Hippie Baby Name Ideas

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Flower baby

Hippies take inspiration from all things natural and peaceful. Give your baby a calm and loving name to keep him or her grounded.

Woodstock Performers

The iconic music festival Woodstock is often thought of as the epitome of hippie culture. Take inspiration from the original lineup to create a unique and meaningful baby name. If you want a truly original name, try shortening or adding to these suggestions for boys or girls.

Name Gender Musician
Creedence Neutral Creedence Clearwater Revival
Crosby Male Crosby, Stills, & Nash
Guthrie Male Arlo Guthrie
Haven Female Richie Havens
Hendrix Neutral Jimi Hendrix
Joplin Neutral Janice Joplin
Keef Male The Keef Hartley Band
Ravi Neutral Ravi Shankar
Santana Male Santana the band
Sommer Female Bert Sommer

Flower Child Names

No list of hippie names would be complete without floral monickers for your future flower child.

Names for Girls

Feminine floral names evoke images of beauty for those who carry them. Go beyond the typical Rose or Lily and get inspired by the bounty of other flowers around you.

Name Meaning
Amaryllis To sparkle
Daisy Day's eye
Dahlia Elegant flower name
Fleur "Flower" in French
Iris Rainbow
Lavender Blueish
Scilla Ancient
Violet Purple
Zinnia Worthy

Names for Boys

While floral names might not typically come to mind when brainstorming baby boy names, there are plenty of them out there. Look beyond the actual buds or flower names to find strong masculine names associated with flowers.

Name Meaning
Amaranth Unfading
Anther Firm
Leif Heir
Lupine Wolf
Pistil Pestle
Stamen Firm
Yarrow Rough stream

Names That Mean "Peace"

If you're all about peace, why not give your baby a name that means just that?

Feminine Names

These calming baby girl names sound just as peaceful as their meanings. Explore other languages to find unique and beautiful words that mean "peace" or "calm."

Name Origin Meaning
Asti Kurdish Peace
Frida Germanic Peace
Irene Greek Peace
Mira Slavic Peace
Peace English Peace
Sakina Arabic Calmness
Shanti Sanskrit Tranquility

Masculine Names

Let your little boy embody the modern man with these peaceful names borrowed from languages around the world.

Name Origin Meaning
Absalom Hebrew My father is peace
Baris Turkish Peace
Frederick English Peaceful ruler
Godfrey Germanic Peace of god
Humphrey Germanic Peaceful warrior
Pax Latin Peace
Ping Chinese Peaceful
Solomon Hebrew Peace
Wilfred Old English Desiring peace

Elemental Names

Since hippies prefer to be one with nature, the main elements of earth, air, fire, and water make great naming inspiration. Choose your preferred element then think of names associated with it.

Elemental Names

Earth Names

These strong, grounded names come straight from the earth.

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Clay Male English Dirt-like substance
Cole Male Middle English Charcoal
Forest Male English Woodland
Garnet Neutral Middle English Dark red gemstone
Jade Female Spanish Stone of the colic
Jasper Male Persian Treasurer
Opal Female Sanskrit Jewel
Pearl Female Latin Precious
Terra Female Latin The planet Earth

Air Names

Light and sometimes mystical airy names are perfect for the little guy or gal with a calm and cool personality.

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aerial Female English Happening in the air
Ethereal Neutral English Extremely delicate
Gale Neutral Middle English Jovial
Sky Neutral Old Norse Cloud
Zephyr Neutral Greek West wind

Fire Names

Babies with a fiery personality or whom you hope to be trailblazers are ideal candidates for these elemental names.

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aidan Neutral Gaelic Fiery
Asher Male Hebrew Fortunate
Blaize Male French Stutter
Ember Female English Spark
Phoenix Male Greek Bird reborn from ashes
Soleil Female German Sun

Water Names

Water can be incredibly calming and also sustains life, so these aquatic names are great for hippie babies.

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Brook Female English Lives by stream
Coral Female English Pinkish sea growth
Eddy Male English Wealthy friend
Ford Male English Dweller at the ford
Hudson Male German Heart and spirit
Marina Female Latin From the sea
Misty Female English Light fog
Rain Neutral American Abundant blessings
River Neutral Latin Flowing body of water
Wade Male English Water crossing

Peace for Your Baby

If you're looking to avoid the most popular baby names and want to give your little one's life natural meaning, hippie names are a great option. You don't have to live off the grid or the land to embrace these earthly and loving monickers.

Hippie Baby Name Ideas