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Strong Names for Baby Boys

Michele Meleen
Strong baby boy flexing his muscles

Help your baby boy start life out strong with a macho, masculine name to fit his mighty personality. There is no shortage of strong names derived from real and fictional men full of power and strength to inspire your future tough guy.

Names That Mean "Strong"

Give your little guy the strongest name you can by choosing a name that literally means "strong." These unique boy names sound as courageous as their meanings and give your kid clout from the start. Pair a strong first name with a gentler middle name for a well-rounded full name. Alliterative initials can also help strengthen your baby's name.

Name Meaning
Adir Hebrew: mighty
Angus Gaelic: one strength
Berk Turkish: firm, solid
Bernard German: brave as a bear
Drusus Ancient Roman: strong
Ezekiel Hebrew: God strengthens
Griffin Welsh: strong lord
Hamza Arabic: steadfast
Imre Hungarian: strength
Jarek Polish: fierce
Ken Japanese: healthy, strong
Uziah Hebrew: Jehovah is my strength
Zale Greek: sea strength
Zuberi Swahili: strong

Classic Tough Guy Names

From real-life gangsters to popular tough guy actors, these baby boy names simply sound strong. Most tough guy names are one syllable or the shortened version of a more traditional or popular name. You can find other names like these from cowboys, outlaws, athletes, and martial artists. Look for names that start with a consonant and come out like a quick punch.

Name Meaning
Arnold German: ruler
Axel Scandinavian: father of peace
Bruce English: from the thicket
Butch English: butcher
Chuck English: man
Clint English: settlement on a hill
Dolph Swedish: noble wolf
Frank French: free one
John Hebrew: God is gracious
Lou French: famous warrior
Mick Hebrew: Who is like God?
Stanley Old English: stone clearing
Tony English: priceless
Vinnie Latin: conqueror
Yul Russian: downy-bearded

Fictional Strongman Names

Throughout history, men have dominated the world in real life and in fiction. Borrow a name from your favorite hero to give your baby boy superhuman strength. Look for names in books, music, games, movies, and television shows.

Powerful Video Game Characters

Practically every video game has a hero and a villain. No matter your age or preferred gaming platform, there's a character that represents what you want for your little man. Consider the character's personality and attributes, then choose one to match your baby.

Name Source
Arthas World of Warcraft
Bayek Assassin's Creed
Dante Devil May Cry
Duke Duke Nukem
Ezio Assassin's Creed
Ganon The Legend of Zelda
Geralt The Witcher
Kratos God of War
Link The Legend of Zelda
Oni Super Street Fighter IV
Revan Star Wars: Knights of the Republic
Ryu Ninja Gaiden
Shepard Mass Effect Trilogy
Tiamat Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter

Buff Movie and TV Characters

From classic cartoons to blockbuster movies, these buff characters are the epitome of fictional strength. If you're not quite ready to use such an uncommon first name, try it out as a middle name instead.

Name Source
Bluto Popeye TV show
Brock The Venture Bros. TV show
Conan Conan the Barbarian movie
Crixus Spartacus TV show
Durotan World of Warcraft movie
Jorgen The Fairly OddParents TV show
Gaston Beauty and the Beast movie
Khal Game of Thrones TV show
Naruto Naruto TV show
Ragnar Vikings TV show
Ralph Wreck-It Ralph movie
Rocky Rocky movies
Uhtred The Last Kingdom TV show

Powerful God Names

Throughout history, people have looked up to their gods for guidance and power. Give your little guy an all-around power name by naming him after a mythological powerhouse. While these names might not be common now, they are on-trend for modern baby boys.

Name Meaning
Amon Egyptian god of air
Apollo Roman god of music and truth
Eros Greek god of love
Heimdall Watchman of the Norse gods
Horus Egyptian god of war and hunting
Magni Son of Thor, mighty
Osiris Egyptian god of life and death
Odin Chief Norse god
Rama Hindu god considered the ideal man
Pontus Greek god of the deep sea
Tyr Norse war god
Vidar Son of Odin
Vishnu Main Hindu deity
Zeus King of the Roman gods

A Strong First Impression

When people hear your son's name, they'll automatically start making a first impression of him. If strength is an important attribute for you, consider names that come with an instant feeling of power.

Strong Names for Baby Boys