85+ Royal Names for Baby Girls (With Grace & Power)

newborn baby girl wearing a crown

Royal names for girls are found throughout the history of the world. For centuries, many countries were ruled by royal families, providing a generous choice of possible names for your baby girl.

Royal Names for Girls That Are Powerful

When you can browse powerful royal names for girls, you may discover a few gems. A powerful royal name may be a good fit for your bundle of energy.

British Royal Female Names

The British monarchy has gained fame throughout history as the epitome of modern-day royalty. Many women of the British monarchy have carried titles that have made a big impact on the world. These names tend to sound serious and convey intelligence and elegance.

  1. Anne: Grace, favor (Latin form of Anna), 17th century Queen, common royal name
  2. Beatrice: She who makes happy (Italian, French), Princess of York
  3. Boudica, Boudicca: Victory (Celtic), wife of Iceni tribe King of East Anglia
  4. Camilla: Acolyte (Latin), Duchess of Cornwall and second wife of Prince Charles
  5. Catherine: Pure (Greek), first name of 'Kate' Middleton wife of Prince William, name of Catherine of Aragon wife of King Henry VIII
  6. Charlotte: Free, petite (English), daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, name of Queen Charlotte married to King George III
  7. Diana: Goddess of the hunt (Roman), Princess of Wales, first wife of Prince Charles
  8. Elizabeth: My God is abundant (Hebrew), two Queens of England
  9. Eugenie: Noble, well-born (Greek), Princess of York, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah (Fergie) Ferguson and granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth II
  10. Mary: Wished for child, rebellion (Hebrew), queen Mary I and Mary II of England.
  11. Sophie: Wisdom (English), Countess of Wessex
  12. Victoria: Victory (Roman). 19th century Queen
  13. Zara: Radiance, bright as the dawn (Arabic), Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II
Royal Names for Baby Girls (With Grace & Power)

Spanish Royal Girl Names

First names of Spanish queens, princesses, and duchesses typically, but not always, end in a. If you're looking for a more exotic-sounding name for your little girl, one of these may be the perfect choice.

  1. Eulalia: Well-spoken (Greek), Duchess of Galliera
  2. Isabella: Devoted to God (Hebrew), two Queens of Spain
  3. Joanna: God is gracious (Hebrew), Queen of Castile
  4. Leonor: Sun ray (Greek), daughter of King Felipe VI
  5. Letizia: Happiness, gaiety (Italian), current Queen of Spain
  6. Luisa: Renowned warrior (Italian), 19th century Duchess of Montpensier
  7. Maria: Of the sea, bitter (Latin), popular royal name since 1400s
  8. Mariana: Drop of the sea, beloved, bitter (Spanish), variation of Maria
  9. Mercedes: Mercies (Latin), 19th century Princess of Asturias

Girl Names That Mean Royalty in Fiction

Girl names that mean royalty can be found in all types of books, movies, television shows, and video games. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie that features the name you like, you can do a little research into the character's personality. You can then determine if the character's personality adds meaning to the name and makes a good choice for your baby girl.

  1. Ariel: Lion of God (Hebrew), The Little Mermaid, adapted Disney movie from fairy tale book
  2. Aurora: Dawn (Latin), Sleeping Beauty, Disney movie
  3. Belle: Gift of God, favor, beautiful (Hebrew), (Spanish), Beauty and the Beast adapted Disney movie from fairy tale book
  4. Cersei: Bird (Greek), Game of Thrones, adapted TV show from fantasy book series Song of Ice and Fire
  5. Elsa: Pledged to Go (German), Frozen, adapted Disney movie from book Snow Queen
  6. Fiona: Fair (Gaelic), Shrek, NBCUniversal and Dreamworks movies adapted from fantasy book
  7. Guinevere: Fair one (Welsh), King Arthur legends, books and movies
  8. Khaleesi: Queen (Fictional name), Game of Thrones adapted TV show from fantasy book series Song of Ice and Fire
  9. Leia: Weary, mistress (Hebrew), (Latin), Star Wars movies and book series
  10. Merida: Victory of Augustus (Spanish), Brave, Pixar animation movie
  11. Odette: Wealth (French), The Swan Princess movie series
  12. Xena: Guest, stranger (Greek) Xena: Warrior Princess TV series
  13. Zelda Legend of Zelda, video games
Newborn Baby Girl Wearing Crown

Girl Names That Mean Queen or Princess

You may decide that girl names that mean queen or princess is a better choice for your baby girl. You can review each name and try it on for size before making a decision.

