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Royal Baby Names for Boys

Michele Meleen
newborn royal baby

Strong and wise men have ruled real and fictional worlds since the beginning of time. Give your baby boy a respected start to life with a name inspired by the kings and princes who once reigned.

British Royalty Names for Boys

British kings and princes throughout history have often used the same few names, or versions of them, over and over again. If you want a recognizable royal name for your baby, these should be at the top of your list.

Name Royal Ties
Alfred King of England in the late 800s
Canute Also known as Cnut the Great
Edmund King of England in the early 900s
Egbert First Anglo-Saxon monarch
George Son of Prince William and Princes Catherine
Henry Name of eight English kings
Louis Son of Prince William and Princess Catherine
Philip Queen Elizabeth II's husband
William Name of four kings and prince

Egyptian Royalty Names for Boys

If you're looking for a more unique baby name, get inspired by Ancient Egyptian rulers. These monickers are short, relatively easy to pronounce, and sound strong and exotic.

Name Royal Ties
Darius 27th Dynasty, Late Period ruler
Huni 3rd Dynasty, Old Kingdom ruler
Inaros 28th Dynasty, Late Period ruler
Intef 11th Dynasty, First Intermediate Period ruler
Ramesses Name of eleven Egyptian rulers
Namlot 23rd Dynasty, Third Intermediate Period ruler
Tao 17th Dynasty, Second Intermediate Period ruler
Teti 6th Dynasty, Old Kingdom ruler
Unis 5th Dynasty, Old Kingdom ruler

Royal Names from Brunei

The tiny country of Brunei is still a monarchy and its history is rich with strong boy name potential.

Name Royal Ties
Abdul Prince of Brunei
Bolkiah Last name of 29th ruler
Hassanal First name of 29th ruler
Muhammad First Sultan of Brunei
Omar 23rd Sultan of Brunei
Sulaiman 4th Sultan of Brunei

Moroccan Royalty Names for Boys

Following Morocco's Independence in the 1950s, the ruler became known as a King. These names from the Alaoui Dynasty are perfect for parents looking to give their little guy a less common name.

Name Royal Ties
Abdallah Son of HM King Mohammed V
Hassan Name of two Kings
Hicham Son of HM King Mohammed V
Idris Grandson of HM King Hassan II
Rachid Brother of King Mohammed VI
Yazid Grandson of HM King Hassan II

Spanish Royalty Names for Boys

The Spanish monarchy dates back to the early 700s and, like the British monarchy, features several names used over and over. Give your little guy a royal name with romantic flair when you get inspired by these kings.

Name Royal Ties
Alfonso Name of over a dozen monarchs
Felipe King of Spain, proclaimed in 2014
Ferdinand Name of several monarchs
Juan Carlos King of Spain, 1975 - 2014
Ramiro Name of five kings
Sancho Name of several monarchs

Words That Mean Royal

Words that mean "king," "royal," "prince," or any other royal word in different languages make great uncommon names for boys.

Name Meaning
Alaric Germany: noble ruler
Arkin Norway: eternal king's son
Basil Greece: like a king
Damba Angola: king of the world
Delray France: of the king
Khari West Africa: kingly
Kral Czech Republic: king
Leroi France: the king
Negasi Ethiopia: royalty
Tor Nigeria: king

Fictional Royal Boy Names

Throughout books, movies, TV shows and other media sources there are endless fictional kingdoms and rulers. Give your baby boy a magical royal name when you choose to honor your favorite made-up royals.

Name Source
Aragorn The Lord of the Rings books and movies
Aslan The Chronicles of Narnia books and movies
Caspian The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian movie
Jareth The Labyrinth movie
Leonidas 300 movie
Oberon Shakespeare's book A Midsummer Night's Dream
T'Challa Black Panther comics and movie
Tommen Game of Thrones TV show
Triton The Little Mermaid movie
Stannis Game of Thrones TV show

Royal Sounding Baby Boy Names

Words associated with royalty are on-trend for modern baby boys. Look for royal titles, places, and items that sound similar to popular boy names for the best response from friends and family.

Name Meaning
Baron Hebrew: son of Aaron
Duke Latin: leader
Earl Anglo-Saxon: chief
Herald English: one who proclaims
Lord English: loaf-keeper
Prince Latin: first to seize
Rex Latin: king
Sire English: regal
Windsor Old English: river bank with a winch

Start Your Own Royal Family

Give your family and your little guy the royal treatment with a regal first or middle name. Try creating your own royal family line by giving all your kids the same royal middle name.

Royal Baby Names for Boys