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Royal Names for Baby Girls

Michele Meleen
newborn baby girl wearing a crown

Give your little lady a powerfully beautiful start with a name inspired by true royalty. Some might consider traditional royal names old-fashioned, but they're always represented on the popular baby name lists along with trendy new variations.

British Royal Names

The British Monarchy has gained fame throughout history as the epitome of modern-day royalty. Many women of the British Monarchy have carried titles that have made a big impact on the world. These names tend to sound serious and convey intelligence and elegance.

Name: Royal Ties:
Anne A 17th century Queen and common royal name
Beatrice The Princess of York
Boudica Wife of the King of the Iceni, a tribe based in East Anglia
Camilla Prince Charles' wife, the Duchess of Cornwall
Catherine Full name of Kate Middleton, Prince William's wife
Charlotte Prince William's daughter
Diana Former Princess of Wales who was married to Prince Charles
Elizabeth Two Queens of England have held this name
Eugenie The Princess of York and granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth II
Mary England's first female monarch
Sophie The Countess of Wessex
Victoria A 19th century Queen
Zara Zara Tindall is another granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Spanish Names

First names of Spanish queens, princesses, and duchesses typically, but not always, end in "a." If you're looking for a more exotic-sounding name that isn't too difficult to pronounce or spell, these might do the trick.

Name: Royal Ties:
Eulalia Duchess of Galliera in the early 1950s
Isabella Two Queens of Spain held this name
Joanna Queen of Castile in the 1500s
Leonor Daughter of King Felipe VI (the current king)
Letizia The current Queen of Spain
Luisa The 19th century Duchess of Montpensier
Maria A popular royal name since the 1400s
Mariana Another common variation of Maria
Mercedes A 19th century Princess of Asturias

Japanese Royal Names

The Japanese royal family is also known as the Imperial Family and carries strict guidelines for women. These selections easily roll of the tongue. Some sound more like a nickname than a given name.

Name: Royal Ties:
Ayoko Emperor Akihito's granddaughter
Hitachi The princess married to the emperor's brother
Kako The daughter of Prince Akishino
Kiko The wife of Prince Akishino
Mako Emperor Akihito's oldest grandchild
Masako The current Crown Princess
Michiko The current empress

Fictional Royals

Fictional royal women can be found in all types of books, movies, television shows, and video games. Check out the book or movie featuring the name you like most to see if the character's personality adds meaning to your little girl's moniker.

Name: Source:
Ariel The Little Mermaid movie
Aurora Sleeping Beauty movie
Belle Beauty and the Beast movie
Cersei Game of Thrones TV show
Elsa Frozen movie
Fiona Shrek movies
Guinevere King Arthur legends
Khaleesi Game of Thrones TV show
Leia Star Wars movies
Merida Brave movie
Odette The Swan Princess movie
Xena TV show Xena: Warrior Princess
Zelda Legend of Zelda video games

Royal-Sounding Names

For a modern take on royal baby names, opt for a word related to royalty as your baby's name. You won't hear unique baby girl names like these everywhere, but having an uncommon name gives your daughter a chance to show off her individuality.

Name: Source:
Contessa Derived from "Countess"
Jewel An elegant ornament for crowns
Queenie A modern take on "Queen"
Regalia The insignia of royalty
Reigna A feminine form of "reign" or royal office
Tiara A delicate crown

Fit for Your Little Princess

Royal baby girl names sound elegant and come with the expectation that she'll be beautiful and beloved. Comb through history books from your favorite country to find more regal name options. If your princess has a male sibiling, you can pair her name with a royal boy's baby name.

Royal Names for Baby Girls