Common Dutch Girl Names and Meanings

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If you're looking for a beautiful name for your daughter with an international flair, consider selecting a name that is Dutch in origin. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, the Flanders region of Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, and Dutch Antilles. Whether you're looking for a name to honor your ancestry or if you simply have an affinity for one or more of these areas, your baby girl will be honored if you select one of these interesting Dutch names.

Classic Dutch Names for Girls

There are a number of wonderful classic name options for girls in the Dutch language. Selections to consider, include:

Name Pronunciation Meaning
Aleid aa-L-AHT of the noble kind (Dutch form of Adelaide)
Angelien AENJH-Liy-N grace (Dutch form of angel)
Anika ANN-e-kuh, grace (Dutch form of Anne)
Anke ae-NKEH gracious
Anki AENGKiy grace (Dutch form of Anne)
Anneke AH-nah-kah little angel/ little Anna (diminutive of Anna)
Bente ben-tah blessed
Anouk aa-NUH-K angel (Dutch form of Anna)
Bente ben-tah blessed
Brechtje BR-ect bright
Daffodil DAF-ə-dil new beginning
Elisabeth eh-LEE-sa-beht consecrated/pledged to God
Esmee EHZ-may beloved
Evy eh-VEE life
Famke FAHMKiy little girl
Fenna FEHN-AH peace
Fleur FLUUR flower
Frederika fred-ə-REE-kə peacekeeper, peaceful ruler
Ilse IL-seh consecrated to God
Isa EE-sa strong-willed
Johanna Yo-HAHN-ah God is gracious
Jozefien yo-zə-FEEN God will add/increase
Juul yule youthful (can be used for girls or boys)
Katrijn kaht-RAYN pure
Klaartje KLAAAARTJHey bright, clear
Lieke LEE-kə angelic (Dutch diminutive of Angelique)
Lotte LAW-tə or LAO-Tah free (diminutive of Lieselotte)
Maud MAOD powerful warrior, mighty in battle
Noa NOH-ə motion
Philou FEE-loh love
Puck PUK mischievous fairy
Saar sahr noblewoman, princess, lady
Sanne SAH-nə lily
Schuyler SKY-ler scholar
Suus SUYS lily
Veerle vihrl-uh traveling warrior (female)
Willemina vil-hehl-MEE-na willing to protect
Zoë ZO-ee life

Popular Contemporary Dutch Names for Girls

Most Dutch names tend to be fairly short, even the recently popularized contemporary choices. If you're looking for a modernized version of a classic Dutch name or a trendy moniker, consider these options.

Name Pronunciation Meaning
Danique Da-NEEke my judge is God (feminine diminutive of Daniel)
Doutzen doubt-son may mean dove; popularized by Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes
Evi AY-vee to live, to breathe
Fiene Feen Dutch abbreviation of Jozefien; often used as a given name
Holland hälənd region in the Netherlands (former province)
Haven Hah-VahN port
Noor compassion Dutch abbreviation for Eleanor; has become popular as a given name
Skyla SKIY-lə scholar, sheltering
Skylar SKY-ler scholar; modernized version of the classic Schuyler

Finding the Perfect Name for Your Daughter

Whether one of these names seems like just what you're looking for, or if you want to keep exploring other baby name options, enjoy the journey as you consider what first and middle name to give your daughter. The process of choosing an amazing name for your baby girl will involve exploring many options, including everything from unique and creative names to tried-and-true classic choices.

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Common Dutch Girl Names and Meanings