One Syllable Girl Names

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One syllable girl names are typically easy to spell and serve as both the full name and nickname for your little girl. Short, cute names can be common, beautiful, or unique and work as first names or middle names for girls. You can even combine two or three of these names to create your own original long name.

Cute One Syllable Baby Girl Names

Give your adorable little girl a cute name to match her cute looks and personality. Cute baby girl names seem to automatically make your little one feel approachable and happy.

Name Meaning Origin
Blaire/Blair Field Gaelic
Claire/Clair Clear Latin
Dot Gift of God English from Greek
Dove Peace English
Kate Pure Greek
Kit Pure Greek
Lil Purity English
Meg Pearl Greek
Pip Friend of horses Greek
Shaye/Shay Gift Hebrew

Pretty Baby Girl Names With One Syllable

Many beautiful girl names are long, but there are short names that evoke beauty too. If you want a classic feminine feel for your baby's name, a pretty name is a great option.

Name Meaning Origin
Belle Beautiful French
Elle/El She French
Eve To breathe Hebrew
Grace Favor Latin
Hope Want something to happen English
Joy Delight French
June Youth Indo-European
Mae/May Bitter Hebrew
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Vintage Girl Names With One Syllable

Feminine names tend to get used in cycles. What's popular one decade fades for a few then makes a comeback as people look for old-fashioned girl names. These vintage baby girl names might sound familiar to you, but stand out from the current trendy names.

Name Meaning Origin
Barb Foreign Greek
Bea Voyager Latin
Bess Pledged to God English
Blanche White, fair French
Blythe Cheerful English
Dawn First light English
Dee Swarthy Welsh
Fay/Faye Fairy English
Gail/Gale Joy Hebrew
Gwen Blessed Welsh
Jean To be gracious Hebrew
Jill Youthful Latin
Joan YAHWEH is gracious English from Hebrew
Joyce Lord English
Kay Pure Greek
Maud/Maude Strength in battle Germanic
Marge Pearl Greek
Nell/Nelle Shining one English
Pam All Greek
Ruth Friend Hebrew

Names of Female Celebrities With One Syllable

Some of the most famous women in the world are recognized by their one syllable real or stage name. Make your baby girl the star of her life with a monosyllabic celebrity name.

Name Meaning Origin
Bette My God is an oath American singer Midler


Birch tree Icelandic singer/songwriter
Blake Pale American actress Lively
Bo To live American model/actress Derek
Brie Power American actress Larson
Cher Darling American singer
Joss Gauts tribe member English singer/songwriter
Kat Pure American actress Dennings
Liz My God is an oath American actress Taylor
Lorde Loaf-keeper New Zealand singer
Meg Pearl American actress Ryan
Paz Peace Spanish actress Vega
Pink Color name American rock/pop singer
Reese Enthusiasm American actress Witherspoon
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One Syllable Celebrity Baby Names for Girls

If you're a fan of celebrities, but want a name that's a little more unique, consider the names famous couples have given their baby girls in recent years. Celebrity baby girl names are often creative and original because famous people thrive in a creative environment and feel free to choose such bold monikers.

Name Meaning Celeb Parents
Banks/Banx Lives near hillside Hilary Duff & Matthew Koma
Blue/Blu Color name Beyonce & Jay-Z
Dream Wish Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian
Hart/Heart Strong Scooter Braun & Yael Cohen
North Up, above Kim Kardashian & Kanye West
Ray/Rae/Rey Advice Lisa Ling & Paul Song
Sloane/Sloan Raid Macklemore & Tricia Davis
Tru/True Loyal, faithful Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson

Unique Girls' Nicknames That Make Great First Names

If you love a particular nickname, why not use it as your little girl's first name? The shortened form of common and popular names can be used as a unique first name, not just a nickname.

Name Meaning Origin
Beth My God is an oath, Short for Elizabeth Greek
Britt Exalted one, Short for Brittney Scandinavian
Char Warrior, Short for Charlotte Germanic
Fran Frenchman, Short for Frances Latin
Jan YAHWEH is gracious, Short for Janet Hebrew
Kim Cyneburga's field, Short for Kimberly English
Line Free woman, Short for Caroline French
Liv Protection, Short for Olivia Old Norse
Nan Chaste, Short for Nancy Latin from Greek
Ness Not gentle, Short for Vanessa Irish
Peg Pearl, Short for Peggy Greek
Tess Summer, Short for Tessa Greek
Trish Noblewoman, Short for Trisha Latin
Val Be strong, Short for Valerie Latin
Vi Flower name, Short for Violet Latin

Masculine One Syllable Girl Names

Gender neutral girl names can have both feminine and masculine sounds. While you might see these names more often in boys, they are great for girls too.

