75 Magnetic Boy Names That Start With M

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Boy names that start with M offer strong masculine choices that are charismatic. You can find gentle sounding boy names that start with M that have strong emotional meanings.

Unique Boy Names That Start With M

You may desire unique boy names that start with M for your little guy. A few of these names are stately or convey a spiritual connection you may find appealing as a name for your baby boy.

  1. Maddox: Son of Madoc (Welsh)
  2. Malachi: Messenger of God (Hebrew)
  3. Malik: Owner, king (Arabic)
  4. Malone: Servant or disciple of Saint John (Irish)
  5. Manuel: God is with us (Hebrew)
  6. Marcel: Belongs to Mars (Roman)
  7. Mario: Great lord (Welsh)
  8. Martin, Marten: Warrior of Mars (Scandinavian)
  9. Marvin: Great lord (Welsh)
  10. Matias: Gift of Yahweh (Hebrew)
  11. Matteo: Gift of God (Italian)
  12. Matthias: Gift of God (Greek)
  13. Maurice: Dark-skinned, of Moor people (Spanish)
  14. Melvin: Friend of Justice (English)
  15. Merrick: Fame and power (French)
  16. Mickey: Who is like God (American)
  17. Miguel: Who is like God (Spanish)
  18. Milan: Loving, gracious, kind (Slavic)
  19. Milo: Gracious soldier (English)
  20. Milton: Mill town (English)
  21. Morton: Settlement on the moor or marsh (Scottish)
  22. Moses: Pulled from the water (Hebrew)
  23. Murdock: Mariner, of the sea (Gaelic)
  24. Murray: Protector of seas, lord of sea (Irish)
  25. Myles: Soldier (Latin)
  26. Myron: Fragrant oil, myrrh (Greek)
Magnetic boy names that start with M

Southern Boy Names That Start With M

If you want to add a touch of old-world mystique to your child's name, a Southern name is a good option. You can consider Southern boy names that start with M to see if they have that romantic wispy feel when you say them out loud.

  1. Madison: Son of Maud, Strength in battle (German)
  2. Magnus: Great (Latin)
  3. Major: Greater, military rank (Latin)
  4. Malcolm, Malcom: Devotee of Saint Columba (Scottish/Gaelic)
  5. Marcus, Marc: Of Mars, god of war (Roman)
  6. Mark: Consecrated to god Mars (Latin)
  7. Mason: One who works with stone (English)
  8. Matt, Matthew: Gift of God (Hebrew)
  9. Maverick: Wild and independent (American)
  10. Max, Maxx, Maximus: Greatest (Latin)
  11. Maxwell: Stream of Maccus (Scottish)
  12. Merle: Blackbird (French)
  13. Michael: Who is like God (Hebrew)
  14. Miles: Soldier (Latin)
  15. Miller: Mill worker (English)
  16. Mitch, Mitchell: Who is like God, variant of Michael (American)
  17. Montgomery: From wealthy man's mountain (Scottish)
  18. Morris: Dark-skinned, Moorish (Latin)

Country Boy Names That Start With M

If you hail from a rural area, you may prefer boy names that reflect country life. You may find your search for that gem in a list of country boy names that start with M for your baby.

  1. Mac: Son (Scottish)
  2. Mace: Gift of God (English)
  3. Macon: Dweller of marsh (French)
  4. Manford: Protector of the ford (English)
  5. Manning: Ancient and noble (Norse)
  6. Marshall: Love of Horses (Scottish)
  7. Memphis: Enduring and beautiful (Greek)
  8. Mackinley: Son of white warrior, learned ruler (Gaelic)
  9. Mike: Who is like God (American)
  10. Millard: Hardy, strong, brave (French)
  11. Mills: To grind, crush (English)
  12. Monroe, Munroe: Man from Roe River, Man from red marsh (Irish), (Latin)
  13. Morgan, Morgen: Of the sea (Welsh)
  14. Morrison: Dark haired, dark skinned, of Moor (Scottish)
  15. Moss: Moses (Medieval)
  16. Murphy: Sea warrior (Irish)
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Indian and Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With M

A list of Sanskrit, Indian, and Hindu baby boy names that start with M feature names with strong meanings. You may find the perfect name for your little man when browsing the list.

  1. Maanas: Human
  2. Madhu: Honey, nectar
  3. Madhukar: Honeybee, lover
  4. Mahavir: Bravest among men
  5. Mahi: The Earth
  6. Mahipal: King
  7. Mahir: Expert
  8. Mahish: Crowned king
  9. Manavendra: King among men
  10. Mani: Gem
  11. Manyu: Mind
  12. Mareechi: Ray of light
  13. Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna
  14. Mithil: Kingdom
  15. Mukunda: Freedom giver, jewel

Strong and Powerful Boy Names That Start With M

You may decide to choose a name for your baby boy based on its meaning or origin. Searching for boy names that start with M is easy when you have them divided into groupings to help you decide on the best one for your sweet little guy.

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75 Magnetic Boy Names That Start With M