
Newt New town, amphibian Cute, dangerous
Ox Adult bull Strong
Shad Spring up, fish Strong
Tiger Sharp arrow, large cat Strong
Wolf wild canine carnivore Fierce

One Syllable Video Game Character Names for Boys

When you want a unique and strong name for your son, video game characters make great inspiration. These names are carefully chosen and crafted to fit a specific persona that just might fit your little guy too.

Name Meaning Video Game
Duke Leader Duke Nukem
Faust Lucky Guilty Gear
Jax Son of Jack Mortal Combat
Ky Pure Guilty Gear
Link Lake colony Legend of Zelda
Marth Meaning unknown Fire Emblem
Minsc Meaning unknown Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter
Prime First, original Transformers
Shao Chinese place name Mortal Combat
Squall Brief, violent storm Final Fantasy VIII

One Syllable Nicknames Used as Boy Names

Shortening common or old-fashioned boy names is one way to get an uncommon name for your son. Look at your favorite multi-syllable names and think about what nickname you'd use for it to get a new option based on your favorite longer names.

Name Meaning Origin
Ben Son of the south, short for Benjamin Hebrew
Bob Bright fame, short for Robert Germanic
Chet Fortress, short for Chester Latin
Cliff Ford near cliff, short for Clifford English
Dom Of the Lord, short for Dominic Latin
Jeff/Geoff Foreign peace, short for Jeffrey Germanic
Joe/Jo He will add, short for Joseph Hebrew
Ike He will laugh, short for Isaac Hebrew
Max Greatest, short for Maximus Latin
Mike Who is like God?, short for Michael Hebrew
Rob Bright Fame, short for Robert Germanic
Rod Famous power, short for Roderick Germanic
Rodge Famous spear, short for Rodger Germanic
Thad Heart, short for Thaddeus Greek
Vern Alder, short for Vernon Gaulish

Short Names With Great Meaning

Short, one syllable boy names can have just as much, if not more, meaning and impact as longer names. When you choose a great short name from the start, your little guy is more likely to be called by his name all the time. Choosing the right name for your boy includes considering sound, spelling, and the baby name meaning.

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