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50+ Boy Names That Start With Z to Elevate Your Search

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Boy names that start with Z can offer you unusual names for your baby boy. If you're looking for a name few other boys will share, you might opt for one of these amazing Z boy names.

What Are Cool Names for a Boy That Start With Z?

There are some cool baby boy names that start with Z. You can read the meanings of each one to determine if it is a name that suits your little man.

  1. Zebadiah: Do away with anger, be content (Polish)
  2. Zebulon: Exhaled, honored (Hebrew)
  3. Zechariah: The Lord has remembered (Hebrew)
  4. Zelotes: Green, new, fresh (Czech)
  5. Zephaniah: God has hidden (Hebrew)
  6. Zethus (unisex): Armored battle maiden (German Teuton tribe)
  7. Zevulun: Mythical son of Zeus and Antiope (Greek)
  8. Zimri: Spins, spinning (Native American: Hopi)
  9. Zipkiyah: Defends mankind (Yiddish)
  10. Zitomir: Free (German Teuton tribe)
  11. Ziya: Shines brightly (Hebrew)
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Popular American Boy Names That Start With Z

In America, some of the popular baby boy names start with Z. You may find some of these as possible choices for your baby boy.

  1. Zed: God is righteous (English)
  2. Zeke: God will strengthen (Hebrew)
  3. Zen: Form of Buddhism; meditation, calm (Japanese)
  4. Zenas: Joyous melody (Hebrew)
  5. Zeno: Russian form of Eugenia noble (Russian)
  6. Ziggy: Victorious protector (German)
  7. Zigor: Farmer (Russian)
  8. Zoltan: Shining (Hebrew)
  9. Zoltar: Shines brightly (Hebrew)
  10. Zu: Shiny (Hebrew)

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With Z

Baby boy names that start with Z are unique simply because they start with the last letter in the alphabet. However, some of the names are truly unique and are popular choices.

  1. Zetes (unisex): Armored battle maiden (German Teuton tribe)
  2. Zeus: God of heavens (Greek)
  3. Zev: Older twin (African)
  4. Zion: Israel (Hebrew)
  5. Ziv: Free (German Teuton tribe)
  6. Ziven: Cardinal, red bird (Native American)
  7. Zivon: Live well (Czech)
  8. Zolten: Bright, shiny (Hebrew)
  9. Zvi: Good (African)
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Baby Boy Names That Start With Za

The sound of Za might be a favorite for choosing a boy's name. Fortunately, you can find several baby boy names that start with Za.

  1. Zabi: Gazelle, antelope (Arabic)
  2. Zacchaeus: Meadow (Native American)
  3. Zach, Zack, Zak: God remembers (Hebrew)
  4. Zacharias: God remembers (Hebrew)
  5. Zachary, Zackery: God has remembered (Hebrew)
  6. Zaden: Fiery (Gaelic)
  7. Zadok: God remembers (Hebrew)
  8. Zahir: Flower (Armenian)
  9. Zaim: Flowering (African: Swahili)
  10. Zain: Flourish like a flower (African: Swahili)
  11. Zakai: General, title of authority (Arabic)
  12. Zakari: God has been gracious (English)
  13. Zakaria: God has remembered (Arabic)
  14. Zander: Smart, compassionate (Arabic)
  15. Zane: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  16. Zared: An Amazon (Greek)
  17. Zavier: The new house (Spanish)
  18. Zaydon: Thankful (Hebrew)
  19. Zayne: Rose, visitor (Arabic)

Boy Names That Start With Zy

At the end of the listings of boy names that start with Z, you may prefer Zy. You can choose a boy's name that starts with Zy for a truly different type of name for your little guy.

  1. Zyair: Gift (Spanish)
  2. Zyaire: River (African)
  3. Zyan: Little king (English)
  4. Zyion: Heaven (Hebrew)
  5. Zyir: Prince of peace (Arabic)
  6. Zylan: From the forest (American)
  7. Zyler: Brave (Hawaiian)
  8. Zymere: Hope, inspiration (Unknown)
  9. Zymir: Singer (Hebrew)
  10. Zyon: Far away land (Hebrew)
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Boy Names That Start With Z

You can find an abundance of boy names that start with Z. Before you make your final decision, pronounce the names you like best to ensure they are easy for other people to pronounce.

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50+ Boy Names That Start With Z to Elevate Your Search