Name Meaning Origin
Bryce Speckled Gaulish
Gabe Hero Hebrew
Jo YAHWEH is gracious German from Hebrew
Kris A Christian English, Danish
Kyle Narrows Gaelic
Lou Famous French from Germanic
Max Greatest Latin
Quinn Chief's descendent Irish
Shane YAHWEH is gracious Irish from Hebrew
Shaun/Shawn YAHWEH is gracious Irish from Hebrew
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One Syllable Nature Names for Girls

Get inspired by the natural world around you with baby girl names taken from nature. Go beyond Rose and other flower names to find natural words that make unique and beautiful names.

Name Meaning Origin
Brooke/Brook Lives near brook English
Fleur Flower French
Gem/Jem Precious stone English
Jade/Jaide Stone of the flank Spanish
Lake/Laike Body of water Latin
Maize Yellow color Spanish
Mist/Myst Cloud Norse
Pearl/Perl Kind of oyster Latin
Reign/Raine(e) Queen French
Sage/Saige Wise English

Celestial and Atmospheric Monosyllabic Names for Girls

Aim high for your baby girl with a name ripped straight from the atmosphere or outer space. The sky's the limit when it comes to these etherial names.

Name Meaning Origin
Cloud Mass of rock Middle English
Moon Behave in a dreamy way Middle English
Neap Neap tide occurs at 1st and last quarter moon Middle English
Rille Grooves in the moon's surface German
Sky/Skye Cloud Old Norse
Star Heavenly body Latin
Trine One-third of a circle position from another planet Latin

One Syllable Animal Names for Girls

Use your baby girl's personality and demeanor or your hopes for her attributes to select an animal name that mirrors those traits. These names sound similar to common girl names, so they won't come off as too weird.

Name Animal Type Region
Brill Flatfish Europe
Fawn/Faun Baby deer North & South America
Guan Game birds South America
Kiang Horse-like Tibet
Lark Singing bird Africa
Mare Horse-like Worldwide
Midge Small fly Worldwide
Sole Fish Europe
Swan Large waterfowl Northern hemisphere
Wrasse Fish Worldwide
Wren Small brown bird Worldwide
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Goddess Names With One Syllable for Girls

Elevate your little girl to goddess status with a powerful mythological name. Look at the stories and traits of your favorite goddesses and choose the name that best fits your baby.

Name Meaning Origin
Bast Fire or heat Egyptian goddess of cats and sun
Frigg Beloved Norse goddess of the earth, wife of Odin
Gerd Enclosure Norse fertility goddess and frost giantess
Grid Peace Norse frost giantess and mother of one of Odin's sons
Maeve Intoxicating Irish legendary warrior queen
Nyx Night Greek goddess of night
Pax Peace Roman goddess of peace
Shri Radiance, beauty Alternate name for Hindu goddess Lakshmi
Siv Bride Old Norse wife of Thor

Multicultural Baby Girl Names With One Syllable

Girl names that are popular in other countries or cultures give your little girl worldly flair. Consider your heritage when choosing a multicultural name or pick the one that sounds best to you.

Name Meaning Origin
Bryn Hill Welsh
Cho Butterfly Japanese
Kai Sea Hawaiian
Lei Flowers, child Hawaiian
Luce Light Italian
Luz Light Spanish
Mai Dance Japanese
Mar Sea Spanish/Catalan
Mor Great Irish
Nives Snows Italian from Spanish
Nur Light Arabic
Pao Humble Spanish from Italian
Shu Good, pure Chinese

One Syllable Music Names for Girls

If you love music, look to musical terms and genres for name inspiration. These unique musical names won't guarantee your child becomes a musical prodigy, but they do convey a melodious feeling.

