Unique Hippie Baby Names for Boys & Girls

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Hippie baby names take inspiration from all things natural and peaceful. Browse hippie baby name ideas for boys and girls to find the free-spirited name that best fits your bohemian baby.

Groovy Gender Neutral Hippie Names

Hippies were all about spreading love, so gender neutral names fit right in with hippie culture. These names work for boys, girls, or parents who choose not to assign gender stereotypes to their child.

Woodstock Performer Names to Use As Unisex Names

The iconic music festival Woodstock is often thought of as the epitome of hippie culture. Take inspiration from the original lineup to create a unique and meaningful baby name. If you want a truly original name, try shortening or adding to these suggestions for boys or girls.

  • Creedence - from Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Hendrix - from Jimi Hendrix
  • Joplin - from Janice Joplin
  • Ravi- from Ravi Shankar
  • Sri - from Sri Swami Satchidananda

Unisex Names That Mean Free Spirit

Names that mean "free, " "spirit," or something similar can embody the feeling you want to convey in your child's name.

  • Chang (Chinese) - free, unrestrained
  • Chi (Igbo) - spiritual being
  • Ling (Chinese) - spirit
  • Mandeep (Indian) - spirit light
  • Manpreet (Indian) - spirit joy
  • Özgür (Turkish) - free
  • Ricmod (Ancient Germanic) - mighty spirit

Gender Neutral Elemental Names

Since hippies prefer to be one with nature, the main elements of earth, air, fire, and water make great naming inspiration. Choose your preferred element then think of names associated with it.

  • Aidan (Gaelic) - fire element; fiery
  • Ethereal (English) - air element; extremely delicate
  • Garnet (Middle English) - earth element; dark red gemstone
  • Gale (Middle English) - air element; jovial
  • Rain (American) - water element; abundant blessings
  • River (Latin) - water element; flowing body of water
  • Sky (Old Norse) - air element; cloud
  • Zephyr (Greek) - air element; west wind
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Free Spirited Hippie Names for Girls

Unique baby names are on trend in the 21st century, so you'll need to dig deep in hippie culture to find something that's uncommon for your little girl.

Feminine Names Inspired by Woodstock Performers

While the first names of the female performers at Woodstock are obvious choices, these creative names will be more unique.

  • Haven - from Richie Havens
  • Janis - from Janis Joplin
  • Safka - from Melanie Safka
  • Sommer - from Bert Sommer
  • Winter - from Johnny Winter

Flower Names for Girls

Feminine floral names evoke images of beauty for those who carry them. Go beyond the typical Rose or Lily and get inspired by the bounty of other flowers around the world.

  • Amaryllis - to sparkle
  • Daisy - day's eye
  • Dahlia - elegant flower name
  • Fleur - "flower" in French
  • Iris - rainbow
  • Lavender - blueish
  • Scilla - ancient
  • Violet - purple
  • Zinnia - worthy

Girl Names That Mean Peace

These calming baby girl names sound just as peaceful as their meanings. Explore other languages to find unique and beautiful words that mean "peace" or "calm."

  • Asti (Kurdish)
  • Frida (Germanic)
  • Irene (Greek)
  • Mira (Slavic)
  • Peace (English)
  • Sakina (Arabic) - calmness
  • Shanti (Sanskrit) - tranquility

Girl Names That Mean Free Spirit

Your little free spirit can enjoy a name that means "liberated" or "free" for years to come.

  • Anima (English) - spirit
  • Liberty (English) - free
  • Mukta (Indian) - set free, liberated
  • Quispe (Native American) - free
  • Shahrazah (Persian) - free city
  • Spirit (English) - spirit
  • Tímea (Hungarian) - good spirits

Elemental Names for Girls

Girl names inspired by the four natural elements can be common or unique. Look for names of common natural objects that might not often be used as names of people.

