92 Mexican Boy Names From Popular to Unique

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Whether you're Mexican, Hispanic, or just love Mexican culture, there are tons of great Mexican boy names to choose from for your little mijo. Check out what's popular in Mexico and old Mexican names to see what suits your baby boy best.

Most Popular Boy Names in Mexico

A look at the most popular boy names in Mexico in 2017 and a list of baby boy names that were popular in 2018 in Mexico shows that compound names and names ending in vowels are well liked.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Alejandro Defending men a-leh-KHAN-dro
Arturo Bear king ar-TOO-ro
David Beloved da-VEED
Eduardo Fortune guard eh-DHWAR-dho
Enrique Home ruler ehn-REE-keh
Fernando Brave journey fehr-NAN-do
Francisco Javier Frenchman new house fran-SEES-ko kha-BYEHR
Gabriel God is my strength ga-BRYEHL
Juan Carlos God is a gracious man khwan-KAR-los
Jesus God is salvation kheh-SOOS
Jorge Farmer KHOR-kheh
José Luis He will add famous battle kho-seh-LWEES
Julio César Downy bearded and hairy KHOO-lyo SEH-sar
Miguel Ángel Who is like god's messenger mee-GHEHL ANG-khehl
Sergio Unknown SEHR-khyo

Famous Mexicans in Entertainment

Look to famous Mexican actors, directors, and musicians from the past and present for great baby boy name inspiration.

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Name Fame Pronunciation
Alfonso Director Cuarón all-fon-so
Carlos Musician Santana car-lohs
Diego Actor Luna th-ee-ay-go
Eugenio Actor Derbez ay-oo-hayn-yo
Gael Actor García Bernal gai-ell
Guillermo Director Del Toro gee-air-mo
Marco Antonio Singer Solis mahr-ko an-toh-nyo
Oscar Boxer De la Hoya oh-scar
Rico Actor Rodriguez ree-co

Most Popular Mexican-American Boy Names

Mexican-American baby boy names include the popular baby names in the U.S. as of 2018 that are Hispanic names and most popular boy names in New Mexico in 2019.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Angel Messenger ANG-khehl
Daniel God is my judge da-NYEHL
Elijah My God is Yahweh i-LIE-jə
Ezekiel God will strengthen i-ZEE-kee-əl
Ezra Help EHZ-rə
Isaiah God is salvation ie-ZAY-ə
Jose He will add kho-SEH
Julian Downy bearded khoo-LYAN
Liam Desire to protect LEE-əm
Logan Little hollow LO-gən
Noah Rest NO-ə
Matteo/Mateo Gift of God ma-TEH-o
Santiago Saint James san-TYA-gho
Sebastián Venerable seh-bas-TYAN

Powerful Mexican Names for Boys

If you want a strong baby boy name, use the first names of Mexican presidents and other Mexican heroes. For an original and uncommon baby name, consider using the last names of these powerful Mexican men as first names.

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Name Meaning Pronunciation
Adolfo Noble wolf a-DHOL-fo
Álvaro Elf warrior AL-ba-ro
Andrés Manly an-DREHS
Benito Blessed beh-NEE-to
Emiliano Rival eh-mee-LYA-no
Lázaro My God has helped LA-sa-ro
Manuel God is with us ma-NWEHL
Miguel Who is like God? mee-GHEHL
Pancho Frenchman PAN-cho
Pascual Relating to Easter pas-KWAL
Venustiano Love be-noo-STYAH-no
Vicente To conquer bee-SEHN-teh

Native Mexican Names for Boys

The names of Aztec leaders and gods or Mayan gods have an heir of power and cultural strength to them.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Ahluic Mayan god of material wealth ah-loo-eek
Ahulane Mayan god of war ah-oo-layn
Balam Mayan for jaguar bah-lahm
Chac Mayan supreme god of storms tja-k
Huitzilopochtli Aztec god of war wee-tsee-loh-poch-tlee
Itzcóatl Nahuatl ruler eet-koh-aht
Kukulkan Mayan god koo-koo-lkan
Montezuma Aztec ruler mohn-tay-zoo-ma
Nacon Mayan god of war nay-cohn
Quetzalcóatl Aztec god keht-səl-ko-AHT-əl
Tenoch Aztec ruler te-NOCH

Old Mexican Names for Boys

Traditional and old Mexican names can make a comeback anytime if modern parents choose to honor these historical boy names.

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Name Meaning Pronunciation
Adalberto Noble and bright a-dhal-BEHR-to
Adelardo Noble and brave a-dheh-LAR-dho
Aquiles Pain ah-KEE-lays
Hernan Brave journey ehr-NAN
Ignacio Unknown eeg-NA-syo
Jeronimo Sacred name kheh-RO-nee-mo
Mariano Male ma-RYA-no
Octavio Eighth ok-TA-byo
Porfirio Purple dye por-FEE-ryo

Unique Mexican Names for Boys

If you want unique Hispanic boy names or unique Mexican boy names, you'll have to check out things like rare and archaic Spanish names. Giving your little boy a unique baby name with Mexican ties gives him his own identity and embraces his cultural history.

Name Meaning Pronunciation
Antelmo Wrath and protection on-tell-mo
Atanasio Immortal ah-tah-nah-syo
Balbino Stammerer bahl-bee-no
Celino Heaven seh-LEE-no
Celio Heaven SEHL-yo
Eberardo Brave boar eh-beh-RAR-dho
Facundo Eloquent fa-KOON-do
Grimaldo Masked leader gree-mahl-do
Próspero Fortunate PRO-speh-ro
Tácito Silent TA-see-to

Mexican Culture Names for Boys

The names of famous Mexican landmarks or Mexican cities and states can become great modern baby boy names.

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Name Pronunciation
Akumal ah-koo-mal
Cozumel coh-zoo-mehl
Guaymas gwy-mas
Malecon mah-lay-cone
Manzanillo mon-zah-neeyo
Monte Alban montay-ahl-bahn
Queretaro kay-reh-tah-ro
Tajín tah-heen
Tampico tahm-pee-co
Tulum too-loom
Uxmal oosh-mal
Zitacuaro seet-ah-quaro

Baby Boy Names Inspired by Mexico

From Mexican leaders to the landscape, you can find inspiration for Mexican boy names in different elements of Mexican culture. Little boys full of Mexican spirit will appreciate their name inspired by this country and culture. When choosing a Mexican name for your little guy, you can use the Latin American pronunciation or look at a pronunciation guide for other ways to say the name.

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