Name Meaning/Origin
Gigue Dance from Baroque period
Harp Stringed instrument
Hymn Song of religious worship
Jazz Music genre
Khlui/Khloy Thai flute
Lyre Stringed instrument
Più Musical term meaning "more of"
Shawm Wind instrument
Ska Music genre
Trance Music genre
Trill Two notes in quick succession
Xun Chinese vessel flute
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One Syllable Words That Make Unique Girl Names

One syllable words with specific desired meanings can also be great names for baby girls. The definition of the word should be inspiring to you and your baby or speak to your specific birth circumstances. Colorful names and deeply meaningful words make the best names for girls.

Name Meaning
Faith Trust
Fate Destiny
Jaune Yellow in French
Lace Netted fabric
Love Deep affection
Peach Nude color
Rouge Red in French
Shine Brightness
Song Musical piece
Teal Greenish color
Truth Proven fact
Zen Peaceful

Place Names With One Syllable for Girls

Parents who love to travel love place names for girls. Think about your favorite cities and countries to find a name that fits your family.

Name Origin
Kiel City in Germany
Laos Asian country
Leeds City in UK
Lille City in France
Rye City in Colorado
Seoul City in South Korea
Vale City in Colorado

Female Book and Movie Characters With Monosyllabic Names

Female book and movie characters often have unique, powerful names. Names inspired by literature and film evoke the spirit of the character in your little girl.

Name Meaning Origin
Fern From afar Main character in Charlotte's Web
Lux Light Character from The Virgin Suicides
Pris Ancient Character from Blade Runner
Prynne First Main character Hester from The Scarlet Letter
Shug Heart Character from The Color Purple
Tris Voyager Main character in The Divergent Trilogy

Female Video Game Characters With Monosyllabic Names

Female video game characters are often powerful and bold. Check out the character's persona in the game to see if it's a match for your baby girl.

Name Meaning Origin
Bonne Good The King of Fighters
Chell Who is like God? Half-Life
Chie Thousand branches Persona 4
Eir Mercy Guild Wars 2
Jinx Spell League of Legends
Reith Crossing Magna Carta
Rogue Arrogant X-Men
Sheik Chief Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Storm Strong weather X-Men
Triss Voyager The Witcher 2

Dark Names for Girls With One Syllable

If you like gothic baby names or evil baby names, a dark name might be right for your baby. These short names have a dark feeling about them without being scary or unpleasant.

Name Meaning
Ash Fire residue
Hex Bad spell
Lwa Primary spirits of Vodou
Melns Black in Latvian
Noire/Noir Black in French
Rue Regret
Tume Dark in Estonian

Unique Baby Girl Names With One Syllable

When you want your little girl to stand out in a good way a one syllable unique baby girl name gets the job done. Your daughter won't have a lot of classmates sharing these names, but they're still easy to say and pronounce because they're so short. Unique names like these don't always have associated meanings.

Name Meaning
Brae Invented name
Ceil Sky in French
Clove Dried tropical flower bud
Dell Lives in valley
Fate Destiny
Greer Watchful in Greek
Gwyn Blessed in Welch
Isle Small island
Lorne Scottish place name
Neve/Nev Saint in Irish
Prue/Pru Wise in Latin
Royce Famous Type in Germanic
Shirl Bright clearing in English
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Original One Syllable Baby Girl Names

Looking at lists of baby girl names can be overwhelming, but it can also help inspire you to invent your own original baby name. These original names are similar to other more common girl names, but don't have meanings yet.

Name Similar Names
Ames Amy
Aure Aurora, Aurelia
Lethe Lettie
Lore Laura, Lorelai
Phebe Phoebe
Ress Jess, Reza
Shra/Shrah Shara, Sarah
Thryn Kathryn
Vette Yvette
Zahr Zahara

Popular One Syllable Middle Names for Girls

One syllable middle names are popular because they fit nicely with a variety of first names. You can use monosyllabic middle names as first names or pair two together to make a first-middle name combo you'll call your girl like Grey Lynn.

Name Meaning Origin
Ann/Anne Grace Hebrew
Grey/Gray Color name English
Jane YAHWEH is gracious Hebrew
Lee/Leigh Clearing English
Lynn/Lyn Lake Welsh
Rose Famous type Germanic
Sue Lily Hebrew

Short Names With Big Impact

The meaning of names, whether short or long, can have a big impact not matter which name spelling you choose. Whether you want a modern and unique name or something inspired by the past, one syllable girl names come with big meaning.

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