75 Radiant Girl Names That Mean Fire

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If you're looking for girl names that mean fire for your baby girl, you have plenty of options. These beautiful fiery names for girls come from various languages and traditions.

26 Girl Names That Mean Fire or Flame

There are so many beautiful, fiery names for your little girl that come from various languages and traditions. Each of these names mean flame, fiery, light, or something similar to evoke the spirit of fire.

Number Name Origin Meaning
1 Aalish Persian flame
2 Adara Hebrew fire
3 Adeen Gaelic little flame
4 Aidan Celtic small but fiery
5 Aine Celtic fire or joy
6 Anala Hindi fiery
7 Azar Persian flame
8 Basia Czech fire
9 Blaise French flame
10 Brenna German blazing light
11 Calida Spanish fiery
12 Candace Greek

white fire

13 Conley Celtic purifying fire
14 Ember French spark of fire
15 Enya Celtic fire
16 Kalama Hawaiian torch of flame
17 Keahi Hawaiian fire
18 Kiran Sanskrit ray of light
19 Nuri Hebrew light of fire
20 Nuria Hebrew fire of the lord
21 Phoenix Greek creature that bursts into flames and rises from the ashes
22 Seraphina Hebrew fire spirit
23 Shideh Persian radiant
24 Shohreh Persian woman of flame
25 Shula Arabic flame
26 Tanwen Welsh holy fire
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19 Celestial Fire Names for Girls

You can also look to the natural world for girls names. In the case of fire, look to the sky for celestial names to invoke the essence of flames.

Number Name Origin Meaning
1 Aprina Armenian rising sun
2 Cyra Persian sun
3 Electra Greek fiery sun
4 Eliane Latin sun
5 Eilidh Scottish radiant sun
6 Esfir Persian star-like
7 Helia Greek sun
8 Hester Persian star-like
9 Idalia Italian behold the sun
10 Kalinda Hindi sun
11 Mehri Persian sunny
12 Oriane French sunrise
13 Roksana Persian star of magnificence
14 Rosana Persian star of magnificence
15 Salana Latin sun
16 Savita Hindi sun
17 Sol Spanish sun
18 Solana Spanish sunny
19 Soleil French sun
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30 Fire Goddess Girl Names

Look no further than to ancient fire goddesses for great girl names that mean fire. Many cultures had fire gods and goddesses, along with gods associated with the sun, volcanoes, lighting, and other fiery natural occurrences. Why not try one of these fiery girl names?

Number Name Origin Meaning
1 Agneya Hindi Daughter of Agni, Hindu God of Fire
2 Amaterasu Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess
4 Arinitti Hittite Sun Goddess of Arinna
5 Brigit Celtic Irish Goddess of Fire
6 Chantico Aztec Goddess of Volcanoes and Hearth Fires
7 Gabieta Lithuanian Spirit of Fire
8 Gabija Lithuanian Spirit of Fire
9 Hestia Greek Goddess of Hearth and Fires
10 Iansã Brazilian Goddess of Fire and Wind
11 Ishat Phoenician Goddess of Fire
12 Ila Hindi Member of the Solar Dynasty
13 Jowangsin Korean Goddess of Fire
14 Kamar Georgian Goddess of Fire
15 Lalahon Philippine Goddess of Volcanoes, Fire, and Harvest
16 Mahuea Māori Goddess of Fire
17 Mahuika Māori Goddess of Fire
18 Mariel Ossetian Fire Goddess
19 Nantosuelta Celtic Goddess of Fire and Nature
20 Neyanki Khanty Goddess of Fire
21 Oya Yoruban Goddess of Fire, Fertility, and Wind
22 Pele Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes, and Wind
23 Sachmis Egyptian Goddess of Sun and Fire
24 Sekhmet Egyptian Lioness Goddess of Sun and Fire
25 Shapash Canaanite Goddess of the Sun
26 Turgmam Nivkhi Goddess of Fire
27 Uto Greek Sun Goddess
28 Vesta Roman Goddess of Fire
29 Wadjet Egyptian Serpent goddess who breathes fire
30 Yansá Yoruban Goddess of Lightning
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Fiery Girls' Names

Whether you invoke fiery celestial objects, flames, or the names of goddesses associated with fire, there are plenty of warm, sunny names for girls, So if you're looking for a uniquely bright girls' name, then try a name that serves as another word for fire.

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75 Radiant Girl Names That Mean Fire