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Classic Baby Names for Girls

Julie Kirk
Baby Girl

Classic, vintage baby girl names with that retro feel have actually become strong contenders these days when choosing a name for your baby girl. Think about the pretty names your grandmother or great aunt had, such as Mabel and Hazel. You'll love seeing names like that back in circulation.

Classic Baby Girl Names That Stand the Test of Time

These names or a form of these names are heavily sprinkled throughout history.

Name Variations Meaning
Alice Allison, Alicia, Ally Nobility
Anne Annette, Annabelle, Annalise, Hannah Grace
Beatrice Beatrix, Bea, Trixie She who brings joy
Charlotte Charley, Lottie Free
Dorothy Dorthea, Dora, Dottie, Doddie Gift of God
Evelyn Eve, Eva, Evie Wished for child
Frances Franny, Frankie, Francoise Free
Elizabeth Eliza, Elsa, Liza, Beth, Betty, Bette, Betsy God is my oath
Helen Helena, Elena, Ellie Light
Josephine Josie, Jo, Jojo, Joetta, Jolene God will increase
Katharine Kathy, Kate, Katie, Katrina, Cailyn, Kailey, Kat, Kit, Kay, Kayla, Kaylee Pure
Lillian Liliana, Lila, Lily, Liana, Lillia Lily, flower
Lorene Loretta, Loraine, Lora, Lorie Laurel
Margaret Maggie, Madge, Peggy, Meg Pearl
Patricia Patty, Pat, Patsy, Trish, Trisha Noble
Rebecca Becka, Becky Servant of God
Rosemary Rosalyn, Rosamonde, Rose, Rosie, Romy Flower
Sophia Sophie Wisdom
Therese Teresa, Terri, Tessa, Tess Harvest
Victoria Vicky, Tori Victory
Vivian Vivienne, Viv Life

Classic Baby Girl Names That Don't Feel so Retro

These names or a form of these names have been popular throughout history. Their popularity tends to fluctuate but they always manage to come back in rotation.

Name Variations Meaning
Abigail Abby A father's joy
Adelaide Ada, Adeline, Adalyn, Addy, Della Nobility
Amelia Amy, Millie, Mia Work
Amanda Mandy, Mindy Work
Astrid N/A Lovable, worthy of love
Aurora Rory Goddess of the dawn
Camilla Camille, Cammie, Cam Perfect
Carlene Carla, Carlie Free
Cecilia Cecile, Celia, Cecily, Cece, Cissy Blind to one's own beauty
Celeste N/A Heavenly
Clementine Clemmie Mild and merciful
Coraline Cora, Cori Heart, maiden
Delilah Delia, Lila, Del Delicate
Emily Emmy, Emma, Emmaline, Millie Strive or excel
Gabrielle Gabby, Brielle God is my strength
Grace Graciella Charm
Georgia Georgette, Georgina, Georgie Farmer
Genevieve Gen Tribe woman
Hazel Elle Hazelnut tree
Isabelle Isabella, Isa, Izzy, Belle, Bella Pledged to God
Jane Jan, Janae, Janelle, Janna God is gracious
Julie Juliette, Julia, Jewel, Juliana Youthful
Justine Justy Just, fair
Jocelyn Joss Member of the tribe
Juno June Roman Goddess, queen of the heavens
Layla Lyla Night
Lucinda Lucy, Lucia Light
Luna n/a

The moon

Mabel Belle Lovable
Madeline Madelyn, Maddy High tower
Maisie Mae, May Pearl
Maeve n/a Intoxicating
Matilda Mattie, Maudie, Maude, Tilda, Tillie Battle strength
Nell Nella, Nellie Bright, shining one
Nova n/a New
Olivia Olive, Livvy, Liv, Vivvy Olive tree
Penelope Penny, Nell, Nelly Weaver or with a web over her face
Roxanne Roxy Dawn
Sadie Sally Princess
Scarlett n/a Red
Sybil n/a Prophetess
Veronica Ronnie She who brings Victory

Classic Names That Are Flowers and Gemstones

These beautiful vintage names have held strong over the years.

Cute Girl
  • Dahlia
  • Daisy
  • Ione (means violet flower)
  • Iris
  • Ivy (not technically a flower but still found in the garden)
  • Lily
  • Magnolia
  • Rose
  • Violet
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Ruby

Classic Names for Those With an 'Eclectic' Taste

Some of these very vintage names are for those who may want to keep the name in the family or who just love these unique names.

Name Variations Meaning
Bernice Bernie, Bunny Bring victory
Bertha Berta Bright
Eleanor Nora, Lenora, Ellen, Ellie Honor
Enid n/a Soul or light
Eunice n/a Good victory
Flora Flo, Florrie, Floella Flower
Gertrude Trudy Spear of strength
Gladys Claudia Country
Harriet Hattie, Hallie, Etta, Ettie Home ruler
Martha Martie, Marthe Lady
Mildred Millie Gentle strength
Priscilla Cece, Sissy Ancient
Ruth Ruthie Friend

The Final Decision

There's so much thought that goes into choosing a name for your baby. A vintage name is an excellent option. It could be a name that has been in your family for generations or it could be the name of someone special to you. You may also choose the name because of its meaning or because you love that name and it was simply destined to belong to your baby girl.

Classic Baby Names for Girls