50+ Beautiful Egyptian Girl Names & Meanings

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Egyptian girl names range from those inspired by natural beauty to blessings and wishes for the new child. Some even take their inspiration from the ancient Egyptians. No matter which baby girl name you choose, you'll love looking at these gorgeous names.

Egyptian Girl Names Inspired by Nature

Many beautiful Egyptian girl names take their inspiration from the natural world, including the all-important Nile river. There are also many lovely animal-inspired names. If you love nature and want to express that value in a name, one of these may be perfect:

  • Anipe - This pretty names means "daughter of the Nile river."
  • Bennu - This name means "eagle girl."
  • Chione - Another river-inspired name, this means "mythical Nile daughter."
  • Khepri - This radiant name means "morning sun."
  • Mesi - A statement about an element of nature necessary for life, this name means "water."
  • Panya - This adorable name means "mouse."
  • Sanura - Another cute option, this name means "kitten."
  • Zahra - With a meaning as beautiful as the name itself, this name means "flower."

Egyptian Girl Names of Love

If you want to express how much you value a girl, these names all relate to love and gratitude. They make a beautiful and meaningful statement.

  • Ain - This name means "priceless," as in a priceless gift.
  • Aziza - A statement of great value, this name means "precious."
  • Bahini - This name means "fortune" or "gift of fortune."
  • Femi - A simple and lovely name, this means "love."
  • Habibah - This name means "loved" or "beloved."
  • Ife - Another classic choice, this name means "love."
  • Jendayi - This means "gratitude" or "thankfulness." It's a gorgeous choice if you're looking for a baby name that starts with J.
  • Mukarramma - This name is full of respect and means "revered."
  • Nashwa - This beautiful name means "wonderful feeling" or "happiness."
  • Olabisi - This name means "bringer of joy."
  • Oni - A beautiful choice, this name means "girl who is wanted."
  • Sharifa - This powerful name speaks to how valued the girl is; it means "respected."
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Names Based on Time of Birth

Some Egyptian girl names are based on the time or season when a girl is born. These beautiful names allow her to carry the circumstances of her birth with her throughout her life.

  • Layla - This means "girl who was born at night."
  • Masika - Meaning "girl born during rain," this is a lovely choice for a child born during a storm.
  • Nuru - This name means "born during the day."
  • Rabiah - For a child born during the spring months, use this name meaning "girl born in the spring."
  • Sabah - This pretty name means "born in the morning."

Egyptian Girl Names Based on Qualities

Like many cultures around the world, Egyptian names for girls often speak to desirable personal qualities or characteristics. From physical beauty to compassion, these are some of the prettiest options:

  • Akila - This beautiful name means "intelligent."
  • Dalila - A classic choice, this name means "gentle."
  • Fukayna - This name also means "intelligent."
  • Halima - A name based on kindness, this means "gentle."
  • Hasina - This name simply means "good."
  • Jamila - This name means "beauty."
  • Kamilah - The highest ideal, this name means "perfection."
  • Mandisa - This means "girl who is sweet."
  • Mert - For those who find beauty in quiet, this name means "lover of silence."
  • Monifa - If you want her to be fortunate, choose this name, which means "lucky."
  • Muminah - This name means "pious."
  • Nailah - This beautiful name means "successful."
  • Nourbese - This name means "wonderful."
  • Omorose - A gorgeous choice, this name means "beautiful."
  • Oseye - This pretty name means "happy."
  • Quibilah - A lovely choice, this name means "peaceful."
  • Ramla - This fascinating option means "one who predicts the future."
  • Rashida - This name means "righteous."
  • Raziya - This beautiful name means "agreeable."
  • Rehema - A name for a kind child, this means "compassionate."
  • Sagira - This name could be a good choice for a small baby; it means "little one."
  • Selma - This name means "secure."
  • Shani - A unique name, this means "wonderful."
  • Sslama - This unusual choice means "peaceful."
  • Tabia - This name means "talented."
  • Talibah - An especially pretty option, tis means "seeker of knowledge."
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Ancient Egyptian Girl Names

Inspired by famous queens and mythological deities, these beautiful names may be perfect if you would like to add a sense of history and mystique. Try one of these pretty options:

  • Cleopatra - a queen of Egypt
  • Hatshepsut - an Egyptian queen
  • Hehet - goddess of things immeasurable
  • Isis - the supreme goddess
  • Keket - goddess of the darkness
  • Maat - goddess of justice and order
  • Naunet - goddess of the ocean
  • Nut - sky goddess
  • Renenet - goddess of fortune

The Perfect Name Is Out There

For even more options, take a look at a list of beautiful Middle Eastern baby names and Arabic names. You'll find many of the same themes and values in these lovely names, giving you even more choices for finding the perfect name for your baby girl.

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