  • Aerial (English) - air element; happening in the air
  • Brook (English) - water element; lives by stream
  • Coral (English) - water element; pinkish sea growth
  • Ember (English) - fire element; spark
  • Jade (Spanish) - earth element; stone of the colic
  • Marina (Latin) - water element; from the sea
  • Misty (English) - water element; light fog
  • Opal (Sanskrit) - earth element; jewel
  • Pearl (Latin) - earth element; precious
  • Soleil (German) - fire element; sun
  • Terra (Latin) - earth element; the planet Earth

Popular Girl Names from the 1960s and 1970s

The top ten girl names in the 1960s and the top ten girl names from the 1970s don't even rank in the top 50 girls names today, so they'd be unique options in the 21st century. All of these names are English.

  • Amy - beloved
  • Angela - messenger
  • Cynthia - woman from Kynthos
  • Donna - lady
  • Heather - shrub variety
  • Jennifer - white phantom
  • Karen - unknown
  • Lisa - my God is an oath
  • Melissa - bee
  • Michelle - who is like God?
  • Nicole - victory of the people
  • Patricia - noble
  • Stephanie - crown
  • Susan - lily
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Earthy Hippie Names for Boys

Great names inspired by nature for boys can be very masculine or have a feminine tone to them. Give your little guy a sense of peace by connecting him with the loving nature of hippies.

Masculine Names Inspired by Woodstock Performers

Cool music-related names always seem to work well for boys. Get inspired by some great performers from the original Woodstock.

  • Crosby - from Crosby, Stills, & Nash
  • Guthrie - from Arlo Guthrie
  • Jefferson - from Jefferson Airplane
  • Hardin - from Tim Hardin
  • Keef - from The Keef Hartley Band
  • Quill - from the band Quill
  • Santana - from Santana the band

Flower Names for Boys

While floral names might not typically come to mind when brainstorming baby boy names, there are plenty of them out there. Look beyond the actual buds or flower names to find strong masculine names associated with flowers.

  • Amaranth - unfading
  • Anther - firm
  • Leif - heir
  • Lupine - wolf
  • Pistil - pestle
  • Stamen - firm
  • Yarrow - rough stream

Boy Names That Mean Peace

Let your little boy embody the modern man with these peaceful names borrowed from languages around the world.

  • Absalom (Hebrew) - my father is peace
  • Baris (Turkish) - peace
  • Frederick (English) - peaceful ruler
  • Godfrey (Germanic) - peace of god
  • Humphrey (Germanic) - peaceful warrior
  • Pax (Latin) - peace
  • Ping (Chinese) - peace
  • Solomon (Hebrew) - peace
  • Wilfred (Old English) - desiring peace

Boy Names That Mean Free Spirit

If your little guy is destined to be a free spirit, give him a name that means exactly that.

  • Amadi (Igbo) - free man
  • Azad (Persian) - free
  • Charlton (English) - settlement of free men
  • Eleutherius (Greek) - free
  • Erkin (Turkish) - free
  • Hartmut (Germanic) - brave spirit
  • Liber (Roman) - free
  • Manoja (Hinduism) - born of the mind

Elemental Names for Boys

Names for boys inspired by the four natural elements often have a very hard, masculine sound.

  • Asher (Hebrew) - fire element; fortunate
  • Blaize (French) - fire element; stutter
  • Clay (English) - earth element; dirt-like substance
  • Cole (Middle English) - earth element;charcoal
  • Eddy (English) - water element; wealthy friend
  • Ford (English) - water element; dweller at the ford
  • Forest (English) - earth element;woodland
  • Hudson (German) - water element; heart and spirit
  • Jasper (Persian) - earth element; treasurer
  • Phoenix (Greek) - fire element; bird reborn from ashes
  • Wade (English) water element; water crossing
Elemental Names

Popular Boy Names in the 1960s and 1970s

Many of the top boy names from the 1960s and 1970s are still popular today. If you're looking for a unique boy name from the era of the hippies, these are your top options. They are all English names.

  • Brian -unknown
  • Jason - healer
  • Jeffrey - peace
  • Richard - brave ruler
  • Robert - bright fame
  • Steven - crown
  • Thomas - twin
  • William - will helmet

Peace for Your Baby

If you're looking to avoid the most popular baby names and want to give your little one's life natural meaning, hippie names are a great option. You don't have to live off the grid or the land to embrace these earthly and loving monickers.

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Unique Hippie Baby Names for Boys & Girls