Bright Baby Names That Mean Star

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If you love the night sky, outer space, and all things celestial, names that mean "star" are the perfect options for your baby. From stellar gender neutral names to beautiful star names for girls and cool star names for boys, names with "star" in the meaning are as abundant as stars in the night sky.

Stellar Unisex Baby Names

When you want to find unique baby names with a gender neutral sound, look to the sky. Star names often work for girls or boys because they're derived from ancient languages.

Words for Star in Different Languages to Use As Unisex Names

Start your search for gender neutral baby names that mean "star" with a look at how to say "star" in different languages.

  • Aster (Greek)
  • Citlali (Nahuatl)
  • Dara (Sanskrit)
  • Etoile (French)
  • Najima (Arabic)
  • Nthanda (Tumbuka)
  • Nyota (Swahili)
  • Realta (Irish)

Gender Neutral Names of Stars

You can check out the list of official names of stars to find some great unisex name options. While these names don't mean "star," they are the names of actual stars in the sky.

  • Antares -opposing Ares
  • Felis - cat
  • Deneb - tail
  • Galaxy - group of stars
  • Imai - unknown
  • Polaris - pole

Unisex Names Inspired by Constellations

The names of constellations, or groupings of stars, are typically Latin in origins.

  • Aquarius - water
  • Ara - ornament
  • Aries - ram
  • Auriga - the charioteer
  • Canis - dog
  • Gemini - twins
  • Indus - river
  • Lynx - brightness
  • Pyxis - mariner's compass
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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Sun

The sun is the most important star for earthlings because it is at the center of the solar system. For a unique twist on star names, look for names that mean "sun."

  • Arawan (Thai) - sunshine
  • Gunay (Turkish)- sun and moon
  • Haru (Japanese) - sun and spring
  • Hinata (Japanese) - sunny place
  • Mehr (Persian) - friendship and sun
  • Shams (Arabic) - sun
  • Sol (Catalan) - sun
  • Sunan (Esperanto) -sun
  • Yang (Chines) - sun
  • Zon (Dutch) - sun

Celestial Star Names for Girls

If you love the sound of magical girl names, a celestial name could meet your needs. These names are typically viewed as feminine, but could be used for any gender.

Feminine Names That Mean Star

Names and words that mean "star" in different languages give you creative name options for your little star.

  • Astra (Greek)
  • Astraea (Latinized Greek)
  • Bituin (Tagalong)
  • Csilla (Hungarian)
  • Dzvezda (Macedonian)
  • Estelle (French)
  • Estrella (Spanish)
  • Seren (Welsh)
  • Setareh (Persian)
  • Sitara (Urdu)
  • Star (English)
  • Stella/Stela (Latin)
  • Steora (Old English)
  • Steren (Cornish)
  • Tahti (Finnish)
  • Tara (Sanskrit)
  • Yildiz (Turkish)

Girl Names With Star in the Meaning

Go beyond the standard meaning "star" and look for names that mean "star" and something else.

  • Danica (Slavic) - morning star
  • Elanor (Literary) - star sun
  • Hokulani (Hawaiian) - heavenly star
  • Hoshiko (Japanese)- star child
  • Maristela (Spanish) - star of the sea
  • Nebula (Latin) - means "little cloud;" term for the cloud of dust and gas between stars
  • Nova (Latin) - means "new;" term for a star that suddenly increases brightness
  • Zornitsa (Bulgarian) - morning star
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Celestial Names of Stars for Girls

These real star names have feminine sounds, so they'll be unique without being weird.

  • Alcyone - strong helper
  • Ashlesha - a star
  • Capella - she-goat
  • Proxima - on the next
  • Saiph - sword of the giant
  • Spica - ear of grain
  • Tien - celestial being
  • Tsiuri - celestial
  • Vega - the falling vulture

Cute Constellation Names for Girls

You can take constellation names as is or look for ways to alter them to create your own beautiful star name.

  • Andromeda - to be mindful of man
  • Carina - beloved
  • Cassiopeia - cassia juice
  • Delphinus - of Delphi
  • Lacerta - lizard
  • Lyra - harp
  • Sagitta - the arrow
  • Ursa - bear
  • Vela - ship's sail

Girl Names That Mean Sun

The sun is known for its strength and beauty, so a name that mean "sun" is perfect for the little girl who's the center of your universe.

  • Arevik (Armenian)- like the sun
  • Mzia (Georgian) - sun
  • Narangerel (Mongolian) - sun light
  • Nou (Hmong) - sun
  • Saule (Lithuanian) - sun
  • Savitri (Sanskrit)- relating to the sun
  • Soleil (French) - sun
  • Solfrid (Old Norse) - beautiful sun
  • Suncana (Croatian) - sunny
  • Tesni (Welsh) - warmth from the sun

Cosmic Star Names for Boys

Boy names that mean "star" can either have a strong, hard sound or a soft sound.

Masculine Names That Mean Star

These names that mean "star" or "star" and something else in different languages all have masculine sounds.

  • Astrophel (Literary) - star lover
  • Elrond (Literary) - star dome
  • Hoshi (Japanese)
  • Itri (Tamazight)
  • Izar (Basque)
  • Jiemba (Wiradjuri)
  • Najm (Arabic)
  • Shihab (Arabic) - shooting star
  • Stelo (Esperanto)
  • Sterling (English) - little star
  • Ylli (Albanian)
  • Whetu (Maori)

Names of Stars to Use As Boy Names

You might recognize a couple of these male star names from the Harry Potter franchise.

  • Acamar - the end of the river
  • Acrux - bright cross
  • Alpherg - unknown
  • Regulus - little king/prince
  • Rigil - foot
  • Sirius - burning
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Masculine Constellation Names

Monikers like mythology names or constellation names give your son an out-of-this-world feeling.

  • Caelum - heaven
  • Cetus - whale
  • Corvus - raven
  • Crux - cross
  • Cygnus - swan
  • Draco - dragon
  • Eridanus - course of a river
  • Octans - navigational instrument
  • Orion - boundary
  • Pictor - painter

Boy Names That Mean Sun

If your son shines as bright as the sun, these names that have "sun" in the meaning are ideal name options.

  • Antinanco (Mapuche) - eagle of the sun
  • Arthit (Thai) - sun
  • Haul (Welsh) - sun
  • Heliodoro (Spanish) - sun gift
  • Helios (Greek) - sun
  • Ochieng (Luo) - born when the sun shines
  • Ra (Egyptian) - sun
  • Ravi (Sanskrit) - sun
  • Samson (Hebrew) - sun
  • Utu (Sumerian) - sun

Naming Your Little Star

Choosing a star name for your baby lets your child know you think they are bright and amazing. If you love star names, you might also like baby names inspired by nature.

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