60+ Unique Girl Names That Start With K

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Girl names that start with K often sound mysterious with ancient origins. You have many excellent choices for you baby girl's name when you search names that start with K.

Girl Names That Start With K Sound Unique

You may want to say the girl names that start with K out loud to see how it fits your baby girl. It is a name you will be saying for the rest of your like, so you want to be sure both you and your baby will like it.

  1. Kacee: Alert, watchful (Irish)
  2. Kadisha: Holy (Hebrew)
  3. Kailee, Kailey, Kailyn, Kaylin, Kaelynn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Keyla: Keeper of keys (Gaelic)
  4. Kaiya: Forgiveness (Japanese)
  5. Kalani: Heaven, royal one (Hawiian)
  6. Kareen: Maiden (Scandinavian)
  7. Karen: Pure (Danish)
  8. Karene, Karina: Maiden (Scandinavian)
  9. Karlee, Karlie: Free woman, warrior (German)
  10. Karma: Fate, destiny (Sanskrit, Hindi)
  11. Karmen: Fruitful orchard (Spanish)
  12. Kasey: Alert, full of energy (American)
  13. Kassidy: Curly haired (Irish)
  14. Kayden: Fighter (American)
  15. Kaylie: Slim, fair (Irish)
  16. Khloe: Young green shoot (Chloe-Greek)
  17. Kiana: Ancient, God is gracious (Irish)
  18. Kiara, Kira: Dark haired (Irish)
  19. Kinley: Daughter of white warrior (Gaelic)
  20. Kristen: Christian (German)
  21. Ksenia: Wanderer (Russian)
  22. Kylee, Kyleigh, Kylie: Slender, narrow (Gaelic)
  23. Kynlee: Fair haired Viking (Irish)
Unique Girl Names That Start With K

Girl Names That Start With Ke

Girl names that start with Ke have a mystical essence. You can almost feel the antiquity and magic surrounding the name when you say it out loud.

  1. Kehlani: Sea heavens (Polynesian)
  2. Keilani: Heaven, sky, glorious, royal one (Hawiian)
  3. Keily, Kiley: Graceful (Irish)
  4. Keira: Little dark-haired one (from Ciara- Irish)
  5. Kelly: Warrior (Irish)
  6. Kenna: Beautiful (American)
  7. Kennedy, Kennedi: Helmeted Chief (Gaelic)
  8. Kenya: Animal horn (Hebrew)
  9. Kenzie: Descendent of the handsome man (Scottish)

4 Letter Girl Names That Start With K

If you're looking for a short name that packs a lot of meaning, a 4-letter girl's name might do it. You can consider the meaning and country of origin to make sure you choose the name that best expresses your little girl.

  1. Kaia: Earth (Greek)
  2. Kara: Beloved (Latin)
  3. Kiki: New life, new beginning (French, German, Spanish)
  4. Kimi: Beautiful, delightful, joyful (Japanese)
  5. Kora. Kori: Maiden (Greek)
  6. Kyla: Slender (Gaelic)
  7. Kyra: Lady, female ruler (Greek)

English Girl Names Starting With K

Choosing an English name is one way to honor your ancestry and your baby girl. Some names have more than one spelling and are grouped together.

  1. Karter: Transport with cart (English)
  2. Kaylee, Kayleigh: Who is like God, pure of the clearing (English)
  3. Kelsey: Victorious ship (English)
  4. Kendall, Kyndall: Valley on the River Kent (English)
  5. Kendra: Royal power, bold power (English, Welsh)
  6. Kenley: Royal meadow (English)
  7. Kensington: The town of Cynsige's people (English)
  8. Kensley: Spring, well, clearing glade (English)
  9. Kimber: Bold kin (English)
  10. Kimberly: Woodland, clearing (English)
  11. Kinsleigh: Proud, overbearing (English)
  12. Kinsley, Kinslee: King's meadow, royal victory (English)
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Greek Girl Names That Start With a K

You may decide that an ancient Greek name suits your baby girl best. You can choose from several names that have beautiful and strong meanings.

  1. Kadie: Pure (Greek)
  2. Kaitlyn: Pure (Greek)
  3. Kallie: Most beautiful, fair (Greek)
  4. Karla: Woman of Strength (Greek)
  5. Kassandra: She who entangles men (Greek)
  6. Katalina, Kate, Katie, Katelyn, Katelynn: Each of the two, pure (Greek)
  7. Katherine, Kathryn, Kathy: Clean, pure (Greek)
  8. Kathleen, Katrina: Pure, far away (Greek)
  9. Kristina: Follower of Christ (Greek)
  10. Krystal: Crystal, Earth mineral stones (Greek)

Finding Names That Start With a K for Baby Girls

When you decide you want to name your baby girl with a name that starts with a K, it's easy when you have a list. You can quickly see the names, their meanings, and the country of origin to help you make a more informed decision about your little girl's name.

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60+ Unique Girl Names That Start With K