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60 Gender-Neutral Baby Names


Some names have a history of being more popular among boys or girls but have become more unisex over the years, while other names are a bit trendy or modern. If you're considering a gender-neutral name, think about all the places and people that mean something to you. Could you use one of those names (or something close) for your new baby?

Inspired by Nature

Names based on something in nature are popular gender-neutral names. They tend to evoke a sense of peace. Perhaps there's a particular piece of nature that inspires you, or you just like the way something sounds. Your natural surroundings might be all you need for some inspiration.

  1. Bailey
  2. Brook/Brooke
  3. Dusty
  4. Lark
  5. Lee/Leigh
  6. Reed
  7. Roan
  8. River
  9. Robin
  10. Sage

Names That Are Also Places

Is there a place that's special to you and your significant other? A place you'd like to visit or a location, like a special tree or view that mesmerizes you every time? Maybe you honeymooned in a special city and want to use that name.

  1. Bristol
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Dakota
  4. Dayton
  5. Denver
  6. Jackson
  7. Jersey
  8. Jordan
  9. Milan
  10. Phoenix

Last Names

These neutral names were all, at one point, last names that have become popular first names - with the added bonus that they work well for boys or girls. Maybe one of these surnames runs on the matriarchal side of your family. If so, you can pay hommage to your heritage with your baby's name.

  1. Avery

  2. Harper

  3. Hayden

  4. Hunter

  5. Kelly

  6. Kennedy

  7. Logan

  8. Quinn

  9. Ryan

  10. Tatum

Nicknames as Names

One somewhat popular trend is to take what might normally be a nickname and make it into a gender-neutral name.

  1. Alex
  2. Andy
  3. Charlie
  4. Chris
  5. Drew
  6. Frankie
  7. Jamie
  8. Jesse/Jessie
  9. Sam
  10. Terry

Tried and True

Some names have been used for decades or more and gone from being traditionally used for one gender to another. You can use a name like this to honor a male or female family member of the opposite gender, help prevent snap judgments that can sometimes happen with more masculine or feminine names, or enjoy surprising people with a name you really love that is still more traditionally used in a different way (like James).

  1. Bobbie
  2. Casey
  3. Corey
  4. Courtney
  5. Dylan
  6. Frankie
  7. Reese
  8. Riley
  9. Rowan
  10. Shannon

Trendy Names

Sometimes names take on a new spin, like a last name that's turned into a first name or a name that was never exactly a classic but was almost always associated with boys or girls when it did show up. These can often work for either gender. Like the tried and true names, sometimes these have been more traditionally used for boys or girls but began to show up more and more for the other gender. Over time, using the old name in a new way became a trend.

  1. Angel
  2. Cameron
  3. Chandler
  4. Devin
  5. Emerson
  6. Harley
  7. Morgan
  8. Peyton
  9. Skyler
  10. Taylor

Why Choose a Gender-Neutral Name

There are a few reasons you might want to choose a gender-neutral baby name. First, you could just want something fun and unusual or free of gender stereotypes. If you want to name your child after a family member of the opposite sex, you can use their actual name or choose a unisex one that is close. You could even blend your name with your spouse's to create something new. Whether you decide to go with a unisex name or a more traditionally boy or girl name, you can't go wrong when you choose a name you love.

60 Gender-Neutral Baby Names