Royal Girl Names That Mean Queen

Why not give your little reigning ruler of your household a name that means queen? You can dub your precious little girl one of the regal names to make her position in the family official!

  1. Dione: She-Zeus, divine one (Greek)
  2. Juno: Queen of heaven (Latin)
  3. Malka: Queen (Hebrew)
  4. Milcah: Queen (Hebrew)
  5. Queenie: Pet name for queen (English)
  6. Raina: Queen (French)
  7. Rani: Queen (Hindi)
  8. Reigna: Queen, peaceful queen (Latin), (Spanish)
  9. Regina: Queen (Latin)
  10. Reina: Queen (Spanish)
  11. Rhiannon: Great queen, goddess (Welsh)
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Royal Girl Names That Mean Princess

A list of princess names for girls that actually mean princess can help you find the right name for your little princess! Some of the names are diminutive or variants, giving you more possible choices.

  1. Kala: Princess, crown (Latin), (Hebrew)
  2. Maelie: Princess (Breton, Celtic)
  3. Orla: Golden princess (Celtic)
  4. Orlaith: Golden princess (Gaelic)
  5. Putri: Princess (Indonesian)
  6. Sadie: Princess, nickname for Sarah (Hebrew)
  7. Saija: Princess (Finnish)
  8. Saina: Princess (Arabic)
  9. Salla: Princess (Finnish)
  10. Sally: Princess, diminutive of Sarah (English)
  11. Sarah, Sara: Princess (Hebrew)
  12. Sarai: Princes (Hebrew)
  13. Saralee: Princess, variant of Sarah (Hebrew)
  14. Sera: Princes, variant of Sarah (Hebrew)
  15. Sharai: Princess, variant of Sarah (Hebrew)
  16. Soraya: Princess (Farsi), (Persian)
  17. Sura: Princess (Polish)
  18. Suri: Princess (Polish)
  19. Tzeitel: Princess (Yiddish)
  20. Zarouhi: Princess (Armenian)

Royal-Sounding Names for Girls

For a modern take on royal baby names, you may find a word related to royalty to be a great name for your baby girl. You won't hear unique baby girl names like these everywhere, but having an uncommon name gives your daughter a chance to show off her individuality.

  1. Contessa: Countess (Italian)
  2. Jewel: Precious gem, crown stones (French)
  3. Majesty: Royal bearing, dignity (Latin)
  4. Regalia: Gift, insignia of royalty (Italian)
  5. Tiara: Headdress, a delicate crown (Latin)
  6. Ruby: Red (Latin)
  7. Garnet: Dark red (English)
  8. Jade: Stone of the colic, placed on stomach to cure colic (Spanish)
  9. Gemma: Gem, gemstone (Latin)
Newborn Baby Girl Wearing a Crown

Popular Royal Girl Names in Europe

You may find one of the popular royal girl names in Europe is a good fit for your little princess. You can select one that has the meaning that best matches your baby girl's emerging personality.

  1. Alexandra: To defend (Greek)
  2. Alice: Noble (German)
  3. Georgiana: Farmer (Greek)
  4. Grace: Charm, virtue (Latin), Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco
  5. Helen: Light, bright (Greek)
  6. Henrietta: Estate ruler (French)
  7. Jane: God is gracious (English)
  8. Louise: Famous warrior (German)
  9. Margaret: Pearl (French, Latin, Greek)
  10. Olga: Holy, blessed one (Russian)
  11. Philippa: Loves horses (English)

Royal Names for Baby Girls That Convey Nobility

The lists of royal names for baby girls include names of queens, princesses, and other nobility. You can choose a royal name for your baby girl that means grace, power, or beauty.

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